Rock Climb better INSTANTLY – 4 beginner mistakes to avoid

Hey geek climber, rock climbing is too hard.
My arms are not strong enough. That is the number one thing I heard from
my non-climber friends all the time, and No, that is not true. One of the world’s best female climber looks
like- Climbing is about using minimal energy to climb as much as you could, and you will
be able to achieve it if you avoid the following mistakes. The first mistake that beginners usually make is
climbing with too much arms and not using enough legs. Rock climbing should be like
climbing the ladder instead of doing pull ups. For an average person, the quads is at
least 2 times stronger than the biceps, so, make sure to climb with your legs. The second mistake that beginners usually
make is arms bending while static. When you are thinking about what to do in the next
move, you should keep your arms straight, otherwise you will drain out your arm strength really
fast. For an average person, the straight arm strength is at least 1.7 times stronger than
the bent arm strength, so, make sure to re-position yourself to keep your arms straight. The third mistake that beginners usually make is
stepping on a foot hold with the middle foot. If you do that, you will have trouble stepping
on small holds and matching feet. The correct way is to use your toes to step
on foot holds, and it might be a little bit uneasy initially but the thing is the soles
on the rock climbing shoes are designed to help you stick with it. Stepping with your toes opens up the possibility
of turning your legs to a optimal position, the possibility to step on small holds
and the possibility of matching feet. The final mistake beginners usually make is
barn dooring, which means you only have your right foot and right hand on the wall
or just your left hand and left foot on the wall. This is bad because a lot of arm strength
is wasted on balancing yourself. See how much easier it is without barn dooring? Thanks for watching. Make sure to like and
subscribe, and click here if you still need some extra motivation to try out rock climbing. See you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Rock Climb better INSTANTLY – 4 beginner mistakes to avoid

  1. I've introduced a looot of people to bouldering/rock climbing over the past year, and I've developed an almost identical list of four things to pay attention to.

    1) Use your legs more. Probably try to move both feet for every one hand hold. (I think that helps materialize the advice to use your legs more).
    2) Use your toes, better traction and you can push yourself up an extra few centimeters.
    3) Keep your arms stretched as much as possible, especially while thinking.
    4) Lead with your hips, it helps extend your reach and can help you keep one arm mostly stretched while still reaching to the next hold.

    That's what I've been telling everyone, but the quads being 2x the strength, and the stretched arms being 1.7x definitely beefs up the argument for those two points.

    I've intuitively learned not to barn door, and I pass that on by example, but I haven't been able to step back and realize the recurring error in beginners there. I'll definitely throw that into the advice I give from now on. I appreciate the video! Super easy to understand and 100% true!

  2. Straight arms are only optimal in overhangs. On slab rock, it is better to pull with your arms enough to set all your weight on your feet.

  3. I think a big fifth one would be "Using the inside of your foot too much". Beginner's are frequently "duck toed" against the wall (straight facing the wall with both feet turned outwards). This puts your hips far away and makes most moves much, much harder and farther.

  4. As a climbing instructor I see these literally all the time most days of the week 😂 it's nice to see someone point them out but also show how to correct it 👍🏻 you're super helpful and clear in this vid and if anyone ever asks me I'm totally gonna point them in the direction of this channel

  5. Rest on straight arms as it's 1.7 times stronger than on a bend arms ?
    If you are resting on a straight arm then it is grip strength that will fail as you are transferring your weight to bone, where as on a bent arm it will be muscle failure that will cause you to fall.

  6. Did this once, by the time I went down my arms went Popeye the sailor, and that's not a joke, they inflated to muscular arms for at least 20 minutes since I got down.

  7. I would add excessive crimping to the list. I see many novice climbers clinging way too hard to handholds, when they could relax and use a more open hand grip, preventing forearm pump and reducing injury.

  8. great video yes i wish i knew that the first time i climbed… barn dooring it takes longer if you got to worry about balancing.. and never knew about the toe on rocks as opposed middle foot … darn i feel like retrying this again

  9. If you are already aware of the common beginner mistakes, checkout to take it to the next level!

  10. I just tried rock climbing for the first time and my arms are basically wet spaghetti noodles and I can CONFIRM THIS. The times I failed were the times I had my arms bent too much! Thanks for these tips, I am 100% going to have to focus on my toes more next time.

  11. Thx, i used to climb @30-31 straight.. i did over use my arms alot..hope to get back to climbing….13 years later….i have a lot of work to do, haha

  12. Awesome. This tips are the most important things to climb and incredibly, there are a lot of "professional" climbers who make this mistakes too often. Great video, simple but great.

  13. Thanks for your advices.Can you speak more slowly please for strangers not so good in english but fond of climbing ?
    I am very interested by your comparaisons …Thanks a lot .

  14. Your glasses are bent my friend and thank you for doing these videos thanks to you I conquered an advanced boulder route and have only been climbing for 4 weeks

  15. After I wrote my I spent 6 hours at the climbing gym and thanks to tips garnered here and the help finding the beta from the amazing climbing community here in Kingston ontario I was able to check off every single intermediate route and 2 more advanced routes. Although I am still using far to much muscle. I am 6'1 240 pounds and work out between 4 and 6 times a week so i am the entire wrong body type but again thanks to tips garnered herw I am overcoming with technique. Thanks again keep up the amazing vids

  16. lol i basically do all of that except middle foot stepping… don't forget to add climbing like a frog… i do that too

  17. 非常喜欢您的视频,里面的内容我都记下了笔记,最近在爬V1出现了难点,一直找不到突破口,看了您的视频,突然意识到了问题所在,今晚按您的方法试试看~

  18. 很喜欢你在这个视频中的讲述方式😁😁😁

  19. Thanks so much for these tips, couple of people at my gym told me about the straight arms and all, but you giving concrete examples and video footage was very helpful! Thanks alot!

  20. Great video. I'm an amateur climber and this is my first time ever hearing of barn dooring. I'm excited to see how it goes next time I climb.

    I will say that for some people it's better to have a little bend in the elbows depending on how warmed up and loose their muscles are. I injured my left elbow because I wasn't warmed up and I put too much weight on a straight arm.

  21. bruh from the looks of it, your forearms are stronger than your quads, your bicep and tricep disappeared when your forearms came into frame

  22. Thanks for the great video. I'm a complete beginner and this is the video that put me on the right track to climbing properly.

  23. a strong arm is not necessarily big, specially for climbing… ashima IS STRONG and you DO need a strong arm to climb well lol

  24. These were such simple yet true remarks. As a beginner, I totally understand what you are saying. In some other videos it takes me forever to get the point!

  25. I’m so happy I found this page. I’ve been intrigued by rock climbing for so long and I’m looking to join a gym in a few weeks. Planning on purchasing a hang board to enhance my finger strength

  26. Im sure that little girl does have weak biceps, but she also probably weighs around 70 lbs. I'm 220 and feel like I could really use some more arm and finger strength.

  27. Awesome video I just started rock climbing and I did everything wrong that you said not to do 😂 I know this will definitely help thanks for posting

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