Rhino 3D Tutorial Learning Exercise for beginner #Ring04 (sub)

For this ring we will be using a command named Sweep1 Start in the front view typing “Circle” Center is “0” ENTER Diameter 17mm, hold shift ENTER To see the dimension type “DimDiameter” We can change the format of the Dimensions in Preferences In the right view we will do another “Circle” We will Osnap to the top of the previous circle Hold shift to be straight In the bottom I will do a rectangle
Type “Rectangle” We will do a centre rectangle with rounded edges If I hold shift it will be a square After you click for the position, if you move your mouse it will do the round edge The command we will use is called “Sweep1” The rail is the biggest circle And cross sections are the two other shapes You can have as many as you want ENTER Here you select “Closed sweep” If you rebuild it will create a cleaner shape
But always pre-view to see if its your desired shape I will rebuild with more points so it does not loose the shape Now I will hollow out the inside You could do so with a cylinder But I will make a copy with Alt + shift Move it up a bit Pressing Alt You can scale it and deform it so it looks good I will make it thinner Now type “BooleanDifference” Subtract from the bigger one
With the little one Thats a way to hollowing a ring I will un-do
I just want you to understand how it works So let’s push this technique a bit further To see the points in the top circle press F10 or “PointsOn” You can move points around and deform the shape To get more control I will “Rebuild” And I will change it for 64 points Show points again ‘Points on’ I will select every other two To deselect usen Ctrl Shift to add
Ctrl to remove To scale them together I can hold shift and click on one of the square That can give you a wavy shape Lets try it
ESC twice to hide the points I’ll “Sweep1” again Rail: Big circle
Cross sections: other shapes Enter As you can see it lost its shape because it’s rebuilding with very few points So in theory I should go 64. Make sure to see the preview And then close the sweep I’m not a big fan of this design, so I will undo You can scale from other axis so I will do that All you can scale this axis the green The ring will look nicer if we scale it like this ESC twice to hide the points Once again ‘Sweep1’ Select the rail and cross sections i will use less points, it will loose it’s shape but will look better I like it It’s a bit more soft and close the sweep You can hollow the inside so it feels nicer when you wear it and its lighter Okay

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