Sesame Street: Exercise with Grover

MAN: Oh, boy. Oh, this is a nice
looking gym. I could really use a
good workout, too. I wonder where the exercise
instructor is. GROVER: OK, Sly, just
three more reps. Oh, excuse me. MAN: Hey! GROVER: Oh, hello there. I am your exercise instructor,
Grover. MAN: Wait a minute! You’re that waiter from
over at Charlie’s. GROVER: Yes, sir. And it was about time you came
here to work off all that food I see you eating. You are a chubby little
devil, aren’t you? MAN: OK, that does it. Goodbye! You don’t know anything
about exercise. GROVER: Yes I do! I do, I do, I do, I do! See, I know that exercise is
good for you, because it makes you healthier and stronger. Just look at me, sir. Am I not buff? MAN: Well, I guess so. OK. What do we do first? GROVER: OK, just stand right
there, sir, while I go get my exercise towel. MAN: Exer– everywhere I go,
I see that guy. I’m beginning to think I’m under
some kind of a spell. GROVER: Yeah, just put another
1,000 pounds on there, Arnold. Very good. All right, sir! Here I have my exercise towel! MAN: Fine. Can we get started now? GROVER: Oh, no sir! I still have to get my
instructor’s whistle. MAN: Your instructor’s
whistle? GROVER: Oh, yes, sir. Without it I am nothing. Do not worry. I shall be just a moment. MAN: I wish he would hurry up! GROVER: What? Well, then 5 pounds
off, Mr. Piscopo! Please do not whine. All right! Here I am. I have my instructor’s
whistle. Oh, boy. It took me years to earn this. MAN: Fine. Now can we please start
exercising already? GROVER: Of course, sir. As soon as I get my
portable radio. MAN: Your portable radio? GROVER: Well, yes, sir. We cannot exercise
without tunes! Don’t worry. I shall be right back MAN: This is taking all day! GROVER: What? OK, very good, Mr. Pounds. Now drop and give me 20. You’re allowed to use the
other hand, you know. Oh well. OK, here’s my portable radio. MAN: Good! Now let’s exercise. GROVER: Fine. Yes, sir. There’s just one more
thing we need– that’s barbells. MAN: I don’t believe this guy! GROVER: Here– here– here are your barbells, sir. [GROANING] [CLANGS] MAN: Are you all right? GROVER: No pain, no gain? MAN: Do we have everything
now? GROVER: Absolutely, sir. I have my exercise towels
here around me. And I have my instructor’s
whistle. MAN: Oh, yes. GROVER: And my portable
radio right here. And my barbells I found
on the floor. MAN: Yeah fine, fine. Now can we please get started? GROVER: Oh, no, no. Get started? Oh, I’m sorry, sir, but
your time is up. I do not know about you,
but I am exhausted. What a work out! Let’s hit the showers. [SLIDE WHISTLE] GROVER: Hmm. He is in worse shape
than I thought [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Exercise with Grover

  1. I agree. Somehow I guess Mr. Johnson felt in his heart how nice Grover is. Especially how professional Grover sounds when he calls Mr. Johnson as "sir" when Mr. Johnson needs something which is why he asked Grover if he's okay.

  2. I remeber this growing up grover and the blue man were my favorit part of sesame street that and the pin ball thingy I am 36 years and still love grover and the blue man

  3. I'm 20 and i shorta feel silly watching the playlist of clips XD but it nice to see the saseme street gang again<3 love these guys

  4. Sesame street is timeless. Age doesn't matter. I'm almost 32. I still watch it once in a while since the 80s and 90s.

  5. At this point, I would believe Grover is stalking Fat Blue. Since he's "Everywhere he goes" it's pretty obvious. It cracks me up though!

  6. so funny and hilarious. love Grover. brilliant. thank you for your time and consideration. rockchick respect and regards. your welcome.

  7. "This is taking all day!"
    Mr. Johnson, it only took Grover about 2 minutes to get all his items. Stop being so impatient.

  8. well, at least Mr. Johnson expressed his concern when Grover fell down with the barbells. Just shows that as annoyed as he is by him, he still has concern for the well being and safety of others.

  9. 0:23 "Wait a minute! You're that waiter from over at Charlie's."

    I believe Grover got this job (and all the other jobs he got fired from) after he quit working at Charlie's after that "Grover serves a sandwich" sketch.

  10. Now, I know how Squidward feels after getting tormented by SpongeBob. It's like Grover as SpongeBob and Mr. Johnson as Squidward.

  11. how much i do love these two. especially the blue head. major thanks to the producers and staff of this show. And , of course for the sesame street channel ,and dear commentators

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