SIMPLE Fat Loss Rowing Workout!

14 thoughts on “SIMPLE Fat Loss Rowing Workout!

  1. Hi I’m nearly 50 and realised I’m out of shape now, I’m ex forces (RAF). I need a low impact way to get back into shape (I’ve been run off me bike twice). I’m thinking about a water rower or should I choose something else? It’s going to be for home use as I work weird hours.

  2. In your setup you say a 1 min rest, yet your on screen description shows set rest time 2 min. The video goes on to do a 1 min rest. This totally messes up the follow along!! Please fix!!

  3. Hi Shane! I have a PM2 monitor! I'm actually limited on the amount I can push on each stroke because of old knee and ankle injuries. That said, by paying attention to my form (from your videos!) I can do more meters in 30 minutes than I did when I bought the rower almost 20 years ago.

  4. this one reminded me of a speed interval workout I use 4x1000M/3:00R. the rest is longer, but its max effort for each 1000M interval, which takes ma near 4 minutes. being short I usually hang around a stroke rate around 26 to 28. I'm interested to give this a try to see how things change.

  5. Literally just ordered my Concept2 Model D today to get myself started on indoor rowing. I am a fair bit overweight and have high blood pressure. I know this is just a tool in the box, but I'm looking forward to starting my journey to becoming a healthier version of myself. Thank you for inspiring me to make the leap into rowing.

  6. I appreciated the mention of your distance/pace for the first interval. I'm never sure how to set my pacing. It's good to know that a 2:00/500 is a reasonable intermediate pace for someone who rowed in college. No doubt you can push much faster/harder, but now I know that I don't necessarily have to always be pushing for a 1:45 or 1:50 pace.

  7. What about maths?) You can burn 500-600 kcal by one workout, but then eat 800 kcal burger!😁 That's why my opinion is there are no fat loss workouts) The most important is to be balanced in your diet in the kitchen))) Shane, because of you my PM-monitor says over 7 000 000 meters! Respect my man🤝🏻💪🏻 from Georgia🇬🇪(not in the USA)!!!

  8. Cool! 👍🏼 Had a good sweat!🥵😁💪🏼 I love to be a #darkhorse!🤜🏼🤛🏼
    I‘m on track since 7 weeks and rowed 132 km by today! Thank you, Shane for your great workouts and content on this channel!

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