Professional Vs Beginner Drummer (Feat. Nyango Star)

*slowly dying inside* *lightning speed* *22 beats per second* *Nyango Star should duet with the 21 month old dude* *I swear Nyango Star looks like a foldable avocado* *seizure mode* *silent applause* *here we go again* *Brett’s trying to stay awake* *don’t do drugs kids* *22 beats per second* *silent applause* *I’m quaking and so is Nyango Star* *summoning the spirits* *Nyango Star beginning to look more like a beauty blender* *how much longer is this vid* *say no to self-harm* :0 *exorcism* *I don’t even know anymore* *omg* *descends into the 8th circle of hell* *dum dum tss tss* *The Possession of Brett* *deeply concerned for Brett*

100 thoughts on “Professional Vs Beginner Drummer (Feat. Nyango Star)

  1. Nyango is so cute. I mean, he knows he TOTALLY owned Brett but he's a good player and cheer him up, Even tough well… He sucks.

  2. That is not a "beginner". That is a rigid ass mutha! A beginner sounds more like a pro-wannabe. Nyango is a semi-pro with a full-on pro career not to be jealous of but appreciated. Nyango is a man with an excruciating HOT and a life-threatening sweaty suit.

  3. OH MY GOSH how come I haven't seen this one yet (☆▽☆)
    Edit: lmao at Brett's gaze at 2:44
    "Why again do I have to do this?"

  4. The fact that the pro it's in a suit it's funny, and then you destroy me with the newbie just… doing his best.

    Call an ambulance, I can't breath over my laughter.

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