Shoulder shock exercises for Growth

I got welcome to my extra sharp shoulder cereal I wouldn’t use this for every workout because it’s going to be pretty intense so this is just something to do when your growth is stunted or your weights aren’t going up or you score with your team you have that extra half an inch onto your shoulders you’ll actually add a lot more size and presence to you there’s three heads of the deltoid the front lateral and rear deltoids we’re going to attack all three and three to five so the first set of the exercise for the extra sharp shoulder routine our dumbbell military presses I like to do them seated see them because we get more weight up and also control by pushing down with your feet and getting more of an explosive movement so we’re going to superset the first do another seed of exercise we’re going to do a military perhaps with your palms facing in my face this is going to attack the front of the deltoids so the compound movement it’s been actually get front medium and a little bit of the rear not that much but it still gets everything involved so we super set that with the two non-stop and what I really recommend to is only one minute to two minute breaks in between sometimes you can shop it up to 30 seconds but if you’re a beginner recommend only bonus twice if you’re intermediate 3 times 3 sets more advanced four sets it’s up to get the dumbbell press you want to take it up between down to your ears explode up reach for the ceiling fan fare are you in front of your chin working out front down next exercise you’re going to do is an incline table lateral raise we’re going to do this unilateral which means one arm at a time reason why go on an incline slightly inclined there’s not for the ver delts but I find that when I want a slight incline I get more than medial head the deltoid go lighter on this you don’t want to go down to six reps you really hurt your shoulder I recommend at least during eight to fifteen reps on this group three sets you have put it in front of you the arms straight out to the side just like that back now grab the opposite handle yeah so this exercise is not anything but just a shaper it’s not going to add too much birth or masculine to your shoulder it’s just shooting the lateral head with adults we right here so you get that nice cut into your shoulders as well we’re going to do a little bit differently though we’re going to bring it behind their neck now a lot of people have experts say don’t ever bring it behind your neck I say this is how I feel my rear delts in a compound movement is by bringing up behind the neck facing the opposite side I should not be facing in and facing out and the way I do it was bringing behind my neck but only down to my dear level never bring me any lower than that because then that will really put a lot of stress into your shoulder and we’re more likely for a terrible that way superset that with the rear delt fly with the dumbbells so I’m only taking up on the sheet so during a busy peak peak period you won’t have to actually take up more than two machines and then some schmuck comes around and takes your sheet you’ll be at one station the whole time so let’s do it gonna go for eight to ten reps on this pause is the bottom here that’ll work right away by dumbbells it would be lean forward palms facing in just like this the palms underneath because you’re going to do a thing that I call a double down a double down is when you grabbed a shoulder press with the weight stack and you’re going to do doubles two reps and you’re going to go down and wait so you can go up the step but you’re going to go down waiting so pick a weight that you do about six reps end due to work to two reps instead go down only five or ten pounds to do two reps and keep going until you hit about 20 okay so when you hit 20 it’s still going to feel really heavy and it’s when the only two reps how we have to work out the traps traps are really important because they connect the shoulders the neck and can actually create more illusion that you’re much better than you really are plus the traps are a really large muscle in your back you want to work that out and also it takes a large low-tax work that muscle group out so what I like to do or shoulder shrugs I like to do it in displaced arm movements first hand movement is going to be hand placement there’s going to be out wide past shoulder with the next one is going to be about shoulder width apart and the third one the third set of 10 is going to be closed in okay not too close because then that’s going to be extra stress on your wrist but just inside shoulder width apart which is a slight going in for the bar now this exercise it’s very important not to move your head around a lot you can really imp in something in your neck when you do that so I like to keep my neck down that way I for just pushed straight up and you want to try to touch up ears with the traps just like that so 30 right back it back shoulder with that inside shoulder width hey

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  1. Good set of exercises and descriptions of impact help – you don't get that very often from instructional videos!

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