Redcon1 Pre Workout: Total War & Big Noise

So, I hold in my hands Total War and Big
Noise. Total War is our pre-workout, our full dosage pre-workout. And, in the other hand, we have Big Noise, which is our stem-free pre-workout. So, both of these products are fantastic and, truthfully, when you take them together, you create
something really synergistic, perfect, explosive. And when we originally sat down
and designed the products, we even considered creating just one specific
product, but two things stopped us. Number one, the cost. It would be one hell of an expensive product. And number two, we realized that a lot of people work out at night, like me, and maybe I don’t want to take something that will stimulate me
mentally, that has any kind of stimulant at all at night, because it may keep me
from sleeping, so we basically decided to split them part and create a Total War,
which is your full dosage pre-workout. It has stems. It has pumps. It has endurance. It buffers lactic acid. It’s a great product that everybody loves, very
popular. On the other hand, we have Big Noise, which is the non-stem. It has all
the pump stuff. It definitely can help with mental focus, but it will not help
by speeding up your body and you’re not going to notice any problems going to
bed or any extra stimulants, there’s no crash or anything like that. But it
creates amazing blood flow and pump. Most people go to the gym, they want that pump. And you can tell a big difference, taking Big Noise. So, those are your two choices. I personally would tell you, stack them together.

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