Shoulder Surgery Rehabilitation | Part 1 | Shoulder Rehab Protocol | Dr. Peter Millett | Colorado

Hello i’m doctor peter millett and welcome to
this instructional video i’m an orthopedic surgeon who specialize
in shoulder and sports medicine we aim to provide the best care for our
patients and part of our job is making sure that
you understand the process of healing and the physical therapy needed to
achieve a perfect result we made this video to help you have a
better recovery an important part of your recovery will
be physical therapy this video will guide you through the
various phases of your rehab as you come back from your injury you can either watch the video from
start to finish which i recommend for those of you that are about to undergo
surgery or you can simply use the table of
contents to review a specific area of interest recovery takes a team effort from you the patient from me your surgeon and from your team a
physical therapist I’m fortunate to work with a great group
of physical therapists i would like to particularly recognize
the efforts of Dirk Kokmeyer and christy alwine who head my shoulder rehab team and who
worked tirelessly to develop many of the protocols you will see in this
instructional video i would also like to thank Tage Plantell
from our audiovisual department who produced and edited this video as you will see it took a tremendous
amount of work to create this and we hope that you will find it very useful thank you again for choosing us for
your care we wish you a speedy recovery and hope
that you enjoy the video Hi I’m Dirk Kokmeyer and I’m christy alwine we’re physical therapist at the Howard Head Sports Medicine Center in vail colorado together Dirk and i head the shoulder
rehabilitation team for doctor peter millet at the steadman hawkins clinic in collaboration with doctor millet and
the steadman hawkins research foundation we put together a dvd for you the
patients to help you further understand your shoulder rehabilitation program the purpose of the video is to serve as
a reference for the specific exercises that we give you in your rehabilitation
protocol you should receive a protocol the day
after surgery which details week by week your rehabilitation progression the protocol also contains exercises
that are specific to the to each phase of rehabilitation use the dvd to reference these exercises
in addition to the exercise in explained in the protocol some of the exercises are also
applicable to non-surgical shoulder injuries again use the information your therapist
gives you in your detailed protocol and then use the video to further supplement
the instructions that your therapist gives to you you’ll also find that the dvd is divided
up into sections so that you can just reference the specific exercises you’ll see
many exercises outlining the rehabilitation protocol if you referenced the the dvd you’ll
find that you can just scroll through specific exercises to find the exercise
you’d like to reference at that time you ready to get started with this? let’s get started alright so now i’m going to go over a few of the
instructions for changing your post-op dressing when you first come down to therapy you will probably have a very bulky
dressing that was applied during surgery we’ll remove that dressing and apply a
water resistant dressing that you can actually wear in the shower and i’ll teach you right now how to
change that so you’ll notice right now the the wound is basically exposed with steri-
strips covering it these steri-strips will remain intact for approximately ten to
fourteen days we’ll use the going to go ahead and apply a pair of gloves
here we’ll use this dressing here this is
called a op-site as we remove the op-site dressing the instructions are you’ve remove the
paper backing first there are two tabs on either and that are
not sticky so you want to just hold those to make sure you don’t touch the
white part place that over the wound and you’ll then gently smooth over the clear plastic part
okay and then you can remove it says number two on
here your remove that outer layer and there you have a ddressing that can
be you can use that in the shower and we recommend that you change the
dressing everyone one to two days and what you want to look for is any drainage
coming through if you do see drainage go ahead and remove the dressing at that point or if it
looks like it’s gotten wet or steam bubbles underneath after shower go ahead and
change that as well we’re looking at the wound what we want a
also examine for every time we take the dressing off is any signs of infection
those signs include redness around the incision streaking you might feel warmth
around incisions to check for that any drainage that’s maybe not
bloody so it’s ok if there’s a little bit of blood but nothing that’s green
yellow in color and if you feel feverish or are having chills be sure to
let someone in doctor millet’s office know as soon as possible immediately after the surgery it is
normal to have increased warmth redness and bruising around the shoulder this section of the video is to show you
how to apply the sling most patients will be provided with a sling just like this this is
called an abduction pillow this is to keep your shoulder off your
body and to provide the rotator cuff with optimal circulation during the rehabilitation
process alright lindsey let’s have your just move your arm out to the outside without actually using your muscles now what your going to do is with the left hand secure that shut this portion is the portion that goes around
the neck so bring this to the back of your neck and you want to apply it to these two clips you are allowed to use your hand for
this portion of applying the sling ok we’ll have you stand up now and behind you let’s have you turn this way you can grab this portion of the belt this goes around your waist turn around to the front and attaches right here a sling that fits properly should have your elbow off to the side of your body so that we
provide the the rotator cuff with optimal circulation during the healing process the forearm should be parallel to the ground

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