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on this edition of kitchen war zone meet chip he’s one tough cookie he doesn’t play by the rules he makes his own Hey look I’m a bigmouth high-fructose corn shucks it’s crap huh my Grammy me this no one your mother saw you taking you yo what I buff dude protein Oh real cops head chef met his match start by mashing your two bananas seductively squirt in your two tablespoons toss in egg whites then slam your cinema punch it up with two scoops of protein man oatmeal mix it like it oh more tea don’t forget to protect your pan with nonstick spray flop your drops in the pan and form little oak cups nice cook 12 to 15 minutes while you’re waiting mix your topic violently that looks damn good plop in your filling with a topping of your choice you’re done time to see if it tastes as good as it looks hope you enjoy the video huge thanks to Thunder Studios for letting us shoot here in their amazing kitchen and big thanks to chef movies thanks dude is absolutely got the crafts – Delia’s cafe for an evening and now hopefully create some great content and good recipes oh yeah let us know what you think you make it until next time stay pop

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    1:09 I literally died laughing at this part when you just slammed them

  2. This is by far the best fitness channel. Coming here from athlean x and Scott Herman. I wish I subscribed earlier, thanks for all the exercises and I could watch these cooking programs over and over again. Cheers dudes

  3. this is by far my most fav recipe vid from buff dudes, i lol'ed from start to end! i never get bored with buff dudes.

  4. I found this video today and prepared cupcakes for the fam… it was delicious, kids loved them. Thanks Buff dudes ????

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