Simple Stretching Exercises : The Cross Seated Stretching Exercise

Hi, Teri Lynne here on behalf of Expert Village.
And in this cool down section of our stretches we’re going to be doing Cross Seated Stretching.
Right now I’m in what?s called a half Lotus. All that is is it?s almost like your just
seated cross legged. Except your going to take one of your two legs and your going to
put it up by your hip. This just gives a bit more of a stretch. If you can do a full Lotus.
You can do that as well. That?s both legs crossed up, up by your hips. But you really
only need a half Lotus for these stretches. And all your going to do is stretch forward.
Dropping your head down. And hold the stretch. And then you want to stretch side ways. Put
your hands behind your back for this one. You just want to touch your head to your knee.
Back up again, head to the other knee. And hold it. So you want to make sure you do the
forward, and both side stretches, in both Lotus positions. So switching each leg out.
So that your getting the full stretch on both sides of your back. And those are some Cross
Seated Stretching, here on Expert Village.

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