Running faster equals disaster

A team from the University of Queensland has
studied the speed and manoeuvrability of the Northern Quoll to determine its ability to
avoid danger. So most studies in animal performance usually
assume that animals run, move as fast as possible to escape a predator or capturing prey. What
we found that Northern Quolls actually change their speed when there trying to go round
a corner and especially a steep corner. They make sure they decrease their speed so they
don’t spin out and slide away and cause a crash. The ability for animals to optimise their
escape from predators’ plays an important part in the balance of ecosystems. If we understand the way that animals run
and the way they need to run through there landscape, then we can start to think about
how animals are vulnerable to predators. In Australia we’ve got a lot of introduced predators
and it’s very important that we understand how our native mammals and native marsupials
escape predators and how we can change their landscape in order for them to be better adapted
to their new predators.

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