Procreation, Life & Erection Control | Coaching Tips on How to Get & Stay Erect

– Hey, if you want to get
some powerful coaching tips on how to avoid erectile dysfunction and keep quality
erections, then stay tuned, because what I’m gonna do today is what I love doing, which is coaching, which is giving you the thought processes and the ideas so that you can
get to your desired result. Hey, my name is Brian, aka Uncle B, and for the last 20 years, I’ve been the sexual performance
coach with African Fly, the liquid aphrodisiac,
and during that time, I do coaching. For the past videos, I’ve been getting a lot of information, a lot of facts, and that’s all great and good, but it’s not great until
you actually execute. What I’m going to do today specifically is give you a breakdown
of the meaning of life, and how it applies to you
and your sexual health. As a bonus, I’m going to tell you how to execute on this idea so that you can get to where you want to be with your sexual health,
with your erections. And as always, what I need
for you to do is subscribe, hit the like bell, hit
the notification bell, and what I’m gonna do is break this down ’til it cannot be broken anymore. (upbeat funk music) All right, let’s go ahead and hop into it. Let’s talk about the meaning of life, which is actually sorta simple. It’s control. Yes, control. I mean, when you’re born,
you don’t have any control, by the time you’re five,
you have enough control to go to the potty and to feed yourself, by the time you’re 10, you have enough control that we can leave you at home by yourself, and when you hit your teens, you know, you wanna keep that
freedom of being a kid, but you wanna take control,
and you wanna have control, and then you get out of control, and by the time you’re 20, you have all this control at last, and then you hit your 30s, it’s like, whoa, whoa, this is a lot of control, and then you hit your 40s, it’s like, man, I am so tired of having
to control everything, and then you hit your 50s, and you’re going, okay, okay,
what happened to my control? What’s going on? And in your 60s and
70s and 80s, it’s like, I wanna make sure I keep as
much control as possible. What’s going on, hey, hey? All of this makes sense
because controlling yourself is how life is extended. In order for your
children to be successful, and their children be successful, we have to have control over ourselves, so that we can raise
our children correctly, but it still comes to that thing that, that one thing that your parents told you, that applies to you, you know
what you’re supposed to do, you just don’t do it. Why is it, how is it that
you’re able to execute, what do you need to do to make sure that you can do the things
that you’re supposed to do to get the results that you want? For men, control is the
ultimate expression. We’re talking about, in order
to protect our families, we have to control the environment, whether that was always
back in the Stone Age, where you were moving
stones around the cave, or you’re building a hut, or your chopping down
trees to build a log cabin, or, hell, you’re building a skyscraper, it’s all about controlling
our environment. We have the physical strength to do that, the thought processes to do that. We stick satellites in the
sky so we can track people, that’s what we do, we look to control, but on the inside, on the physical side, we have to control our health
because of the 80/20 rule, where 80% of our sexual
health is physical, 20% is mental, so that 80% is like, okay, your health, how is your health, in order for that member to move so that you can have control, and so that you can continue procreation, or at least practice procreation. What I’m going to be talking about is how to control yourself. It’s a very difficult thing, and it’s sorta easy at the same time, because we’ve seen it
happen with some people, where they change all of a sudden. It’s like they were going downhill, and then all of a sudden, boom, they’re going in the opposite direction. That can happen, but usually it only happens
in drastic situations, so we wanna be able to do this without hitting rock bottom or
something like that. Before we hop into the
whole control part of it, let’s look at what we’re
actually doing here, because what I talk about is basically what all mothers talk about
in terms of your health. It’s eat your fruits and vegetables, go to sleep on time, go outside and play. Everything I talk about
is an expansion of those. We get into the science,
we get into the details, but really, what it comes
down to is your execution. Are you actually doing the
things that I’m recommending? That’s what we’re gonna deal with today. Let’s get our mindset right. The first thing is to
start with the end in mind. The whole goal is to
have better erections. It’s to have reliable erections,
and erections on demand. If you’re keeping that in mind, it becomes easier to say, okay, I need to back away from eating this, doing this, not doing this,
because this is my goal, this is what I want. Also remember, two,
determine your happy balance, because, you know, sometimes
we like to get all into it, where, you know, we talk about
the sexual performance scale, where 10 is everything works, morning erections, spontaneous erections, erections on demand, even the
possibility of getting larger, whereas at stage one, you’re
impotent, nothing works at all. For me personally, I’m sitting
here at a seven or eight. You know, it’s like, I know what it takes to get to a nine or a 10, but
that requires a lot of work, and I’m cool with where I am, and I want you to be
cool with where you are, because you need to have
a level of stress-free. If you’re stressing
yourself to get to a 10, and it doesn’t work in terms of everything else that’s
going on in your life, you got the kids, you
got a lot of work to do, then you’re gonna stress yourself, and you’re not gonna get
to where you want to be, and you can even slip further down. We’re looking for that happy balance, and a big part of that happy
balance is being stress-free. If you wanna execute on the
big things in your life, you need to reduce your stress, and here’s a quick way to do that, which is, basically, to write it down. We’re talking about write down the small things that stress you and the big things that stress you. I mean, for myself, for a small thing, I’m sort of a neat freak, so if I see something that’s out of place, it’ll bother me, just in a small way, but if I go ahead and
get it taken care of, if I write it down, it’s like, oh yeah, clean the windows,
just clean the windows. I clean the windows, it’s like, oh wow, that’s great, I got clean
windows now, stress-free. The bigger issues, whether
it’s finance, relationships, go ahead and write it down, then think, then plan, then, you know,
look on the internet, look for ways to reduce
those areas of stress. If you’re looking at this video right now, sexual health may be an
area of stress for you. This is a good thing. You can expand that into other areas so you’re reducing your stress all around. A big thing to do is
to change your culture, and when I say your culture,
I mean what is normal to you. I mean, what’s normal to you has been influenced by
the outside culture. We’re talking all the way to what country you’re in
to what state you’re in to what football team you like. That’s all part of culture, and it influences the way that you eat, and sleep, and the way you think, but you have to ask yourself, are these things working for me? Are theses things that
people told me is normal, I believe is normal,
I’m acting on as normal, is that really a good thing for me? Should I be sleeping for
just six hours a night? Should I be looking at TV all day long and not really being active, just because there’s a
football game on today? Those are the things that you need to ask, because the question is, can my current habits lead me
to me my desired destination? That’s a big question, so you need to be able to answer that. Another big thing to look
at is your belief system, because you may have
to change your beliefs. One big thing I encourage you to believe is that your body is a miracle,
your body is incredible. You can make changes. Don’t just look for the shortcuts. People look for, oh, I just want the pill, I just want the surgery, do I
have to actually do the work? Yes, of course. If you want to make
change, you have to change. This is a part of that process. As I say all the time,
walk away from crazy. Do not beat yourself up because
you slipped on something. It’s like, oh, I’m going
to give up this habit, and you don’t do it right away. You slip up one day, and it’s like, oh, it’s horrible, I’m gonna
go back to it all the time. No, don’t do that, walk away from crazy. It takes a while to change
most of your habits. Enjoy the process, that’s the next tip. Enjoy the journey, not
just the destination. When it comes to working
out, don’t just sit there, I’m gonna picture a six pack, I got six pack guys on the wall, oh, I’m gonna look like that, without thinking like, yo, I actually enjoy going to the gym. When you change your mindset, I enjoy going to the gym,
I enjoy looking at my food, I enjoy the feeling that I’m getting going through this process, then it becomes easier and
you’ll reach your destination. A big thing is relearning
as much as you can, because we’ve been
taught so many bad things about the food we eat, the water we drink, how we sleep, how we live. It’s all sorts of wrong. That’s the reason why testosterone levels are down around the world, so many guys are having
sexual health issues, it’s because we’ve been
learning the wrong things. You have the internet,
you’re on here right now, go ahead and use that in
terms of learning new things so that you can change yourself. You’re learning things like, maybe I shouldn’t be
eating 200 animals a month, and I should know that. You have to go back and look at videos, look at other people,
talk to other people, so that you can reinforce
that thought process; otherwise, you’ll slip back
into what you used to do. In conclusion, the meaning
of life is control, and as a man, you have
a health requirement for your health to be under your control, so you can have the
erections that you want. Start with the end in mind
and find a happy balance, work the stress out of your life, make changes to your culture
and also your belief systems, so life becomes easier in
terms of getting to your goal. Here’s a question of the day, that biggest thing, that stress, what do you do to get
stress out of your life? This will be expanded into a webinar because I’ve crammed a lot
of information into this, and, you know, I’m trying to
get this in in 10 minutes, but I wanna make sure you get as much as possible out of this, and as always, leave the comments below, hit the like button, hit
the subscribe button, hit the notification bell, so that you can find out about the webinars as they come out, and go ahead and check out the next video that’s showing up around here, and this is Uncle B
saying, get your game up. Peace out. (upbeat funk music)

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  1. Wel uncle B I really don’t have no stress, I try not to have any at this point in life. So my question to you is how does broccoli come by, 🥦 is a man made vegetable? Because my friend told me that a doctor tell him that it is a man made vegetable.

  2. Uncle B! There is so much truth in all of your advice! I still have my struggles but i am getting better, a big thanks to you!
    As for my stress reliever, i like going out and doing outdoor photography!
    Thanks again! Love your channel!

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