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– My names Alex Fine, this is a workout I do
with the Riverdale cast. – [Jughead] On Riverdale,
there’s so such thing as normal. – The Riverdale guys are
like one of the hardest, most competitive group or collective that I’ve gotten to work with. So this would be considered one workout, over two or three workout day. It’s called the Saturday Swole it’s just a quick and easy
pump that we get through, right before the weekend if
you’re going to a pool party, or the beach, or whatever. All right we’re gonna
start off with cardio. We’re gonna sprint .25
at 10-12 miles an hour. And then we’re gonna do a walking
rest at four miles an hour with 3% incline for .1. Repeat four to eight times
depending on how much cardio we’re doing that day or
what we need to accomplish. So right now we’re gonna shoulder circuit it’s seven exercises, 10 reps a piece, and we’re gonna do it
for two to three sets. First ones just gonna be a lateral raise. (upbeat pumping music) Second exercise, front raise. (upbeat pumping music) Third, Arnold press, so
pinkies overhead to thumbs. (upbeat pumping music) The half-fulls, it’s
gonna be a neutral press. So half, down, full, down. (upbeat pumping music) Then we’re going military, all
the way up all the way down. (upbeat pumping music) Cuban press, up right row,
turn press, ten way down. (upbeat music) Last ones gonna be shoulder
circles, pinkies to thumbs. (upbeat music) First thing we’re gonna
start off with max chinups. So underhand grip which
means you can do it then you can drop right now
and do max plyo pushups. We’re gonna do two rounds back and forth. Next piece is gonna be
for two rounds as well. It’s gonna be a 30 second chin hold, chin over bar, underhand grip. Then we’re gonna do max dips. (upbeat music) Third thing is gonna be a one minute dead hang, overhand grip. The dead hang is important
for me because it decompresses your lower back and it
strengthens your shoulders. I’ve had so many shoulder
injuries from football or bull riding, and this is
something that I do everyday. We’re gonna do that for two rounds. The third thing is a arm blaster, gonna be 30 seconds, band tri. 30 second band curl. And then 30 seconds kettlebell shrugs. The last thingwe’re gonna be doing is called the wendler 100. It’s 100 reps of 135 of bench press or 95 depending on what you can do. It’s gonna be for time. You can rack the weight but you can’t take your hands off the bar. At the end of the workout
we’re gonna do a core exercise involved with bands,
it’s gonna be all timed. The first round is all
one minute exercise, second rounds 35 seconds,
the third rounds 30 seconds, you’re gonna try get
limited breaks between. Then the first exercise is
gonna be band pull-through with single-leg suitcase. You’re gonna alternate legs, but you’re gonna pause when
you kick both legs out. The second exercise is
gonna be a banded deadbug with pack-e-out with around-the-world. Third exercise is gonna
be plank pull-throughs. So you’re gonna pull through with one arm, other arms in an elbow plank. So this is just a full upper body pump. This is everything from
chest, back, and shoulders, mixed in with high
pur-gee-fee and max reps. And this is just something quick and easy, almost anyone can do.

100 thoughts on “Riverdale’s KJ and Cole’s “Saturday Swole” Workout Explained | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

  1. The trainer is hilariously chilled. This guy could put out a raging fire by just talking to it for a few seconds. What a mellow fellow.

  2. I guess a little to much pushing exercises, and to less pulling exercises. Why no rear delt isolation and only pull ups as the only main pulling excercise ?

  3. When a trainer makes you do 4 variations of the same press you know hes on some fake bro bullshit. Simple shoulder workout 4 sets 3-6 reps military barbell press heavy, then a little hypertrophy maybe 4 sets of 12 arnold press dumbells. Then rear delt raises , lateral raises 3×20 reps each then maybe some shoulder shrugs to finish.

  4. Love the trainer's smile in those pictures though he looks pretty calm, chill and plain in this video. Is he tired, bored or sth ? :V

  5. Don't want to spread negativity all exercise are done in wrong way what type of lateral and front are those professionals know what I am saying

  6. Alex Fine is such a good name because I feel like he responds to anyones I idea with "yeah thats fine i guess"

  7. Хуйня а не тренировка. Расписал бы почему, но надо идти. Реально хуета

  8. You can get bigger than entire riverdale cast in half a year if you just do a heavy,full body workout three times a week.

  9. 100 reps of 135 bench press…. this is something quick and easy almost anyone can do…. bruh.

  10. If i had to listen to this flat voice of MY trainer–I would kick his ass–a trainer is supposed to be motivating NOT a Debbie Downer

  11. i dont know why so many people liek this video. this training routine is so folded and less informative

  12. i dont get the use of these videos…. its like " hey look this is 1/100 of the exercises "input famous actor" did.

  13. Riverdale season 1: who killed Jason blossom
    Season 2: who is the black hood
    Season 3: who's the gargoyle king
    Season 4: Who stole the trainer's soul

  14. Men's health & alex fine: train like celebrity
    Reality: maybe,25%=working out;75%=suplements/drugs/hormones/ injections etc

  15. 1:27 look how pissed off he is on the wrong movement of that guy , in slow mo at 0.5

  16. Seems like a cool trainer and I'm sure he's very intelligent however I also feel like he woke up that morning and went oh shoot I was supposed to do that thing for Men's Health okay here's a quick workout that I think they'll buy it

  17. The shoulder warm ups are the shit throw the rest away but I use them after I lift to burn out what’s left of my shoulders on a push day !!!

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