Push/Pull Weighted Calisthenics Workout (Follow Along)

– What’s up, elite THENX athletes? Welcome to another
video of official THENX. I’m Zay Tiggs, and today, we’re gonna be using the THENX app to guide us through this
weight calisthenics workout. (intense electronic music) All right, so let’s get started. You’ve been training
calisthenics for a while now, and you’ve built a solid
foundation with the basics, meaning you can perform exercises such as pull-ups, pushups, dips for at least eight to 12 reps with ease and good form, and you want to take your
training to the next level. The next step is to add
a weight to your body. For me, weighted calisthenics
has helped me in many ways, one way being that it’s helped me avoid hitting plateaus with my training. By increasing the overload
and raising the intensity of your training, it’s gonna
help build more strength, gain more muscle mass, and
help you keep progressing. All right, let’s get this workout started. We’re gonna open up the THENX app. We’re gonna go to programs. We’re gonna go all the way down to weighted calisthenics
intermediate programs. We’re gonna do part two, and we’re gonna be doing
this pull and push routine. All right, first things
first, let’s warm up. First exercise, squats, 45 seconds. Let’s jump right into it. All right, next, we have
mountain climbers, 45 seconds. Let’s do it. Last exercise we have,
in and outs, 45 seconds. That was a warmup, great way
to get that blood flowing. Now, for this routine, like I said, it is a weighted workout, so I’m gonna go ahead and use a vest. Now, if you guys don’t have a vest, you can also use a weighted belt. If you guys don’t have a weighted belt, you can always grab a book bag, throw some textbooks in there. As long as you’re adding
weight to your body, that’s all that matters. First exercise we have,
weighted pull-ups, wide grip. We’re going for 10 reps. If you guys are unsure on
how the exercise looks, you can always click on it, and show you what it looks like. All right, let’s go for 10 reps. I’m gonna grip that bar tight. We’re doing a wide grip. Full range of motion. 10 reps. All right, guys, you guys need a break, you can take 15 seconds. If not, you can jump
into the next workout. Next exercise we have,
Australian chin-ups. We’re going for that wide grip once again. We’re doing 10 reps. All right, let’s do it. Going for that wide grip again. You want to bring that
chest straight to the bar, really isolating those biceps. There you have it, 10 wide
grip Australian pull-ups. Next exercise we have is diamond pushups. For this exercise, we’re gonna max out. All right, let’s get right into it. For those of you who might
feel some slight discomfort doing these diamond pushups, if you turn your hands out and make a U, perform them like this, is just as effective, and
it’ll take away that discomfort you have on your wrist. All right, let’s max out. Squeeze those triceps at the top. 99, 100. (laughs) All right. Moving on, we have chin-ups. We’re maxing out again. All right, let’s jump right into it. Shoulder width apart,
these are regular chin-ups. Let’s go for maxing out. (grunts) Whew. There you have it, chin-ups. At this point, as you can
tell, I’m already fatigued. For you guys doing this, follow along, make sure that you’re keeping good form throughout these exercises. I know it’s telling you to max out. You do not want to
sacrifice form for bad reps. If you are feeling fatigued, take the vest off, take the belt off, and finish repping out
using your own body weight. Next, we have wall plank holds. This is another max out. There you have it. All right, we’re gonna do this right here. You want to be parallel to the ground, hands shoulder-width. You want to squeeze your core
throughout this exercise. Let’s go for it. You want to push down on the
floor, keep that core tight. Breathe. Make sure you’re breathing. Keep on it, guys. You really want to push yourself. It’s the only way you’re gonna grow. Oh man. That was a killer one. We are almost done. The last and final exercise we have, the hardest one, but my favorite handstand pushups against the wall. Once again, we’re maxing out. All right, I’m gonna attempt
to do these free-standing. For those of you who have
a free-standing handstand and can do pushups as well, I encourage you guys to try it. Try to at least do one. If you can’t, just finish
off maxing out on the wall. All right, let’s go for it. (grunts) Oh, man. Whew. All right, guys, that completes round one. I got two more. Don’t forget, when you guys
get done with the workout, make sure you mark as completed. All right, guys, thank
you so much for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed this workout. If you guys don’t have a vest, you can grab one at chrisheria.com, and if you want to get in
the best shape of your life, sign up now, thenx.com,
and become a member, and get full access to
all our workout programs, technique guides, and daily workouts that’ll have you shredded. Download the THENX app in the app store to take our workouts with you everywhere. Guys, don’t forget, we post every Sunday, 8:00 pm USA eastern time, and if you comment within
the first 30 minutes, you have a chance to win
some free THENX gear. Guys, don’t forget, we
will be at the LA Fit Expo, so make sure you come out,
show some love, take some pics. With that being said, thank
you guys so much for watching. I’m Zay. Peace out. (soft hip hop music) ♪ Listen right here little mama ♪ ♪ You bad ♪ ♪ The way I make you feel ♪ ♪ Like you just cut the fact ♪ ♪ The Benny and that Gucci ♪ ♪ You know that I am ♪ ♪ I ain’t trying to brag ♪ ♪ I’m-a be patient ♪ ♪ When it don’t come when you want to ♪ ♪ I’m-a be patient ♪ (intense electronic music)

100 thoughts on “Push/Pull Weighted Calisthenics Workout (Follow Along)

  1. Now you saw me three days ago saying download the HERIA app but have you got the THENX app get it it’s like having these guys with you, who are you if you don’t have it 🤦‍♂️

  2. Really like the workout!
    But i got a question: to me, the warm up doesn‘t seem to fit the workout. Neither Squats, nor Mountain Climbers or In & Out‘s warm up the used muscles and especially joints good enough in my opinion.
    There‘s barely any from of warming up for the back, chest and shoulders.
    What do you guys think about it? Maybe i‘m wrong, but i wanted to ask that first. 🙂

  3. Killing it Zay! Was that John doing explosive clap freestyle weighted handstand push-ups in the outro? Holy Schmidt fml….doing work son!

  4. Recently Hit a Mile Stone On my Fitness Journey. I now Do 3 Solid Pullup Reps of Having 1 45 pound plate tied around my Waste While Performing All 3. Im Only 135 pounds. So Id Say Its Pretty Impressive. Considering ive only ever seen It done In the Movies. Its Definetly An Extremely Advanced Calisthenics Exercise. MMA Lifting All the way To Explosive Hiit Training Helped me Achieve This. Next Is. Lifting 135 Pounds on A Overhead Press 💪🔥👍

  5. Yo, I have a question.
    I've been doing pushups for like 8 month, but I can't seem to get rid of my armpit fat.

    My triceps are in shape now, but that folded skin (probably with fat inside) just right between my chest and triceps is bothering me.

    Do you have any suggestions for removing it? Is it because of my improper diet or anything? Thanks 🙂

  6. Why u do them Jordan Ones like that i bet you had unwavering creases after doing those mountain climbers😂😂😂

  7. Hi Chris. Im from Germany !! I have seen many Videos from you . Your body is perfect and i want to do more with my body only with using my own weight. I have loading you app hopefully i get sportly. Thanks man for the great Job. Your awesome! !!! 😉

  8. Hey THENX you guys are all a big inspiration for me to work out. I've started working out for a month doing sets of pull-ups, dips, push-ups, various ab workouts, followed by some HIIT to burn fat. However I can only do about 2-3 sets till exhaustion until I literally can't do anything anymore (I'm taking pre-workout as well) so my workouts only last about 20-30 minutes. Is there anyway I could push myself harder or should I just be waiting until I improve more in order to increase the amount of time I'm training? I've been training for a solid month now, and when I started I couldn't do a single pull-up, but now I can accomplish about 5. Would also appreciate anyone in the comment section with knowledge to help me out. I also have free access to my university's gym if I should also start going there but I mainly like doing calisthenics outside.

  9. You guys need to show yourself maxing that shit. Part of the motivation back in the day was striving to hit those high reps as Chris was.

  10. I did my first muscle up today. I don’t watch THENX anymore, but I want you to know that you made this possible. Thank you for providing motivation and I hope you guys never stop what you’re doing.

  11. Just bought my 3 tickets to LA Fit Expo because I saw you on guest list. See you guys there! Cheers!
    Edit: Also hope you guys bring enough vests… 😛

  12. Believe it or not, I'm a 13 yr old who does 15 – 20 pull ups/chin ups per rep, and almost everyday I do around 70 – 80 pull ups and around 80 – 85 chin ups. Age is not much of an issue, it's your fear of doing them and or the lack of motivation.

  13. yo chris? I know this might sounds weird but can you uploade a video about workouts for fat teens bcuz i was progressing rapidly but i gained weight again and all movements seems impossible for me now.thanks alot💪💪 much respect

  14. I enjoy soo much you guys videos is soo cool..

    I have all your videos on my pc from day one until now, I never miss out videos from you guys.. thanks a lot for the wonderful workout you guys have bee giving us or me personally……

    With love OJ Good Vibes

  15. please help give me motivation
    for every like i get is how many days a year i will start doing workouts…help wanted bad😂😂

  16. With out Chris ain't no good for me, wait no body can push up 100 not even Chris heria him without taking a brake yaaaaa

  17. Weighted!
    10x wide grip pull ups
    10X wide grip australian pull ups
    MAX OUT Diamond Push Ups
    MAX OUT Chin Ups
    MAX OUT wall plank holds
    MAX OUT Handstand Push Ups

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