Resident Evil Revelations Episode 2 Double Mystery

all right friend so welcome back to my
channel of Joseph get more flight many of these things go through Chris and
Jessica I hope not hey no one’s saying Chris is Dave
alright then let’s find him already you hear that was that the lock I’ll check
it out baby who I’m supposed to write there anyway before I get in the Raptor
and welcome back to my challenge also gamer flight my name’s Joseph so welcome
back to episode 2 of receive all revelation so this is the row of red 0 3
yeah I cannot wait play the game for you guys to be like jump-scare you guys you
will you’ll see me screaming you will see me scream me and say like the curse
were in Brazil three things gonna get down and go through hell is scary it
fooled nightmare my childhood gone coming back coming back because nemesis
so welcome back welcome back to my channel and joseph gamer for life and
also welcome back to another episode this episode too was evil revelation so
like good odd they do it right okay I’ll see what I can find here
copy that I’ll radio you if I pick up Chris’s trail okay so by the Chucky
behind so he look like damn Chucky I got Chucky tall
if you asking my last arm Chris Chris okay that cannot be Chris come on that cannot be Chris I found Chris but
he’s trapped in there no it’s a tough lock
I need the key so we need a key master yeah I gotta check your doll so if you
guys see my awesome video check it out so
all right so that go all the loan by ourselves I mean by myself like come on
down all right so you know they almost feel like our receipe will
go girl go he’ll the fun no oh Jesus fucker die die I die
oh my god they’re not wasting ammo good example of this I got like 14 left I
need more ammo my knees are subversive or shot good INE
alright that’s looking around I don’t see no mo
Oh darn it yeah oh it’s cold by itself hell
no man you’ve gotta be kidding me man great my right go upstair Rhaego upstair I don’t like this okay so I need anchor
mark wait I need a key of it okay it’s not
there and her go I need a key I need key friend honey
I so okay this lock key key okay so we know the door is locked that
good sign oh boy okay so my get wait for some like dying is that just oh my god they kill her eat
her flesh oh thank you thank you thank you very much let go let go save her hey
scumbag hello by what’s going on I found a survivor the
POWs got her though I’m still trying to piece that together but this is I
Jessica no Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit Oh God
sorry my bad oh wait a minute I don’t sound where is this oh I don’t like I do
that I don’t find what I can’t buy item that’s all pretty cool by the fire and
profound okay Parker I couldn’t find anything out on
the woman but I did find a key let’s try it out
I’ll meet you in the traces room see you there a khaki okay she does look like
one of the girls she could be what far enough for grazing all right
she’s got hot but Jill way higher than her sorry a clear just clear off way
harder herb there they got here oh my gosh
no thank you bye bye saving cool ah thank you all by God died all right scan it
I see to 1% Oh about some girl Oh Hank Rene that’s kind of handy oh whoa whoa
whoa come on man what we got here boys what we got here all right Oh somebody broke a window
ah I thought it the key Goldberg but no all right cause I’m running by take a everywhere oh oh in the wrong way
the Amoco down there are they enough on me oh come on we
gotta help press escape jeez as me bet Oh God Chris Chris
I knew I’d forget know it that night Chris what is this great it’s taught you merge the truth miss
Valentine the fuck what in episode one
previously on resident evil revelations lost contact with Chris and Jessica
no was lost over the ocean wheeze and all right here on this ship signs of life
but I feel like something’s here to go where are you Chris what is this great it’s a trap
it’s our new worked is Valentine okay now we are up still –
okay cool cool double mystery okay cool slow down Chris we’re almost there
Jessica I know it certainly hope so my feet are killing me her source
indicates the campus on the far side of this peak there’s are we all in episode
two now okay maybe it’s the weather but I still can’t make contact with HQ who’d
have thought we’d be stuck out here for so long it crashed Cathy
there shouldn’t be any shipping routes in this area and the Intel we got on
velcro was on the money come on I’ll Drive real fast ahead for the crash site
okay cool cool cool investigate the site let me know if you
find anything oh okay let’s see what we got here oh well we got some faint traces of a virus
here ie versed hard to say I find it difficult to believe they survived Terra
Grigio though another one 100% that good uh-oh ah yes thank you yes aha we should check out the plane more
thoroughly see what we find all right guys sleep okay bi check out
the plane 4:30 Wow
okay that’s it oh it won’t well here we go now we should check out the plane
more thoroughly your mother fucker here we go please check check check
everywhere I don’t see nothing say it won’t work without the key here
we go now okay I checked everywhere okay can we go please all the way I’d have
found the manifest should give us a lead to work with let’s see they were headed
for about coin and Mach Airport if that’s where they are this mine should
take us there okay now we go through the mine thank gosh freaky freaky gosh
Jessica I need a hand hold on don’t tell me she a worse partner no I like Jill better yes that my
opinion so that might be it this cave is too cold you should have
worn your thermal underwear did you hear that yeah I hear that oh my gosh Chihuahua Chihuahua plane transporting
these things looks that way doesn’t it yeah and we have to stop and before
anyone gets hurt Ida pal it’s a wild man really oh you follow that big dog oh my god oh my god they do are you doing Jesus fuck
alright I recycle always okay oh my god alright let’s cut down here are you serious oh my god is a war mm oh
wow Jesus Christ I can’t fight all these dogs come by now oh my a to be open
oh my god I can’t do this in France you to build them on your shotgun shell I do
so it took me a dog yes three are you freaking serious oh my gosh I can’t do this I can’t do
this Oh Thank You Jessica Jessica Rabbit is that your name Jill
was it was what stay focused she was your partner before right yeah yeah my
partner from before what about it you know just asking are you jealous
she jealous a June ballot are the hottest Jill Belt I’ve ever jealous I’m
surprised I’m surprised come on give me a break it’s my leg
I’m not going anywhere for a while Oh hello again fidelity brothers in time oh gosh oh my god crap no I need my shot I said
honey my shotgun oh my god Jessica where are you Jessica Rabbit help me out Jessica Rabbit belly guys bunch of crap France Maho still I can’t do this bread okay
guys but you need the heart in two oh my gosh oh my god there should be other Luciano I can’t do this branch oh my god I leave it down here yeah about way to the past what oh yeah thanks I’ll be okay
sorry good bringing this up again alert bring what up do you trust me as much as
Jim what there’s no need to compare I trust you both besides Trust is built
through actions not words I just job or it’s always about the job
isn’t it I trust Jim more than just a rabbit look
is that the airstrip that’s their hideout so how we get down there this is forkball do you read
Chris here I read you sir are you alright
where are the interference here killed our signals Val coin and Mach Airport
damn it it’s all a setup what do you mean I said killing marker
to the Mediterranean on faulty Intel but now I’ve lost contact with them I have a
hope that says how what’s going on Chris you better look at this it’s impossible well Brian you’re not
gonna like this we found the Veltro crest that stories
of their resurrection are true if that’s the case then the setup that got Joe and
Parker it was all yeah I’d almost guarantee it well Brian will go after
killin Parker I hope that’s not a problem
you me chuckling at all make your way to the Mediterranean and we’ll keep you
posted okay that Jessica with the blond shaving idea what’s going on
we’ll sort it out later we have to move what what oh don’t you marker where are
you I don’t know a room I think somewhere on the ship damn it that’s all
my weapons can you reach HQ as it seems and we
should regroup ok escape the room it won’t open I think it’s locked
Oh bigger Jessie now I do this ready
there you good-bye-ee paint broken for a while you filled with dirty water yes ah screwdriver o earth thank you oh my gosh
no fuck no oh my gosh no no no no no please I have a weapon on me what the
fuck we try to try trapping here you can open door no you can oh my fucking god oh okay
that kill it Oh yep before I wake up the huh
Oh Gabi fucking can’t move this one well that was easy
oh yes thank you all my fucking gosh
Oh freaky great oh my god get the press
away will be idea what just do your best to George buy my bags I don’t see what that oh that’s so
freakin Nancy what I do oh are you fucking serious
go go go open your door alright alright okay so I handle this
way alright go at this point okay
oh thanks I’m safe oh my get it though I was a shot good why why me why diet darn
ad director all my fuckin know all right chuckle bail okay don’t see nothing all right go are you serious no man damnit
oh this is a very lovely place open the door are you okay Chucky I’m
fine but the ship’s crawling with POWs okay we’re going to need our weapons I
think I saw them on my way here but I couldn’t reach them we should be okay as
long as we work together of all you Chucky is that your name what there are
more creatures this way I found these though I think we can use it yeah
it just might do the trick all my fucking gosh that did it
Oh okay oh my fucking god weapons I found
they’re just up ahead hurry jesus fucking christ oh shit are you serious oh my gosh
are you fucking I hate you I need a gun all right Shylock okay good Judah sound are wet
very deep yes awesome oh oh I do this you got on equipment now
what now we contact HQ and tell them what the hell is going on oh no don’t know idabelle yes thank Renee all right I let go all our friends is how long
I’ll be right back sorry friends I try to check the time so
how much longer my gameplay is so we can’t go through there again my god there we go calorie killed it all I can all three held up that good I
could let go cool go to dine place Maya ammo all right so we go
mother so this way all you got be freakin kidding me there you go die all right 91% that good great Nicki like that maybe I gotta go through
go there no door busy Jethro sorry okay so download lock okay Zoila go upstair check the police around places by okay cool just check around go backwards
over they said anything okay so by oh my gosh check this way all right we
came I came from over there may I check this room don’t see nothing France I did that one oh my god what the heck is is oh my god damn
Kylie diary oh my god I died oh my god oh my god hubby fucker all right fetch a check game so nasty
you fuck God be something gotta be No yeah father obviously oh great ah areas Oh be back a saint plays ah here we go a little bridge okay oh crap
really ah yes thank you shotgun shell boom nice all our friends
sorry bye that I check again friend so I’m at the bridge Wow commission Wow down we can’t change
our course we’re completely adrift this is recent the perpetrator can’t be far oh wow don’t tell me that was the
tugboat we stuck you oh here’s that are you
white please brought the women drop yours or water Walker who the hell are
you who the fuck is that hi friends home goes up right here so
thank you for watching episode 2 I really appreciate you don’t put the like
subscribe I’m a sure thing for check out my channel I

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