SLIM ARMS + GET RID OF FLABBY FAT! 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

100 thoughts on “SLIM ARMS + GET RID OF FLABBY FAT! 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. Hi Emi, i never comment on anything but I wanted to tell you that I have been doing your exercises Everyday for 2 weeks and i can see amazing results so far ! I've never been motivated to work out, i have not liked my body for more than 5years but my confidence is at its best right now and that is thanks to you <3 thank you so much

  3. For today I was only able to finish up until the 10th step. I just couldn't breathe anymore. Huhu

  4. it my third day, exactly it was my fourth but I rest yesterday.. my arm lose weight a little.. it was really great exercise !! it hard, that I skip 3-4 exercise but at third day I can do all of it ( just skipped one ? )
    thank you !! wish I can wear my fav dress ??

  5. Wow I am so unfit ? by that last one my arms just completely gave up on me and I lay there on the floor like a dead fish ?

  6. Can i know the background music? ??? please it keeps playing in my head everytime i have finished this workout.

  7. After leaving these excersies what will happen to arms like will they be double as they were before because it happend to me before!

  8. I did it! It was intense, but thank you emi, surely my arms will sore tomorrow? and it's worth it every second of this workout! So see you my lean arms very soon ??

  9. The best workout ever,,i will keep doing these until i can see movement with my arms..Belly exercise works for me…lovvveee it.

  10. Hi, is anyone DID loose the arm fat?? I want mine to get toned or slimmer BUT not to have muscle. Lemme know the results plss!! Thanks!

  11. ok i'm gonna start doing this everyday from now wish me luck guys!!
    also going to update everyday 🙂
    measurement – arms: 12.8 inches

    day 1: it was so hard and i skipped all the workouts which included planks since i do this workout in combination with her plank workout and was already burned out

  12. I’m going to do this 2-4 times a week, and ACTUALLY update. Starting today (9/7/19)

    Day 1: 9/7/19 was somewhat hard BUT I do work out a lot. Although I couldn’t finish a few of the moves I completed the workout. I was able to do other moves that required arms after finishing. Arms hurt just a bit.

    Day 2: 9/9/19
    I made it through more moves than the first day. It was a bit more challenging but I pulled through for most of the moves. Ended up seeing results on 9/10 and 9/11 my arms are a bit slimmer and my chest is lifted a bit

  13. It’s the third day doing your workouts and completely love it! I like that they are not too long and I am actually capable of doing them. Normally I cannot finish any workout from any channel but yours are good to follow but also intense. Love it and I’ll keep doing them for reaching my goal!
    While I was doing this workout I realized and it was very difficult to bend my arms because I have arms that have a different shape, there are not straight, my elbows touches each other forming a v shape, I don’t know if I am explaining myself what what I want to ask if anybody happens to have the same situation and me and could tell me how to do the push ups and so because I cannot bend them like normal people.

  14. I really cannot hold myself up in a half plank hold like even for two seconds. I’m wondering if it’s because I have really weak wrists, but I manage to do all of the other ones? Anyone else have a hard time with that last one?

  15. Day 1 : ✅ It was hard but I was really determined to do all of the workouts . I felt the burn a little bit and it hurrrrt a lot !

    Day 2 : ✅ It was a little bit easier but still I get tired and have pain ? ( No pain no gain ^^ ) I sweat a loooot and I can see little difference in my arms I guess . It's a great workout !

  16. Will this work if my arms are genetically fat?? Like my arms aren't exactly that fat. Just the part where my shoulders and arms meet there's like a huge bulge and it ruins my arm shape so it's mainly upper arm fat. My arm fat is between my shoulders and elbows

  17. why am i doing this +3 other workouts on a night before school where i have gym? i won’t be able to do a push up tomorrow but it’s worth it! ??

  18. Hi ma'am , me and my 2 friends did this and one of my friend got dizzy but it didn't last long, just wanted to ask if it's natural to feel a little dizzy after doing this 🙂

  19. I like these workout but kinda hesitant with the ones that involve squeezing my tummy bc i just had surgery last april 2019 so i just do the ones that only involve my arms.
    Do you guys know any workouts that wont strain my cut? :((

  20. This is kinda unrelated to the video but I was trying to figure out the background music in this video and I usually use pop-up shazam for it, but I looked and it wasnt on the shazam app anymore. Does anyone know what happened?

  21. My body's been exhausted for the last 4 weeks since I have walking pneumonia for 4 weeks as if today and cold came 5 days ago, but still trying to get my exercise in. Thanks for the inspiration ☺️?

  22. Did half the workout because it was 11:30 pm and already showed also had school the next day

    Me the day after: why tf does my stomach hurt I did arm workout ?

  23. Doing this everyday. It's my 5th day doing this 15mins arms workout. I sweat a lot because of this. Means it's working. Thank you emi. ?

  24. Hey… as you put Ab, lag and Arm workout session can you put back workout or can any one tall me where it is?, if it’s already there…

  25. Hey . I am doing your workouts everyday. But I have problems with liquor. I am drinking wine. Please adjust me. I needs help

  26. I couldn’t do 2 or 3 exercises my arms just couldn’t go up, I don’t know why but I just can’t do a normal push up, and I been really trying but my arms just can’t, what should I do?

  27. Will these workouts get rid of excess fat? I have decently thin arms, however there’s just a bit of fat at the back of them. I want to get rid of it but with every arm workout I do, I end up building muscle out of the fat instead of getting rid of it. Does this workout actually get rid of the fat? Or does it just make it muscular?

  28. Hey guys. I will start doing this workout everyday but i need motivation so i can tell you updates for 7 days

    Day 1: i was strugilling on the one arm full plank and the last workout. it was kinda hard on me but still i made it then when i finished i felt that confidence on my hand it was a great feeling but my back hurtted a little.

  29. Just a week ago, every single one of these exercises was super hard to do, can barely last 5 seconds in each exercise, but now my body is adjusting and more used to these exercises I can do around 20-30 exercises with ease and shockingly after doing multiple exercises of emi's workout per day for a week, I've lost a lot of weight and I can definitely see the changes and my fully body looks more thinner than a week before. Like Emily says in every video, no pain, no gain!!

  30. I'm really happy to say I did this for like 2 weeks ago..did this workout everyday and there's a huge difference in my arms now..( I did it everyday bCz there's a party coming next week so I have to lose weight?)anyway…thank you soo much!!!!!! I'm still following your 1month challenge…

  31. Day 1: ☑️ i dont feel much pain after workout
    Day 2:☑️ shitt before workout only my whole upper body is paining still i didn't lose hope
    Day 3 : ☑️☑️ i can do comando in a more better way still i can't do the last exercise
    Day 4: ☑️ added two more workouts
    Died today in the last two exercises ???
    Day 5-6 ❌❌
    Day 7- ☑️☑️back on track

  32. You’re the only person i watch on youtube now because your videos are so inspiring!! Because i love traveling and being fit would help me become more confident about myself

  33. its been two month with my weight lost journey.i was focusing with my waist and tried a bit cardio and yess it worked my waist shrunk fro 31 in to 26 inc and lost bit of my thighs (sad i wanted to keep them) but i'm struggling losing arms fat so i'm going to try this and see if it works

  34. I was doing 15 to 20 of this exercise for only two days. 3rd day I got severe pain and heavy fever??and this is my 5th day feeling Lil bit better after taking pain killers for 2days.
    I don't have idea whether I can continue or not. Any suggestion folks?

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