PRISON ESCAPE GAME MASTER CHALLENGE!! Nerf War, Toys & More! (24 Hour Challenge)

look come on get up here now put no
looking watch out we are back with another video
yeah you’re right okay yes if you’re not caught up as to what’s going on right
now in our last video we were able to break back into the prison to find some
information on whoever locked us up we used well these disguises to disguise
ourselves and get inside the prison of course you already know we’ve been
locked up here before but now we’re back to find out some valuable information on
who’s hunting down youtubers and trying to capture them but but boy god those
guys we’ve been left with this seat here and I think what’s in here could be the
most important information we found thus far the only problem was we didn’t have
a code but thankfully you guys asked Chadwick paid for the code and brought
it back into the comments of our last video so thank you guys for that now
we’re able to open up this safe and figure out what’s inside whatever’s in
here could help solve this entire mystery whoever’s chasing Chad wild clay
V the shares even Rebecca’s a mole oh okay Jake we got to be fast don’t have
much time right now looking what’s the code the code is 4305 78 okay I think I
got it let’s see if this works dude I think it’s opening whose gold coins guys
there is a lot of gold coins in here there’s notes down below
looks like notes medical records just give me the info we need the skip just
give me all the info see what else is in here okay this is a
medical record of some sort could be whoever’s running this place Jake what
is it say this medical document is talking about the gamemaster
look in it it’s saying that something happened to the gamemaster on some sort
of ship accident there were there was a ship that crashed and ever since then he
hasn’t been the same this is from his psychiatrist it says that ever since
something went down on a ship he has not been the same and there’s been evil Jake
are you talking about the same gamemaster that’s been tracking down
other youtubers yeah exactly this is a newspaper clipping about a ship that
crashed looks like it crashed off the shore not too far from here there’s
coordinates and everything whatever happened to the game master whatever
turned him into the person he is now whatever’s making him hunt down us
youtubers it happened because of the ship but Jake why do you think he’s
trying to steal our thoughts think I know exactly white guys I think
this game master is trying to be a youtuber there’s video titles in here
notes on how to make videos thinks he’s stolen from my brain she’s all here I
think the game master is trying to steal our thoughts so that he can make his own
YouTube channel and he’s trying to capture us to do so not only to get our
good YouTube ideas but also to make sure we can’t make any more videos whatever
happened on that ship has turned him into an evil person and now he’s taking
out revenge I’m trying to become a youtuber and Logan that explains why
he’s doing it these video ideas are not good box fort cat maybe if we can get to
that abandoned ship guys maybe we can get to the ship
and figure out what happened to it why this ship crash and maybe there’s some
clues on board that can help us stop the game master so when I do we have No we can okay Wow what happened guys
what’s the camera here oh where are we what happened was that was that the game
master Oh looks at the rain stops hello again hey Logan are you okay yeah where
are we I don’t know guys this looks like some sort of prison
we just got out of prison this is this is like a next-level compound though
wherever we are this can’t be good and whoever was in that red mask why we just
get him let’s just get out of here look let’s just run this is what seek they’re
everywhere where do you think you’re going wait
what do you mean where are you show yourself
are you the game master hey guys guys look I think that’s him I think it’s
time now don’t we play a game well what do you mean what what game look if
you’re the game master just let us go we have all the information on you we’re
gonna put a stop to you there’s no way you’re getting away with capturing all
these youtubers if you boys are done hanging around what is your game what do
you want from us Hey look you know what how about we make you a deal
if we beat your game you have to let us go if you’re the game master then you
know that when you play a game you have to play it fair IRA now if you play my
game and you win you’ll be so free okay look if we’re
gonna get out of here we need to beat this game if he’s the so-called game
master huh I bet he’s good at games but besides the
point Papa Jake has never lost a challenge in his life
Jake sorry to burst your bubble but you’ve lost plenty of games Papa Jake
has never lost a challenge in his life hi look we gotta get together we got to
work together on this and beat this game master hi look we’ll play your game what
do we do the game we play will be divided into three challenges if you
complete all of them I’ll let you leave let the games begin
okay let’s do this first game is this this toy the challenge is to hit one of
those pillars you have three chances or you fail okay all right we can do this
so we just need a hint the target yeah we got three shots no problem okay so
you just you just have to hit the target okay here we go
ah have used this a few times you can do this okay let’s try to go for the middle
target guys I’ve done a lot of challenges before but never for this
much on the line just can’t be nervous we got this gee that was so close okay
one down two more tries to go all right Logan how about you try this time maybe
you can get it okay this is a good grief Shan Xing bows before but when there’s
this much pressure on you it’s extremely hard okay I’m gonna go for the middle
one all right that was so close oh no Logan we have one more chance guys
this isn’t good who’s gonna take it all right here we go last chance
Logan if I lose this we lose the channel we lose everything you got this okay
I’m doing this for you guys Papa Jake is doing this for all of us the Papa Jake
family especially I’d like one guys give me all the luck you can in three two one okay uh we got this yeah
what’s the second challenge the second challenge is simple you’ve played with a
lot of drones before but now you’ll play my drum game if the drone hits you you
lose if you can dodge it for one minute you alright alright I can dodge a drone
that should be too hard I mean how hard can it be she can hear it careful wait
Jake never said we can’t use the zing bow but you’re right it’s a game who’s
the game master okay here this Thomas is coming around for another spin hold on
hi we don’t watch try this it’s coming after strafing run hold on three two one
oh dude we did it we knock down the drone that must mean we win he didn’t
say anything about knocking you down take that we’d be your second challenge
boy I have one last challenge for you this
last challenge has to do with nerf you will play in there for but this time the
base will be for real and nerf war oh we were born to do this
bring it on will do you’re near for right now where do we go oh okay I guess we go this way guys come on okay
well guess is the place this is the place oh okay hey looks like these are
our weapons I’ll grab sniper you grab SMG hey Jake
so when do we start there are seven opponents in two of you it is
elimination seven opponents only two of us there’s a guy right there
what is it start we got one in the billions all right and one up in front
of us pull them up hold on almost got the shot gone up all right one down six
more to go all right keep me suppressive fire what are you trying to take that
place here we go three two one go looks like we got him guys there’s a
perfect shot bug here now but no will you watch out I was close
yeah I was extremely close guys I look I notice something all right we can play
this game masters game all he wants but at the end of the day I don’t know if
he’s actually gonna let us out but here’s the thing I know where we are
I don’t few guys recognize this place but this is where we were in our last
video there’s a storm drain to the left of this field it’s starting to get dark
if we can take out a few more of these guys and make our way to the left of the
field at the Greek you get out of there an escape this prison once and for all
let’s make a run for it let’s go what into the building yeah yeah let’s
go let’s go okay I thought these three guys left I look
into searchin for us but if they think we’re playing the game we might have a
chance to escape this wrong pipe should just be over here come on make it out of
here you should lead to the other side of the compound we should be able to get
out the external fence and head home what’s were there guys that’s where we
can start piecing this together unfortunately I think this story isn’t
over I think we have to go to that abandoned ship hi let’s go

100 thoughts on “PRISON ESCAPE GAME MASTER CHALLENGE!! Nerf War, Toys & More! (24 Hour Challenge)

  1. Papa Jake the game master is watching your vids that’s why he gave you the camera so he knows how you escape guys make this comment noticed save Papa Jake!

  2. Game Master: "How about we play a game… "
    me: "Oooooh is it Pokemon Go? Minecraft? Call of Duty? Tag? Hide and seek?"

  3. Game Master: "Dodge a drone for ______ mins. (I forgot how many)"
    Me: "You're dealing with a Dodge Ball champion! COME AT ME FOOL!"

  4. When papa Jake and Logan were in the field talking to the game master there were sibols on the pole those are star wars letters i have a book that can decode it

  5. Jake if the game máster is one of the youtebers and if when the game máster crash no the ship whas Whif a youteber

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