Running Late – Quick and Easy Hairstyles

– [Stefanie and Tracy] Hey guys! – [Stefanie] What? – [Tracy] Where are we? – [Stefanie] We’re in our room. We’re just
turned around. – [Tracy] Yeah, we totally just – [Tracy] blew your mind. – [Stefanie] So, today our hair’s a little
different. – [Tracy] We filmed a really fun video with
lots of last minute hairstyles or just hairstyle ideas if you’re in a rut. – [Stefanie] Yeah, lots of our favorite ways
to do our hair when either: A, our hair is dirty and just not looking cute and we don’t
feel like doing anything and B, for, like, legit running out of time to get ready. – [Tracy] And sometimes you just have to curl
it because Tracy’s second day straight hair is not a – [Stefanie and Tracy] cute – [Tracy] thing, no, so I frequently will
run a curling iron through my hair. So, we’re showing you one of the NuMe five-in-one curling
irons. It’s amazing. – [Stefanie] Fantastic. This thing is one
base with five different attachments. These are like every curling iron that I’ve ever
owned. Like… – [Tracy] Yeah. – [Stefanie] It’s got a nineteen millimeter,
a twenty five, a thirty two, a reverse one that goes from big to small, and a pearl. – [Stefanie and Tracy] Everything. – [Tracy] It all fits in this really cute
little carrying case so, it’s like, it totally works for travel and also comes with a glove
if you’re not super adept at – [Stefanie and Tracy] curling it – [Tracy] without burning. – [Stefanie] I can’t tell you how many times
I’ve gone on a trip and I’ve been like, man, I wish I had brought a smaller wand with me,
and with that, like, it’s all compact into one little thing, like, that takes up about
as much space as me taking two curling irons, and that’s five curling irons. – [Tracy] There you go. – [Stefanie] So… – [Tracy] We’re gonna have some codes below
where you can get some discounts on the NuMe wands. – [Stefanie] Yes, and don’t forget, if you
try out any of these hairstyles, or if you just wanna show us some of your own quick
tip hairstyles, be sure to tag us on Instagram and you can hashtag, I don’t know… – [Tracy] hashtagEGHair. – [Stefanie] EGHair. – [Tracy] And we will… – [Stefanie] Sounds good. – [Tracy] take our favorites and put ’em in
some thing, and like – [Stefanie and Tracy] Repost on Instagram. – [Stefanie] For sure. – [Tracy] Yeah. Give this video a thumbs up
if you wanna see more hairstyles, and fun videos, and if you enjoy it, yeah. – [Stefanie] So, here we go, let’s jump right
into the video. – [Tracy] All right, so, for the first one,
I’m going to be doing the Fishtail Braid, and it can be a little tricky. I’m going to
be taking an elastic and putting my hair to the side that I want braid to go to, which
I parted over to the left, so, it’s gonna be on the left. And I wish I had clear elastics
but it’ll be okay ’cause it matches my hair. So, I split it in the middle and I pull from
the back, then, oh my gosh, over to the side and hold it there, and then pull, it’s kinda
hard when I first get started because I have some really short pieces. Just keep pulling
from either side and making your way down your hair. Okay, when you get down to almost
the end of your hair or about how long you want it then you can just roll the elastic
down and secure it, and then you can kinda mess your Fishtail, and there you have a fun
Fishtail braid. – [Stefanie] Another twist on just a plain
pony that I like to do is to braid the front section and then put my hair into a pony tail.
So, basically, I just take the front chunk of my hair and section it off like the front
bang area, and then I put the rest just back in a pony just until I can braid that part
of the hair. And then you just do a basic French braid which was hard for me to learn
at first but with practice it gets pretty easy. So, three sections and then you just
braid, and then as you braid, you grab hair to add in.
Then I’m gonna pin it until I can get my other
hair out and we’ll put it up in a pony. Technically, you could just wear it like this, but if you’re
not having a good hair day, then you can put it up in a pony, but that’s kinda cute too.
I’m going to grab all of the hair, including the braid, and put it up into a pony tail.
Then you can just play with it in little pieces where you want. I like to have pieces kinda
down from the braid sometimes. Spray your hair. And that is another pony tail, a fancy pony,
if you will. – [Tracy] Okay, so maybe you have a little
bit extra time and you’re like, you know what, I really want to curl my hair. So, that’s
what you’re gonna do. I am going to be using the NuMe five-in-one and I’m gonna curl my
hair because I’m one of those people, that I’m like, I just have to have my hair did.
I have to have everything did. So, I just like to section it off. All right, taking
sections about that big. I’m just going to twist it around the barrel away from my face
’cause that’s pretty much my favorite way to do it. It’s away from my face. Holy curl,
Batman. And when you’re in a hurry, you’re like, “Shoot, I don’t have that much time
to do all my sections, so, my sections might need to be a little bit bigger.” Thumbs up
if you can never get the sections the right amount. Sometimes I like to hold it in my
hand just to give it a chance to kinda cool down a bit. Alright, I like to spray my curls
in between layers. This is the TRESemme TRES Two spray in number four. I love these curls. I feel like you could go, like, super glam with them, and you’re like, “Hey, I’m
just going to school, but I still wanna be glam.” And honestly, that probably took me,
like, ten minutes. So, yeah, that was with the Reverse wand from NuMe the five-in-one
specifically and I love it. – [Stefanie] For this look, it’s going to
be kind of a half up, half down, kind of pony type look, and so I’m going to start just
teasing the front section of my hair. So, I’m just teasing with a basic comb. It doesn’t
have to be super, super poofy, ’cause we’re not going for the Snooki. All right, we’re
going to take that once you’ve got it where you want it and you’re going to twist and
you can push it up a little bit to add a little volume and then pin it. Mm-kay, I’m just gonna
spray this to secure this but we’re not done yet. You could stop here, ’cause I think it’s
kind of cute if you stop here, but if you want to take it up a notch, we’re going to
add, basically, like, a half up, half down pony. Okay, so, for this next part, you’re
going to take even more of your hair, pretty much like from your ear forward on both sides
and you’re going to pull it back. All right, once you have that gathered, you can just
grab a ponytail holder and secure all the hair into a pony. If you’re like me and you
don’t have a clear elastic, you can just grab a piece of hair and twist around your ponytail
holder and pin it to keep it kind of concealed. All right, and that is the completed half
up, half down look. Like I said, you could stop at just the poof or you can go a little
edgier, a little rocker-chic if you will and do it like this, plus it keeps it, like, all
out of your face, and if you’re into sports then this is perfect. – [Tracy] All right, so, maybe you woke up
and your hair was already curled from the day before, ’cause I know when I use these
wands, my hair pretty much looks like this when I wake up, so, we are going to take some
front sections and start to twist and then you’re gonna bring it to the back and kinda
let it relax a little bit on there, take a bobby pin, and pin it, and then take another
bit from the other side, twirl it back, pin it. I like to let them relax a little bit.
But yay, that’s like a two in one. You’ve got curly hair one day then BoHo Chic, and
then spray a little… I love it. – [Stefanie] For this hairstyle, it is going
to be an actual ponytail but with a twist for girls like me that have not very good
growing hair and you want your ponytail to look kind of longer so it’s two ponies in
one that make your ponytail look, like, super long. Okay, I’m going to separate my hair
into half and do the top half into a ponytail and then I’m gonna take the second half and
do a pony with that as well. All right, I’m gonna spray it. And you can tease your upper
ponytail if you want to have a little more volume, and that is the completed longer looking
two in one ponytail. – [Tracy] All right, this next one I call
Sassy High Pony, and you’ll see why. I’m gonna bobby pin out this section here and it’s gonna
look kinda silly for a second. I just don’t wanna have to free it later. Now, we’re going
over, we’re going over. We’re gonna pull a piece of hair from the back of our pony, so
we can wrap and cover up the band, then just take a bobby pin, secure it, spray… Smooth
it out, bump it where it needs to be bumped. Sassy Pony, yeah. – [Stefanie] Okay, this is by far A, my favorite
hairstyle to do when I’m in a hurry, and B, one of the most requested tutorials to do,
and it is the sock bun, and if you follow us on Instagram, you know that this was a,
like, long process for me to learn how to do, so, I’m kind of excited that I can do
it now, so, the first thing you do is you put your hair into a pony and you can do like,
high pony, and have the bun, like, right on top of your head, you could do a low pony
and have it, on the back of your head. I like to do it somewhere in between, not quite on
top of my head but more towards, like, the back of my head. So, put into a ponytail and
the cool thing about this is if you have thinner hair it still works and it makes it look like
you have thick hair. So, you have your pony. You can either use one of the, what would
you call it, meshy donuts, or you can use a sock. I like to use the nasty, dirty, stinky
sock. Okay, so you put it over your ponytail like so, and you’re going to bring it to the
tip top of your hair and just spread it around and you just start tucking and rolling. This
is not my best job, but, you can always fix it. Keep tucking and rolling until it gets
into the shape that you like. All right, and then you just play with it and then you can
make it messy, you can make the bun really loose, you can pull down pieces of hair. Sometimes
I have to pin my bun ’cause it’s a naughty bun and it doesn’t wanna stay where I put
it, and that is the completed sock bun look. Yay, it’s my favorite. – [Tracy] All right, so maybe you woke up
and you’re like, “Dang. I have to be at class in, like, five minutes.” So, you wanna cover
up your hair ’cause maybe it’s kinda greasy and you don’t have time for dry shampoo,
So, you just bust out the beanie. Right on your hair ’cause how cute does it look with
curly hair? Neff beanies, they’re our favorites, and this is the gray charcoal-y one. – [Stefanie] And if all else fails, your favorite
hat or beanie is your best friend, love it. – [Tracy] All right, guys, we hope you enjoyed
our super fast, last minute hairstyles and hairstyle ideas. – [Stefanie] Yeah, I know that we got a few
good ideas from even just looking at all the hairstyles on new things to do but don’t forget
to tag us in your hairstyle pictures so we get even more ideas. – [Tracy] Yes! – [Stefanie] on how to do our hair. – [Tracy] Give this video a thumbs up if you
loved it. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out some of our recent videos. – [Stefanie] Yep, we’ll talk to you guys in
our next video. – [Tracy] Bye guys! – [Stefanie] Bye!

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