Preworkout supplement review

Whats up guys? It’s Tyler D from Muscle Research and I’m here to talk about some more supplements! I wanna tell you guys something… Can you see anything different? anything look different to you guys? oh! You guys see this shirt? it’s a medium! I finally got it in! Let me tell you a little secret, you put a medium shirt on and you get instant gains. I’m talking 10-15 pounds of muscle. LEAN HARD MUSCLE just from a medium shirt! and I can tell you where to get it but we will have to talk about that later. We are going to talk about Forged 1G Stim I take it before class, I take it before work, I took it before this VIDEO! (yakety sax music playing) It’s called 1G Stim because each serving is one gram of stimulants. It has an amazing proprietary blend called Stimocondria I take it before class but you could take it during a normal day it can replace your energy drinks. Lets go over some of the ingredients in this proprietary blend We’ve got Caffeine of course, y’know you need that… ..that awake feeling. We’ve got Niacin Alpha Yohimbine, which is a very effective energy ingredient that everyone is loving. You checkin’ this out? Peepin’ my sample bro? There’s a good chance if you go to and place an order They might send you some of these. and it probably won’t just be this, it will probably be a wide variety or products. Or you can go to the forum and sign-up for free and they will send you out supplement samples. Now don’t let this green exterior fool you. It’s a Blue Raspberry flavor that is amazing! Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty Forged 1G Stim is only going to cost you $39.99 but I’ve got a little secret think I’m going to tell you guys… come here… Somewhere in this video I hid a coupon code 20 people get 20 percent off but you are going to have to find it. I’m OUT! Later. Forged 1G Stim, peace.

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