Should I be using pre-workout every training day? | Bulk Nutrients

Myth-busting time guys and today’s question is about pre-workouts. Should people take pre-workouts every
day they train? Debatable Ben, personally I train at 5am or 6am most mornings, so I need it to wake up otherwise I’m gonna fall asleep on the
bench! What’s your thoughts? Interesting, Sam. I train four days a week, generally in the afternoons and evenings. I find that if I take it every day,
I tend to have some problems with sleeping and it doesn’t quite
affect me in the same positive way as it does when I have it less frequently. So I
have pre-workout two to three times a week. This way I get the better benefits or pre-workout and I don’t have as much trouble with sleeping. Sounds like it
comes down to how sensitive you are to stimulants and also the time of day your
training. Thanks Ben.

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