Single Leg Skip Ups Exercise Demonstration

We’re going to get your heart rate up
and we’re going to work your legs with single leg skip ups. Allright! This
is awesome Plyometric movement. I’m going to start facing the side
so you can see a little bit better. Lower abs are tight, Chest is lifted and want to make sure
you maintain your chest up the whole time you do this movement. Okay,
so we’re going to stay lifted, you step back into a lunge position
and then as powerfully pounce, as you powerfully come off, you’re going
to lift your leg like you’re skipping. So altogether it’s
going to be, Back, Lift. I like to keep them on one side
and then reverse to the other. Okay, couple of quick pointers. I want
you to protect your knees at all cost. So as you lunge back, make sure that you have a big enough lunge
there that your knees are not passing over your toe. So don’t,
wouldn’t want to come down here. Step it way back, the
bigger step the better. Keep your chest lifted. As you hop
up, keep your leg in to your body, you’re not kicking out to the front.
You’re keeping it nice and pulled in. So those are single leg skip ups.

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