Raise Your Energy Levels With Beet Vitality-A Natural Pre-Workout/Growth Hormone Powder!

Hello, Dr. Nick Delgado here. I’d like to share with you a very amazing
approach to helping to restore energy and wellbeing. We use a product that’s rich in organic beets
called Beet Vitality. It also has some very special amino acids
with a proprietary delivery system that allows them to absorb. You simply take a scoop of the Beet Vitality
every morning with water and drink that down. You’ll find that it’ll enrich your nitric
oxide levels, it’ll help to restore, rejuvenate your tissues and your organs. You’ll feel and look better. I got to tell you. It’s one of the best pre-workout mixes as
well. You can mix it in with your regular smoothie
or you can take it just simply with water or coconut water or almond milk, however you
like. It has its own special natural flavor. It’s sweet. It’s tasty. It’s great. Beet Vitality, if you want to improve your
immune system. The organic beets contribute what’s called
nitrates that go into the white blood cells and it stimulates the increase in gas called
nitric oxide. It fills up the white blood cells and it arms
your white blood cells to protect you against bacteria and other harmful organisms. It’s also probably important in the battle
to prevent cancer and to improve the immune system. We have evidence too that it may even help
eyesight. There’s what’s called high intraocular pressure
of the eyeball. And this is a condition that relates to glaucoma. We also know that pressure in the back of
the eyeball due to poor circulation relates to macular degeneration. And we even see cases of diabetic retinopathy. And the literature is starting to say that
restoring nitric oxide will help the endothelial lining, the very small lining in the vessels
that is in the blood vessels, the small lining of cells along the lining of each cell lining
of your body, every capillary, every circulatory connection to every organ of your body. So Beet Vitality can enrich the organs, the
immune system and it’s great for bicyclist and endurance athletes including those who
lift weights under long, tri and endurance activities. So try out Beet Vitality. It’s great also for sex, in the bedroom or
the boardroom. It’s going to be a great product because if
you’re using any kind of product like Viagra or Cialis or something that inhibits the PDE5
enzyme, that’s going to deplete your nitric oxide. And you can do a simple test, a saliva test
that measures your levels if it’s depleted. When you simply take Beet Vitality within
a half hour your nitric oxide levels will start to increase. You might need to take a second scoop later
in the day if you’re severely depleted. Use this product about five days a week. Take one or two days off because the amino
acids stimulate the release of rejuvenating natural hormone balancing growth factors. So that altogether is going to make a huge
difference. Use Beet Vitality for the number one best
product to help you to restore your health.

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