Speedrun of Mirror’s Edge (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED – Any%)

Hey everyone, my name’s tomatoanus, also
known as the reason why the big man stays upstairs, and this is a segmented Any% speedrun
of Mirror’s Edge. This run is performed by Voetiem, the current
world record holder for this category, who also helped me write the script to make sure
it’s all as accurate as possible. If you would like to watch either this segmented
run without commentary, or Voetiem’s current Any% world record (which is also commentary
free), there are links in the description below. Also, with this being Any%, glitches are allowed. If you prefer a run without glitches, I’ve
linked the current Glitchless world record by Req in the description as well. Real quick, here’s a rundown if you’re
unfamiliar with Mirror’s Edge and how it’s structured. You play as Faith, a postal worker who’s
great at parkour, who lives in a “utopian” city. A popular public figure (and friend of Faith’s
family) is found doing a big sleep, and Faith and her sister Kate are framed. Over the span of nine chapters (11 if you
count the tutorial and prologue), you try and get to your sister while avoiding being
captured by a security corporation. The goal of this speedrun is to complete these
chapters as fast as possible, utilizing any tools at our disposal. Now, this run comes sprinting out of the gate
with us immediately pausing to skip the training area. This then leads to the prologue, which begins
with Voetiem immediately doing what appears to be using his leg as a helicopter blade
to fly over city blocks. Now, this is a combination of several movement
speedtech, but the most prominent and visible is what’s called the “kickglitch.” If you perform a wallrun and then kick, it
creates a “floor” underneath us, which means that we can perform any action in mid-air
that we normally can only perform on solid ground, including jumping. This “floor” only lasts for one frame
though, so Voetiem has jump bound to his scroll wheel so he can consistently hit the jump
after performing the kickglitch. Every time you perform a kickglitch, you gain
a bit of momentum, increasing your overall speed. When we sprint on the ground normally, we
top out at a max velocity of around 26 km/h. You can go faster than that though as long
as you don’t touch the ground. By chaining multiple kickglitches together,
we continually benefit from the additional speedboost from each kickglitch, and it won’t
be brought back down to 26 km/h until we touch the ground next. Once we get outside, we need to make it to a rooftop where we’re going to be greeted by a helicopter. Now, there’s a lot going on here that can
be explained, but one of the things that I personally find most interesting is something
called “wallboost.” If you perform a wallrun, and then jump off
as opposed to doing a kickglitch, you gain a bit of speed. However, you can gain more speed than normal
if you look more into the wall when you jump off. That means that the closer to perpendicular
that you look at the wall when you jump, the more speed you gain. Real quick, once we do our trust fall here
towards the helicopter, we’re now officially in Chapter 1, titled “Flight.” Back to wallboosting, it lets us move over
the intended 26 km/h maximum running speed. Wallboosts, as with many other things, are
hard to notice if you aren’t super familiar with what you’re looking at, and also because
some of them are immediate. So next time Voetiem is about to do a wallboost,
I’ll put something up on screen so you know when to look for it and you’ll then know
what it looks like. So in this chapter, we’re going to be making
our way to meet up with our sister where we’ll unfortunately find the sleeping public figure. Along the way we ride an elevator for a brief
moment of respite, where Voetiem demonstrates this game’s age due to its concern over
a flu caused by birds when nowadays I think we have a bit bigger of a problem to worry
about. Also after this elevator ride and at other
times in the run, it may look like we’re teleporting from one spot to another, but
we’re really just skipping cutscenes that relocate us to a different place than where
we began. In a second we’re going to enter a hallway
with all white walls and the area we just left will have unloaded. Normally you’re not supposed to be able
to go back to where you just were, but Voetiem is pretty good at this game and is able to
do some wallruns and jumps back to the old area, allowing us to now go out-of-bounds. We can then beeline to the big glass slide,
skipping a small chunk of the level and saving about 13-14 seconds. Another important piece of tech that I haven’t
explained yet but is super prominent is called a sidestep boost, which is a faster way to
accelerate. Normally it takes six to seven seconds to
build up our full running speed, but jumping to the side puts you at max speed almost immediately. By jumping to the side, or sidestepping, and
then turning to face the direction we need to go, we’ll instantly be near max speed,
skipping Faith’s cosplay of a white sprinter in the Olympics. Changing topics, once we make it to the next
indoor area, we’re going to “ride” another elevator. If you’re watching with captions on, you’ll
notice that the word ride was in quotes, and that’s because I’m not sure if ride is
the best word for it. In short, there’s a glitch called “use
glitch” that’s activated by pressing the interact key twice on the same frame by using
the scroll wheel. Voetiem does this as he slides into the elevator,
which gives him about 1.5 seconds to do whatever he wants before the game puts him into an
elevator state where he can only use WASD and pause. In this short time span, he does a backflip
into the corner which then “zips” him on top of the elevator, where we then stand
menacingly as the elevator goes up. Once the elevator stops, Voetiem runs off
and briefly pauses so the game has a moment to load, which allows for him to then jump after unpausing, which is a glitch called “elevator bounce.” We then land and roll on some invisible floors
and also perform a kickglitch real quick that’s super precise between the wall we wallrun
on, and an invisible wall. If we didn’t perform this kickglitch, we’d
hit a death barrier below us. In a moment, the acid is going to start kicking
in and we’ll see trails of our arms and Voetiem is going to hit a checkpoint while
out-of-bounds in a red hallway. We then pull up the menu and manually load
the checkpoint, which loads us into the checkpoint we just hit with the level fully loaded. We’ll be hitting checkpoints and quit-out
loading at several points throughout the run. This will allow us to head to the exit of
the chapter, and we’ll run past and startle an L.E.O. along the way once we get moving. After we make our way across this plaza area,
Voetiem will make a daring leap over a highway, and then squeak down a glass ramp before entering
the chapter end trigger. We start Chapter 2, titled “Jacknife,”
by immediately sidestep boosting and leaping a fence to head into a canal passage. There we do a series of wallboosts, kickglitches,
and sidestep boosts, and actually end up out-of-bounds after we perform the kickglitch here when
we get up onto the raised walkway. At one point after turning a corner, Voetiem
will perform several wallboosts in a row to keep his movement speed high. After that is when we run along a walkway
and jump onto and off of a railing to be able to climb and run on an invisible platform. We use this to cut a corner and drop onto
a ledge that’s still out-of-bounds. On this ledge, we do wallboosts off of an
invisible wall before we eventually reach an open out-of-bounds area that we’ll kickglitch through to hit a checkpoint, after which we’ll quit out and load. The checkpoint symbol will pop up when it
seems Slender Man is getting close to us. Earlier I mentioned something called the use
glitch, which in short allows us to interact with things while we’re in another animation. Here we use the use glitch to interact with
a gate control while we’re in the air so that we don’t have to climb all the way
up to the platform to trigger it. Once the gate opens, we sidestep boost and run through the next room, performing wallboosts whenever possible. We then proceed to climb up this enormous
room, utilizing the intended pathway of ascent most of the way to progress through the area. At times we do a wallclimb followed by a sidestep
which lets us then wallrun and take some shortcuts, but we’ll explain that tech later in the
run. Right now I want to take some time to explain
something that’s a movement fundamental in this speedrun that’s used all throughout
the run, “bunny hopping.” Now this is a term that’s pretty popular
in not only speedrunning, but gaming as a whole. If you somehow have never heard this term,
it’s really popular in Source games like Counter-Strike and Half-Life, and is pretty
much just jumping over and over to constantly build speed without ever losing speed from
the friction of the ground. Mirror’s Edge has a similar mechanic where
you gain about 4 km/h of speed every time you jump. You lose the extra speed when you land, and
you’re not able to jump in quite as rapid succession as the Source games, but you do
gain speed for when you’re in the air nonetheless. This is why throughout the run you’ll see
Voetiem jump a lot randomly. After we rode down that Slip ‘N Slide and
did the use glitch to open the emergency gate, we begin our ascent up a tall cylindrical
area that’s reminiscent of some movie about a bat. As we “rise” in this storm drain area,
whenever we have to climb up a pole, Voetiem opts to wallrun straight up first to skip
as much of the pole shimmy as possible, since shimmying, albeit seductive, is slow. Normally when climbing up, you have to use
a valve to turn off the waterfall, which has collision to prevent you from jumping through
it. Voetiem is able to climb above the waterfall
though without turning it off, so its collision is still there for us to be able to run and
jump off of, like we did right when we climbed up to jump to the crane controls, and also
stand on and lay down on afterwards while we wait for the crane. Changing topics real quick, throughout the
run we want to try and avoid opening doors normally. The barging animation is just really slow,
and we have a hard time accelerating quickly after it. Because Faith is a big fan of the album The
Warrior’s Code, we’re instead going to dropkick doors most of the time to open them. This is because it’s fast and lets us use sidestep boosting earlier than we would be able to normally. Right here though, we’re just gonna open
the door with a mean right jab. We’re then going to perform another elevator
clip like we did earlier and ride the elevator up, dropping down into the hallway before
the hallway has a chance to load. Normally when you exit to the rooftop here,
the character Jacknife is waiting for us and starts running away immediately and we have
to chase him, but it’s a little different in the speedrun because of how we got here. After getting all up inside Jacknife for a
moment, Voetiem begins the “chase” segment. If you listen closely you can hear Jacknife
also running around, but it might be hard to hear. Instead of following Jacknife, we’re instead
going to start kickglitching between buildings to get through the area quickly. Once we grab onto the ledge of a building, we’ll then scoot over a bit before jumping over the fence. We’re going to intentionally take damage
from some barbed wire in a second because like when you kickglitch, the animation of
getting damaged by barbed wire creates a floor underneath Faith which lets us jump while
in mid-air. Once we enter the blue hallway in a second,
we hit a checkpoint and Voetiem quits to the main menu and loads from the checkpoint
because it puts us further down the hallway, skipping some running. We then ride an elevator like normal and we’re
going to immediately skip a cutscene that starts playing when we exit. After then getting a running start, we kickglitch
to a nearby building and enter the end chapter trigger, bringing us to Chapter 3, titled
“Heat.” In Mirror’s Edge, there’s a hint button
the player can use that points Faith and the camera in the direction of the objective. If you hold the hint key during an animation,
the moment Faith finishes the animation and the player has control again, the camera will
snap to face the direction of the hint. On an upcoming wall we’ll do a “hint climb,”
which is wallclimbing and jumping off the wall, but holding the hint key during the
animation so Faith will face the wall again and do a fast vault over the ledge. Here we also run around a fence real quick,
seemingly walking over air with no floor, which is possible due to the game snapping
us up to the ledge if we don’t have enough height to clear the ledge, which is why we
can just run around the fence. We’re then going to perform a pretty sizable
skip across this chapter. The first part of the skip requires us to
climb up some canopies, which will bring us close enough to the ledge of the building
that we can climb on up. Climbing up on top of the building puts us
out-of-bounds. Once on top of the building, Voetiem then
is going to perform a kickglitch and some wallboosts to propel himself way out into the city block where we hit a checkpoint trigger in the air. Once the circle and arrow logo pops up in
the lower left corner, we quit out and load the checkpoint to put us back in-bounds. Loading back in, we get a bit of dialogue
saying that our goal should be to work towards the big red cranes in the distance. As we make our way there, we get attacked
by some bad guys in helicopters, but luckily we’re so fast we can outrun their projectiles. Also the fact that we’re weaving in and
out of cover helps a bit too. At one point we perform a series of wallboosts,
which honestly watching a chain of them is one of the most satisfying things to watch
in the run for me. Once we make it to the final building, we’ll
sidestep boost and perform a dropkick to enter the building quickly, and boost our way on
over to an elevator. We’re actually going to hit a checkpoint
during this elevator ride, so instead of waiting around and fully reading propaganda pieces
on Runners like Faith, Voetiem will quit out again and load from the checkpoint to skip
the back end of the elevator ride. Once we get back outside, it’s normally
where we’ll climb up the cranes and perform a huge daring leap across a big gap. Instead, we can build up a bunch of momentum
and then kickglitch across the huge gap without ever having to climb the cranes. This is called a “speedy kickglitch.” What makes this kickglitch so speedy is that
we hit the lip of a building which gives us a lot of upward velocity for a moment, and
wallrun directly out of it which converts the upward velocity to forward velocity. By then doing a precisely timed kickglitch
we maintain that momentum and can cross the gap. Crossing the gap itself isn’t the trigger
to continue the mission though, so we have to climb up on top of a crate real quick to
hit the trigger, Us climbing on top of this crate absolutely
stuns Mercury, the voice in our earpiece. As you can hear, he cannot believe that we
had the gall to just climb on top of a crate like that. This marks the end of Chapter 3, and brings
us to Chapter 4, which is titled “Ropeburn.” Right at the start of the chapter, we wallclimb
and sidehop onto the ledge of a door, and then wallclimb again which lets us get on
top of the building. From here we’re going to start building
up some speed, and then perform a precisely timed and spaced kickglitch to let us soar
over a barbed wire fence. There, we’ll be next to a skylight which
we can just slide into at a certain angle, and we’ll drop through the roof and go out-of-bounds. Voetiem will then pause buffer a little bit
to get the game to load in, after which we’ll hit a trigger to load the next area, but it won’t be
fully loaded since we sequence broke the chapter. Not to worry though, because we get back into
a loaded area pretty quickly and make our way to the subway tracks. Here we do a bunch of wallboosts, and shove
our knee into a wall that looks like blue Moon Sand. We boost down to the entrance of a tunnel where
we’ll actually get jumpscared by passing subway cars. Here we do a wall climb and jump off and do
the hint key thing from earlier, and get snapped up to the nearby ledge. After slowly sliding down the air vent, we
barge into the next room and perform a jump off a wall to vault onto the upper floor,
where we hit the emergency door override and make a beeline back towards the subway tracks
because having our life flash before our eyes just once wasn’t enough for us. We then casually bunnyhop down the subway
tracks paying no heed to the fact that realistically some subway cars could come at any moment,
but Voetiem is super familiar with their schedule and knows that they aren’t due for any time
soon. After then leaping over the other subway track,
Voetiem drops down to the floor below and slides through a crawlway and spooks a rat. We then wallrun and jump up to a platform
where we activate the ventilation emergency cut off for aeration chambers seven and eight. Once the ventilation systems in aeration chambers
seven and eight come to a halt, we hop on through and prepare to fulfill my life goal
of cosplaying as one of Tom Hanks’s characters in The Polar Express. It’s the hobo. I’ve always wanted to be the hobo in The
Polar Express. There are actually things you can get hit
by when you’re on top of the train, so we have to be careful to avoid them to not take
damage. Wait, Voetiem, what are you doing? No, stop. Dude. Okay, thankfully we’ve leapt to the other
train where there are no more obstacles to avoid, and of course Voetiem does a backflop
to take some more damage. At least we can just lay here and chill for
the rest of the ride. Wait, are you serious? I guess we just have to sit here and wait
as we watch large poles slam Faith in between the legs. The train finally starts hitting the breaks,
meaning the end of the ride must be approaching, and Voetiem clearly just wants Faith to get
hit between the legs with this one last sign… Oh, nevermind, that one was an actual strat
to get caught on the sign and drop down next to the exit door. At the start of Chapter 5, titled “New Eden,”
we get a quick running start and then perform a kickglitch off a nearby building to land
on a super narrow invisible platform. This invisible platform is the width of the
raised ledge of the building below us. After dropping down into the street where
the security dudes notice what we’ve done, we run while taking fire and use the roof
of a car as a springboard to clear a fence. This leads to us bursting through a series
of three doors which will lead us to another elevator. The first interior section we have to go slow
through though otherwise the elevator won’t load. At this elevator we’re going to perform
another elevator clip to get on top, but this elevator shaft actually leads straight to
the roof, so we’re able to just hop off the top of the elevator onto the roof early. We do have to wait a moment though for everything
to load once we make it to the roof, but we take this moment to line ourselves up. Once everything loads in, we make a running
leap across a street to some buildings where we’re going to perform what’s called an
“infinite wallclimb.” This is done by wallclimbing and then sidejumping. If you sidejump while wallclimbing, you’re
able to perform a little wallrun on the same wall. Well, if you’re wallrunning, you’re then
able to jump off of the wall, which then lets us wallclimb up a different wall. On that wall we then climb and sidejump, and
then wallrun and leap off to perform the process all over again. This lets us chain wallclimbs infinitely between
two nearby parallel walls, letting us get to the top of the building here. Now while we have time and Voetiem is tearing
this chapter apart, I want to just go over two smaller, more subtle parts of the run
real quick. The first is something called “air steering.” Now this one is a bit of a common feature
in games where you’re able to leave the ground, despite not really obeying real-world
physics. In Mirror’s Edge, if you’re in the air
and travelling one direction, you can very slightly steer while in air by looking in
the desired direction and holding the forward key. Now this doesn’t work if you try to strafe
with side directional keys, it only works if you’re facing the direction you want
to steer slightly towards. This is used a lot throughout the run, especially
when we’re doing kickglitches everywhere, and is used to try and place our landing in
as optimal a location as possible. Before I get to the second, smaller thing
I want to explain, I have to quickly explain a major skip that happens later in the chapter
called “mall beamer,” which I’ll do a countdown to as it’s about to happen. Earlier I briefly talked about speedy kickglitch
where we hit the lip of a ledge and convert that upward momentum into forward movement. For mall beamer, we wallclimb and hit a lip
protruding from a wall, which gives us momentum away from the wall which when we turn around
allows us to vault a railing, letting us skip a lot of the shopping mall later in the chapter. Back to the smaller, subtle things, the second
thing I want to explain real quick is called “extended wallclimb,” which has already
been used a lot throughout the run. So obviously you can only wallclimb so high
before Faith loses traction and upward momentum and starts to fall down. The height that Faith climbs changes based
on whether or not you had a running start before the wallclimb, or if you were stationary
beforehand, with the former giving you just a bit more height than the latter. An extended wallclimb makes it so that a stationary
wallclimb will have as much height as a wallclimb where you had a running start. Wallclimbs are usually triggered by running
or jumping into a wall and holding the forward key. If you instead jump into the wall, and then
delay the pressing of your forward key just slightly, then you’ll get a little bit of
extra height on the wallclimb. This comes in handy in two ways. First is that it lets us have more speed going
into the vault or climb when we reach the top of the wall we’re climbing up, even if we
weren’t able to have a running start to our wallclimb. The second thing that an extended wallclimb
lets us do is that even if we aren’t able to get a running start based on our surroundings,
we can still reach higher up things that normally wouldn’t be possible with a stationary wallclimb. This will come in handy in a big way closer
to the end of a run, because we’ll be doing a skip in the final chapter that is entirely
dependent on the fact that we’re able to extended wallclimb to get up to a spot we
aren’t normally supposed to get up to with a stationary wallclimb, but as I said earlier, extended wallclimb is used a lot throughout the whole run. Back to what Voetiem’s been up to, we just
dropped down into what seems to be an ambush, but luckily Voetiem frequents this shopping
center and has the directory memorized, so he knows that we can just climb to the upper
level and use some walkways to completely avoid the baddies. We can then make a beeline to the chapter
end, bringing us to Chapter 6, titled “Pirandello Kruger,” but this is marred by the fact
we don’t get to hear who Faith’s little friend is. Near the start of Chapter 6, we’re going
to be going out-of-bounds again, and things are gonna get psychedelic with the graphics
for a moment or two. First though, we’re gonna drop from one
zipline to another which honestly just thinking about doing in real life makes my gut drop. We then jump to out-of-bounds and land/roll
briefly on an invisible platform to reduce our fall height so we don’t take damage. We’re now out-of-bounds where walls are
merely a suggestion, and as I alluded to earlier, this is when things start looking trippy again. A while ago I explained something called “use
glitch” where we press the interact key twice on the same frame, but something I neglected
to mention is that it lets you interact with things through walls as Voetiem does here
to hit the switch for the conveyor belts through the wall. We then spring through the factory area and are going
to be dropping an enormous distance in a second. To mitigate fall damage, Voetiem grabs a ledge
halfway down the enormous drop so we don’t completely merk ourselves when we land. We’re then going to quickly hit another
button through a wall and do a neutral kick when dropping into a hallway to avoid the
landing animation. This brief hallway segment consists of a lot
of wallboosts (which I love), and leads to an elevator that we ride up. While we have a second, hi, how are you? Let me know in the comments. I hope you’re having a good day and staying
safe. The world is crazy right now, but I hope you’re
doing alright both physically and mentally. Okay, back to the run. When the ride stops, we see two fools who
are lookin’ to square up. They’re a bit too menacing for us though,
so we immediately turn around and dip, trying to make our escape from the area. After climbing up the abstract art in the
center of the room, we’re going to bunnyhop briefly on a walkway and then enter another
elevator. At least this one has some light reading for
us on… um… *sound of pages turning* uh… an anonymous poll that the city’s police
force doesn’t like the results of. I’ll let you all read it for yourself though. When we get to exiting the elevator, we’ll
proceed down a hallway where a couple windows will get broken for us to jump through, but
the final window we have to do ourselves. Outside, Voetiem will then make a break for
the end of the chapter, which is triggered by jumping on top of a moving train and riding
it to the next chapter. This movement across the city consists of
all the things we’ve talked about before like kickglitching, wallboosts, bunnyhopping,
sidestep boosting, and more. On the zipline, we’ll see the train approaching
and Voetiem will then trust fall onto it, maybe because he too has a natural draw and trust towards trains like me, the hobo from The Polar Express. Faith then lounges on the roof of the train
talking with Mercury, seemingly not remembering what happened the last time we laid down on
the roof of a train. This leads us to Chapter 7, “The Boat,”
which is the shortest chapter of the run because pretty much all of it is skipped. Our first goal to start this chapter is going
to be to get out-of-bounds, hit a checkpoint trigger, and then quit out and load from the
checkpoint as we’ve done before. To get out-of-bounds here, we have to kickglitch
over this barbed wire fence which actually is a pretty tight squeeze. Once out, we can then bunnyhop through some
cars and concrete barriers to the checkpoint trigger, which we hit after climbing over
a barrier rather than running around it. Once we climb over the barrier and land by
the floating storage tank, we have a moment to admire the nearby ship named the Gurka
2 before the checkpoint is actually triggered. When we load back in, we’ll be under fire
from a masked figure who we have to take out. And we take them out in typical Voetiem fashion. After disarming the baseball ump, the chapter
ends and we load into Chapter 8, titled “Kate.” Huh, that rhymed, not sure if that was intended. Anyways, let’s check back in on the story
of the game before the run has ended. There was that public figure I mentioned a
while ago who took a big sleep, and our sister is being blamed so she’s in pretty deep. We found the miscreant though, they’re the
masked figure we just fought, but we still have to rescue Kate since she’s already
been caught. She’s currently imprisoned in a SWAT convoy,
but we know of a vantage point from where we can foil their ploy. First though we have to traverse the city
and go for an elevator ride, and Voetiem enjoys the music while he waits inside. Once we get back outside and into the sun,
we continue to kickglitch and also wallrun. We’ll eventually climb up some scaffolding
and swing around, after which Voetiem will then jump right out-of-bounds. This won’t be a graceful landing, it’s
so high our legs implode, but luckily we hit a checkpoint so we can just quit out and load. When we load back in we’re going to be in an
atrium, but Voetiem will make it look like a gymnasium. It’s an incredibly vertical section that
should take a lot of time, but we can make quick work of it with a few infinite wallclimbs. By the way, one common question about this
run is how we can jump off of rails. Well you can stand on anything for a few frames
before our footing fails. Normally at the end of this area we have to
climb into a vent, but with some wallclimbs and wallboosts we can skip that segment. This skip is done by jumping out-of-bounds,
and then hitting and loading a checkpoint before we hit the ground. This brings us to where we snipe the van our
sister is in, but normally we have to wait for the van to appear to begin. If instead we jump off this scaffold and expire,
the van’s hitbox will spawn and be subject to our fire. If we snipe this specific window we’ll somehow
hit the spawned hitbox of the van, and then watch as Voetiem unleashes the Black Plague
upon man. We also have no arms now after freeing our
sister from her captor, because Voetiem did a fun glitch that will last the rest of the
chapter. With our position compromised, it’s time
to make a dash down the hall, and then drop down several stories, doing our best to try
and break our fall. After rolling a few times and reaching the ground
floor, we’ll exit the chapter through the revolving door. This marks the end of Chapter 8, titled “Kate,”
and leads into the final chapter, Chapter 9, which is titled “The Shard.” *laughs* Now right near the start of this chapter is
a moment where we have to turn a valve to let a hallway flood with combustible gas. This is because the pathway we’re to take
is locked and we need to huff and puff and blow the door down. We usually hide in a small crawl space during
this, but Voetiem likes putting Faith through the ringer so instead we’re going to just
lie down directly underneath an open flame next to the door that’ll get blown open. The door actually gets opened before the explosion
even happens, but we still take a lot of damage from the fire. Luckily, the bad guys outside are this universe’s
equivalent to stormtroopers and we’re able to just run right by them without getting
hit. We then hop into an elevator and see an article
detailing our feats from the previous chapter, but the door opens up before we really have
time to read it and make snide comments about how the author decided to do this weird rhyming
thing throughout the whole article. This leads us to an ambush where we’re severely
outnumbered by a ton of stormtroopers, but again, they’re stormtroopers so we really
aren’t in any imminent danger. We then hop into an elevator and clip to get
on top of it, but we’re going to walk off of it once it reaches the top. Once we walk off of it though, nothing will
have loaded, so we have to pause buffer to wait for everything around us to load before
we can go any further. Once everything does load in though, we walk
forward just a little bit and hit a checkpoint which we then quit out and load. Now remember a long time ago when I mentioned
how an extended wallclimb would come in handy in a big way closer to the end of a run? *This will come in handy in a big way closer
to the end of the run…* Well this is where it is, because we extended
wallclimb and sidestep to get on top of this security light, which lets us skip most the level by
just bunnyhopping along this out-of-bounds ledge. We’ll then drop off the ledge and neutral
kick to not only avoid the landing animation, but to also open the door so we can head to
the end of the chapter. We need to take an elevator that’s down at the end of
a hallway, so we do some quick maneuvering inside. Once we get to the elevator, we passionately
press our hands against the doors, but once the doors open we perform the final elevator
clip of the run. In typical dramatic fashion, this is also
the longest elevator ride of the entire run. While riding this elevator up, we have an
incredible view of the city, all lit up blue. When the elevator eventually reaches the top,
Voetiem will hop off and hit the checkpoint, then quits out and loads to get everything
to load in properly. This will bring us to another standoff with
some stormtroopers, who actually land a singular shot in their enormous volley that they send
our way. Here we’re going to wallclimb and will be
able to clip slightly out-of-bounds to climb into an adjacent hallway, skipping a bit of
this indoor area. Right now we’re making our break for the
roof where Jacknife, the guy who we saw a-posing a long time ago, is holding our sister captive. Once we exit to the roof though, we hit a
checkpoint and immediately quit and load it to skip a long cutscene. This puts us into the final little confrontation
where Jacknife is in a helicopter with our sister, trying to get away, and we make our
leaping backflop to grab onto the helicopter and kick him out of it. The run officially ends when we grab onto
the helicopter. If you’ve made it to the end of the video,
I’d like to say thank you on behalf of both myself and Voetiem. This run really is jam packed and a lot went
into making it by all parties involved. I’d also like to apologize for how long
it took to come out, it’s been over a month since my last video, and is the longest I’ve
gone without uploading since the tail end of 2018. Thank you for your patience, and also thank you to
those of you who support the channel on Patreon. Patreon is easily the best way to support
the channel, and if you throw in as little as $1, you get early access to videos, as
well as updates on videos as they’re being made. It’s super unnecessary though, and I understand
it’s not in everyone’s budget, especially with the current state of the world. That’s about all for this video though. Let me know your thoughts on it by either
leaving a comment below, or joining my Discord server and leaving feedback in the video discussion
channel, link is in the description. This was an Any% speedrun of Mirror’s Edge,
I’ve been tomatoanus, and I hope you have an above average day.

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