Rhino 3D Tutorial Learning Exercise for beginner #Organic Chair (sub)

I will show you two tools, “Crv2View”
you can blend two curves that are perpendicular The other tool is called “FlowAlongSrf” We will use these to create the back of an organic chair Start in the top view typing “Circle”
centre “0” In the Front View In the front view I will draw a “Curve” Make sure press Alt so you don’t “Osnap” and roughly draw the shape of a chair If you press F10 or “Editpoits” you can edit the curve to your desire and use Alt to avoid “Osnap” press ‘Esc’ twice to hide the points Make sure the cicle is smaller than the curve Type “Crv2View” First Curve is the circle
Second the organic shape ENTER
And it will merge both I will delete the circle Use “Split” to cut the excess
“Split” will trim the curve and will keep the results First select the middle curve
Second select the curve on the side Now just delete the excess To make it into a surface type “Patch” Select both curves and right click
ENTER to preview You can change the stiffness for less tension If we click F10 to edit points you will realize many points are floating The reason is because Rhino keeps history of your trim So type “ShrinkTrimmedSrf” Press F10 and now there is only the necessary points I can get rid of the original curves because they do not match anymore we will make new ones in a bit I will change my view to “Shaded” I will show you a new tool called “Hatch” you can use it with close curves like circles or rectangles The hatch will fill the closed curve with a hatched pattern you can use any AutoCad hatch from the library or the web select one, say okay
Now you can see the pattern in the curve the hatch it grouped but you can “Explode” it So I will do a rectangle for my hatching pattern But I also want a “Plane” a surface Because we will need it to flow the pattern along Type “Plane”
Do roughly the size of the curve we have I will do a “rectangle” roughly the size of the plane I will select the rectangle Curve and type “hatch” I will use grid
You can rotate the pattern – 45 degrees If the pattern is too small you can scale it by 3, ENTER since the rectangle is already selected I will delete it I will select the hatch and “explode” the group make sure to not deselect since you now have many objects Run the command “FlowAlongSurf” The base surface is the plane we created
The target is the organic surface ENTER It took the hatch and made it into the organic shape we had You can delete the plane and original pattern I will use the surface contour to cut the pattern So I type “DupEdge” to Extract the edge into a new curve Now I can delete the surface You can now “Split” the pattern with the curve we created Object to split – the pattern
You can select everything and Ctrl click the curve Cutting object – the edge of the chair ENTER
And delete all the excess I don’t want the video to be too long so I will leave it roughly like this When you are done select all
You could do a “pipe” the radius will be 0.3 I was way too big so I’ll redo with 0.1 Render view
If you 3D print you do not have to boolean everything is touching and connected Ctrl Z
Another way to give it thickness Select all
Type “ExtrudeCrv” Solid: No Don’t go too high You can type the height That is a paper thin line, so we will give it thickness Select everything
Type “OffsetSrf” Solid: yes
Both sides: yes Loose: yes
Size maybe 0.5 ENTER That is how you do the back of the chair

12 thoughts on “Rhino 3D Tutorial Learning Exercise for beginner #Organic Chair (sub)

  1. I just started learning rhino on my own today and I was able to follow along until the end without any trouble. Thanks so much for uploading such good videos! ☺️

  2. Thanks for your tutorial, its very useful. Just some small suggestions, maybe unrolling the surface and keep the label at first would be easier? thus there wont be any extra lines. Btw, i think maybe to use network to frame this curved surface would be much more accurate than 'patch'

  3. hello – thank you for the tutorial. but why flowalongsrf it didn't work with me. They asked for the base surface and select near corner then i can't select the curve! but with the normal flow its not correct?

  4. At 5:10 you could actually use 'pull' instead of split and it should ger rid of the lines outside the green area much quicker.

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