Quickly Disable Touch ID on iPhone Running iOS 11 – How to?

hey what’s up guys welcome back to
another exciting episode of iGeeksBlog this Puneet Katri back with another video
so basically guys it often happens that people take undue advantage of you and
use or force you to use your fingers in order to unlock your phone so in such a
situation what you can do so this video is all about how you can just go ahead
and disable touch ID quickly in such a situation when you are forced for
something or in case of an emergency so without wasting any bit of time let’s
get started alright so guys in order to go ahead and get started with this video
what do you need to make sure is go ahead and tap on settings scroll down tap on
emergency SOS and you need to turn this auto call option off make sure it’s
turned off otherwise this feature won’t be working okay so guys once you’re
there in an emergency situation whatever the situation is and you want to just go
ahead and disable touch ID for quite some time then what you got to do is
just tap the power button for three or five time continuously okay so once it
do this you would get these three option that says slide to power of medical ID
and emergency SOS so I think can make an emergency call if that’s an emergency
situation or just tap cancel and that’s it you have successfully go ahead and
disabled touch ID now if I go ahead and do the chai tea or like I’ve tried to
use touch ID on my phone I cannot use it’s a search ID does not recognize your
finger so if you want to now unlock your phone what do you need to do you need to
enter the passcode only then if you enter the passcode you will be having
access to your device which means you are safe from a situation where forceful
use of your fingers won’t allow access to your device also guys now we come to
end of this video I hope you enjoyed this video this was a quick tutorial
that will help you to just go ahead and disable touch ID in an emergency
situation or in a situation wherein you’re forced to use a fingers to unlock
your device by following such easy process you easily able to go ahead and
disable touch ID temporarily on your device very quickly so that’s about it
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