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Redline Xtreme as a pre workout extremely apologize to everybody who has subscribed that i’ve been slacking on the videos and stuff lately not even alive i fell out of the gym for like two whole weeks and having some issues with my gym had to basically restart the whole membership and had to fall into one of the contract and it was just a huge mess and I first I was like fuck these people i’m not gonna even do it then you know I thought about the gains and there’s really nowhere the gym that’s in town different measures to this one for what they provide here so i was like fucking going to go ahead and sign the damn contract he’s stuck in another 12 months shit and it has been making gains breath but to get on the topic of the video this year right here this fucking red line ultimate energy rush it redline extreme don’t know they sell this word you guys live but I want to like a couple different gas stations you know when i’m not working at Google fuel up the fucking get out the company trucks shit right well i’m always grabbing like a little five hour energy shot or like a red bull or something to try to get me going in the morning stuff and do the work there was like bro let’s try this red lines shit it’s recommended that you only drink half of it because it’s so fucking strong and I just kind of brushed up on that you know i’m good i like my redbull well the day is going to the gym right i don’t have my pre-workout you know it’s supposed to be my time cycling off it’s actually time for me to start hopping back on like any day now so i went to the gym and I’m like you know what man i need to give me a pre-workout so I stopped by to get one of those five hour energy shots because like I told John when the previous video I use that shit gets me and the dude they’re setting in another do it was like bro have you tried that red line extreme the shapes button crazy like not how to try to imagine what the fuck I’m gonna take the word for it will go ahead and try to sit now if you look at the bottom I don’t know if i can get the focus here look right here there’s actually like a halfway mark on the bottle 8 fluid ounces that’s only four ounces that you’re supposed to drink of this shit that’s recommended well maybe in me i’m like fuck that you know I want some ultimate results when I go to try to shoot listen to the label don’t drink more than half of this shit unless you have a bit crazy high tolerance because I drink more than half of this shit and I went up in the gym and I was knocking the weights out but fucking a man i started to feel like I was about to have a fucking panic attack i already have a slight problem with anxiety but after taking this i started kind of looking around the gym and shit like oh fuck man about the fucking passed the fuck out my lady’s right there and I’m telling her like shit and I think about to have a panic attack had to walk over there to the fucking water fountain drink some water and just kind of take some breaths and shit and just try to calm myself down because that’d be so fucking embarrassing to be up in the gym and start freaking out having fucking Panatag pass out whatever but on the brighter side you know like i said i was out of the gym for like two whole weeks back up in there and then just using this right off the bat i was still lifting the same weight that I was living before so i have not lost any gains which is a good feeling this shit was cheap it was like 299 for this bottle those five hour energy shots that are a lot smaller and not nearly as potent those things are like 399 er yeah I think 399 lat tiniest little thing so you know 299 goes pull string half that shit lasted two whole gym sessions right there but in all honesty I would still highly recommend that you take your regular pre-workout instead of using shit like this this is like last reserved type shit if you had a pre-workout you need to get a pre-workout and a place open but you got your gas station down the street the cell’s energy drinks and you just happen to see that you shouldn’t be making games bro got a little bit of beard action going on right now oh yeah by the way I did start a gaming channel i’ll leave the link for that channel down in the description below so make sure that you go subscribe to it if you’re into game it should because you know when I’m not working I’m at the gym and what I’m not the gym i might be gaming you know I’m saying like I’m still a kid at heart man so I like to get down to some video games and shit mainly like shooting games so the new call of duty sucks i got a video up on the channel right now with me playing at shirt with the battlefield is tight i did i suck at games on you start getting better at it in a GTA 5 so make sure that you add me on this shit like I said go to the channel all my information for the channels gonna be on there I’m not really gonna advertise too much gaming stuff on this channel so anyways i’m going to cut their try to redline stuff if you haven’t tried it that shit is beast just make sure that you only drink about half of it because if you drink any more than that you might have a fucking heart attack i heard that they actually banned in some countries and stuff so follow the label do what you gotta do to make you some gains get up in there no excuses don’t forget to Like comment subscribe become living proof i’m making gains breath are you

6 thoughts on “Redline Xtreme As A PreWorkout | INTENSE!!! | Living Proof Fitness ✔

  1. Duck that, I'm knocking down the whole bottle right now. I need a pre workout and I'm not going home. Thanks for the review

  2. This shit is liquid crack and it will FUCK YOUR LIVER UP.

    I have used this product to achieve my money goals … it took me out of the damn game after only 2 years of use.
    I developed multiple sclerosis over the course of those 2 years in using this "fuel" to push my body past the breaking point, and it cost me everything.

  3. Oh fuck i drank the whole bottle i did not read the bar area but nothing has happen to me but the good thing is that i work a night shift so this would defently work for me

  4. Anyone know a alternative for redline cause I’ve been using redline for a preworkout for about a month until my local Walgreens no longer sell them. All my maxes went up by 40+ pounds ?. Red Bull and other drinks don’t work for me so I need help

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