Roelly Winklaar – EVOLVED BEAST – Mr. Olympia 2020

They’ve told you NO now it’s time to get YES each and every moment that you breathe is another opportunity for you to be GREAT Wake your ass up! awaken the beast inside it’s time to take shit to another level it’s game ON it’s FOCUS it’s GO season This is the guy who’s evolved over the
last ten years to become one of the freakiest and most dangerous athletes he brought the conditioning he brought the size he brought the freakiness he is going to be super dangerous now You gotta see him in real life, it’s unbelievable.. The triceps poor ridiculous Real beasts work harder they rise earlier they go down later they push harder they give more and they get more real beasts don’t take shit from nobody so I need you to become a BEAST Push yourself to the fucking limit! They call him “THE BEAST” Roelly Winklaar! You have to get up yourself and push some more! I WILL NOT LOOSE! There is your team depending on you You are depending on you! He’s on the Arnold Classic stage for the first time Roelly Winklaar His first Arnold Classic win he’s started here in Australia with very first pro show He said he is gonna win one day and he just did ladies and gentlemen! You know so many times I was wishing that you win because you was so close! But today everything was perfect your posing was perfect the shape was perfect you’re ripped you’re huge no stomach no nothing no problems! It’s you guys that motivate me to be on stage Show me! SHOW ME! Push yourself like you’ve never pushed yourself before! He is a first people champion! I know that I have a lot of fans In your face

99 thoughts on “Roelly Winklaar – EVOLVED BEAST – Mr. Olympia 2020

  1. Es increible como este hombre paso de tener un estomago de embarazado a una estructura bien formada y proporcionada. Tiene bien merecido en titulo de campeon.

  2. I’ve never seen a guy that makes every time he pose such a ugly face like Roelly Winklaar… His face looks like he is shitting 😂😂😂

  3. Too many body builder we have but rolly Winkler is the bestest beast shape body builder and he is inspiration for little hight body builders.

  4. He is more freaky then Ronnie coleman , Markus Ruhl and Big ramy about the forearms, Biceps ,Triceps, Shoulders i never see that in my hole life !

  5. Thes new body builders are gross af. Bring back the Days Of Arnold And Frankie And Lou. Actually looked like men.

  6. 100 % steroids, in the years 50,s all body builders never used steroids, and their body was natural, but this days, bodybuilders looks like monsters, thanks for steroids,

  7. A shame how professional bodybuilding has turned into a circus freak-show. Its lost all meaning. With these steroid-abusing assholes who believe bigger is better. Freaking ridiculous. Blasphemous @ best. Smh

  8. I will suggest to Roelly Winklaar to not put extra mass for next coming Olympia, just work on sharpness and muscularity. He will definitely win Olympia for sure. Good luck!

  9. You have to be so fucked in the head to want to look like this or to applaud someone this mentally ill. He looks like complete shit.

  10. I think he has the best shape of this years competition because of his belly got so ripped off and arnold respects him a lot for his era of bb competition.

  11. theres something about his Physique im not digging,..and it has to do with proportion,……..i put flex wheeler next to this dude and i see the difference…..

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