Running Tips : How to Run Faster Through Interval Training

Hi I’m Les Whitley. I’d like to talk to you
right now about utilizing interval training to help you run faster. Interval training
is mixing up tempos, mixing up paces, and actually mixing up styles of training to help
you improve your running efficiency, your running speed and performance. You may find
that some days, especially for those sprinters will work on getting out in their starts.
Then they may focus on running a little bit longer distances or changing up the tempos
during their runs where it’s an all out max effort for the start. And then they’ll ease
into a jog. Then they’ll pick up the intensity again focusing not only on interval training
within the actual day, but also throughout the course of a week or weeks or cycles of
training so that you may have one high level intensity lev training session. Then you may
taper off to a medium intensity training session or vary that within one single work-out. Utilizing
interval training allows you to adjust intensity of the work-outs, the pace of the work-outs,
and the style of the work-outs focusing from strength training and power building to maintaining
strength endurance as far as improving your ability to put force and power into the ground.
Others may work on technique training through high intensity repetitions for short duration
on on a track or utilizing hill training to over-speed the body forcing it to compensate
for that additional force as you run down the hill or running up the hill actually using
more musculature to drive your body through space. Interval training’s a great way to
incorporate different styles into to improve your overall running speed and performance.

6 thoughts on “Running Tips : How to Run Faster Through Interval Training

  1. Yes, any exercise that trains your muscles (leg muscles especially) will be beneficial as it gives your muscles more (explosive) power.

  2. so whats a good starting time and pace for Interval Training?? jog then sprint? or walk then sprint? and how many seconds for each regiment?

  3. fuvk you running is not just a move your legs faster track and field is not a joke it is hardly difficult! dumb ass bicth

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