Should HardGainers Count Calories to Gain Weight?

Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson form,
bringing you another video lesson on how to gain weight if you’re skinny.
And in this video we’re answering the question: “Should Hardgainers count calories to gain
mass and to gain weight?” And by hardgainer we simply mean someone who
has a difficult time putting on weight. Well, if you are skinny and you’ve been skinny
all your life, it can sometimes seem impossible to put on weight.
No matter how much you try to eat, your weight stays the same.
And no matter what you try when you exercise or go to the gym, you can’t seem to put on
muscle mass. And you can’t seem to gain weight. So, is “Counting Calories” the answer for
a hardgainer who wants to gain weight successfully, or put on muscle?
Let’s take a closer look: Okay, so should you count calories to gain
weight? Well, the answer to this is both “Yes” and
“No”. You see, in my experience, most skinny guys
who tell me that they’re eating a lot AREN’T truly measuring how many calories they’re
consuming each day. So, when I ask them to start counting, they
realize they could be doing a lot more. So yes, counting and monitoring your daily
calorie consumption is essential. And there are some handy free tools that are
online that you can use to make this easier. But counting calories is NOT the only factor
that’s going to determine how much healthy weight you gain.
You also need to include a Weight Training program that’s specifically designed for the
skinny guy. So you maximize your ability to gain weight
and muscle, while minimizing how much fat you put on.
And you also need to build enough ‘Rest and Recovery’ into your weight training plan,
to make sure you see the best results for the effort you’re putting in.
There’s no point in working out all the time, without any rest, if that’s going to limit
and harm the amount of weight that you’re able to gain.
So bottom line, it comes down to 3 main factors. Gaining weight in a healthy way comes down
to 3 main factors. And those are: proper nutrition, a good weight training plan designed specifically
for the skinny guy, and getting enough rest and recovery as well.
And so counting your calorie consumption – how many calories you’re eating – IS an
important element in that equation if you’re a skinny guy who wants to gain weight, and
put on lean healthy muscle. Okay, that brings us to the end of this video.
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