Running Program

TRIAs running program is designed for runners of all ages and of all calibers. So we have beginners
runners all the way up to ultra marathons that use our services. We use
video analysis quite often in our program. We use it with more of a
slow-motion video capture to be able to take a look at how a runner is moving
and look at different angles. Basically how their foot hits the ground, or what
the position is as they’re going through the cycle of their gait. And it becomes
almost an educational piece for each runner to change potentially how they
might move. I think one of the most gratifying things that we see with some
of the runners is is really watching the transformation that they have on the
treadmill. When they may come in and they’re having pain with each step that
they’re taking and then we start looking at doing some modifications and suddenly they’re their form starts to change and that pain starts to go away and you see
their face light up and you see that smile come across their face and they
realize that they’re able to run and not have that pain that they had been
potentially plagued for with the last maybe several years. So I think that’s
kind of a real interesting and fun part of our job where we can make some some drastic changes and just a short amount of time to some of our runners. I think
it’s a great program really for any runner to utilize. We’re not geared
towards just the elites we’re not geared towards just the beginner runner but
really we’re for all runners. And I think for people to understand that people do
run for different reasons and if you want to do it just for fitness we’re
going to help you reach that goal. If you want to do it to decrease your time and
be a fast runner we can help you with that. So I think we’re not going to
discriminate versus one group we really here for all runners.

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