Shoulder Workout For Mass (Insane Workout Series Ep. 2)

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy Adashun here. And today I have an epic shoulder workout. I’m want to show you guys and it’s going to
be so much different than any shoulder workout you’ve ever done in your life because the
problem that I see any time I have a really bad workout, it seems like I’m doing a lot
of standing around. I’m talking with my friends. I’m just not really in the zone with my workout. I came up with this workout routine for shoulders. And ever since I did it the first time, I’ve
fallen in love with it, just because it adds so much energy and momentum to your entire
workout. So I guarantee you, it’s going to be a really
outside-the-box way to train your shoulders. Much different than you guys are probably
used to. So really excited to show you guys the workout. I’m actually about to head to the gym and
I just chowed down on a bunch of grilled chicken and some brown rice and some almond butter. Show you guys one of my favorite little tricks
here to get in a lot of calories. Just eat this straight out of the jar. So this is my favorite brand right here. By the way guys, really funny story – the
first night – I think the first or second night I was staying at Jeff Masterson’s house
– I had just moved to Fort Lauderdale. We get drunk one night and we went out. I wake up at like three – four in the morning,
I am starving. So I look in his cupboard, I see this jar
of almond butter just sitting there and I’m pretty sure I ate like half of his jar of
almond butter and ever since then, I kind of fell in love with that brand’s almond butter. So that stuff – I don’t know. It’s such an easy way to get in a lot of calories. And for instance if you’re eating chicken
and rice, you’ve got a lot of carbs, a lot of protein. Really no fat in that meal. So just like eating a couple tablespoons of
almond butter really good way to get in a lot of calories. And one other question I’m getting from you
guys is supplements and pre-workouts, so I want to share with you guys the last three
pre-workouts I’ve taken. This is what I’m taking right now, GAT Nitraflex. Pretty good formula. It’s got arginine. It’s got citrulline, beta-alanine, tyrosine. Overall, I’d rate this stuff like an eight
out of ten as far as strength goes. This stuff right here is really strong. Probably the second or third strongest I’ve
ever had in my life. This is Rich Piana’s 5150. This one takes the cake right here. This one is so insanely strong. Blackstone Labs Dust V2 extreme. I don’t know if you guys remember the old
Jack 3D formula. What made it really strong and actually made
it banned on the market 1,3-dimethyl, also known as geranium oil. So this has 75 milligrams of 1,3- DMAA. The old Jack 3D formula only had 30 milligrams. It’s also got 4 grams of citrulline. So if you guys want a really hardcore pre-workout
for bulking season, definitely try out some Blacksun Labs Dust V2. By the way guys, I’m trying to really step
up my fashion. Let me know what you think of the pink hat. It kind of makes me feel like Will Smith in
Fresh Prince of Bel Air, so I’m trying to step up my fashion game. I’m about to head to the gym, show you guys
an epic shoulder workout. See you there in a minute. All right guys. This is going to be a really unique shoulder
workout. The problem that I see with my previous shoulder
workouts and so many guys shoulder workouts, it’s a lot of standing around and just kind
of basic movements. You’re doing some side lat raises. Maybe you’re doing some dumbbell shoulder
presses. Then you sit around 4 – 5 minutes talk about
Fantasy football, talk about the girls you almost hooked up with. All that bullshit. So what we’re trying to do with this workout
is make it more dynamic. And we’re going to achieve this with my favorite
exercise. I’m not sure if I ever showed you guys, dumbbell
farmer’s walks with a tensed shoulder. How are we going to do this? Okay, so what we’re going to do here is five
different versions of this exercise. So I want you guys to think this as an entire
shoulder workout. So we’re to – each time we’re going to fatigue
our shoulders. We going to grab some heavy ass dumbbells
and you’re just going to walk around the gym like a menacing beast. So you’re going to grab these things, you’re
going to pace around the gym until it feels like your shoulder and your arm is going to
fall off. Then each superset is going to work a different
portion of your shoulder. For instance, first off, we’re going to work
out our rear delts. We’re going to do dumbbell rear delt flies. And then the second superset we’re going to
work out the interior delt. Third superset workout here and the last two
is going to be a surprise. The whole point is we’re fatiguing the shit
out of our shoulders before we do the shaper exercise and also kind of a compound lift. It’s actually rated one of the best exercises
for increasing your testosterone just because you’re carrying around heavy ass weight. It’s incorporating a lot of upper body muscle
groups. I don’t know. I find it’s the best way to develop your shoulders. So let’s get started. So
I’m just going to take a lap around the gym. See you guys in a second. One thing I’m trying to do is I’m trying to
tense my shoulders and my traps. So I’m not just dead hanging like this, I’m
actually tensing up as I walk. Just walk around your gym until your arm is
going to fall off. And the first superset, you’re going to hit
those rear delts. So dumbbell rear delt flies. Now we’re going to superset and I don’t know
what you call this shoulder exercise, so I named it Komodo flairs after my favorite animal. Komodo dragon. What we’re going to do here is like a slight
movement back and out. It’s not like a row. It’s a row movement, but you’re also tensing
your shoulders going back. So here we go. And it’s all medial and rear delt on this
one. So flaring out. And that shit is killer after doing those
farmer’s walks. All right, superset number three, already
feeling fatigued. Farmer’s walks as usual, then we’re going
to do some shoulder flares to really hit the middle portion of our deltoid. I think too definitely helps if we have these
straps here. I’ve got the Pink Panther straps today. So that will just take it off of your wrist
and put it all on – all the tension on your shoulders and your traps. So shrug up. Grab these and I’ll – once again kind of athletic
movement, defensive stance and channel that mind-muscle connection right here center of
the shoulder. Superset number four, I’m starting to wig
out guys. I did a push/pull workout before I started
filming this, so this is really hard right now. All right. Enough complaining. So once again shrug up. As you get more fatigued still trying to tense
up and now we’re just going to do some traditional lat raises, so the little trick on this is
don’t go too far up and don’t rest on the top or the bottom of the movement. Keep that tension right on the center of your
deltoid. See from this angle. Slow and controlled. Squeeze. So what we’re doing here is close grip upright
row. The little trick on this one is instead of
being too close to your body — so if the EZ bar is really close to my body like right
here, I feel it mostly in my traps. A little trick is go outside your body. So I’ll show you guys the difference. Traps. Interior delt. So try not to go too high too. If you go all the way up here, it kind of
takes the tension off of your delts. Right to your chin, flare up. And if I wasn’t filming this right now, I’d
probably bitch out and not do this last super set. All right. Here we go. Okay. I died. Okay guys. I’m completely dead. And we’re just going to do one more exercise
finish this up. All right, last exercise. My arm might fall off. I changed my mind. We’re going to call these Komodo Flares. It’s my workout. I can call it what I want. So this one – a lot of guys probably think
I’m just going to go right here, but what we’re going to do here is flare out and up. And, I don’t know, something about this angle,
especially when you’re already fatigued really hits your delts. So try to keep your chest up. And you’re going to make a really weird face
so just be prepared. As you can see, I’m not going here, I’m not
going here, it’s a combination of both. That’s a wrap. My arm might fall off. I did a workout before I filmed. Probably not the best idea. But try out these Komodo flares. Hit me up on Instagram. Comment on one of my pictures hashtag Komodo
flares, so I know you’re doing the workout. So to end this workout, so you’re probably
going to be really fatigued. You’re doing all those farmer’s walks, all
those shaper supersets. With this one, just pick a weight that you
can control. No need to grab 80s or 90s, you just kind
of half ass the movement. Grab something you can actually throw around
and move and contract your deltoids with and get that nice contraction. End the workout with anywhere between 12 to
15 reps of that. Go three total sets. And that’s all I got today guys. Anyways, I’ve got to work on my tan. If I was more tan, I would be 20% more ripped
immediately. So hopefully next time I see you, I’ll get
some time to work on my tan.

15 thoughts on “Shoulder Workout For Mass (Insane Workout Series Ep. 2)

  1. hey man i was literally in gym in denver wondering about a better shoulder workout!!! you rock keep up the sick work for us skinnier homies!

  2. When I'd do pull ups or like overhead presses I always hear like little clicking noises in my shoulders, but it doesn't hurt. its just annoying, and tips?

  3. Yesss more videos like these Troy. Reminds me of the ones you used to make a few years back. Keep em up brother. #komodoflares

  4. This doesn't really have to do with the video, but does anyone every have problems like not feeling their pre workout after they've eaten? Cause like il eat like 1-2 hours before hand and it won't hit me as hard as if I'm on an empty stomach… Idk which is the better route to take

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