ShazaDerp’s Adventure into the Climbing Gym

We’ve arrived! Rachie’s first boulder :3 Go Rachie!! D: :O Shaza’s first boulder whoop Where to grab?? How am I going to get down?? (Shaza whimpers) So far away D: Help me pls :’>Nu Eddy, I don’t wanna jump down (Shaza whimpers again) Rachie: Bells are ringing in her brain I made it alive! H-how? HOW?? How to grab?? Wat?? such skills Go Rachie! Me arms are too short :’>uwu Relatable :O Eddy’s attempt #1 Eddy’s attempt #2 Eddy’s attempt #3 :O (Eddy shrugs) dat flexibility Whoo! My first successful boulder! Whoo! Rachie’s first successful boulder! uwu Another successful boulder for Rachie! 😀 Where is the next blue rock?? Ah right! Hacks Yay! Another sucessful boulder for Shaza! My arms are still too short :’>Lemme zoom in on that Eddy lel

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