Preworkout Coffee Benefits : Pre-workout Caffeine For Weight Loss- VitaLife Show Episode 293

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring and today we’re talking about taking caffeine before our workout,
so pre-workout caffeine and the advantages of doing this. So one of the
things about caffeine is that it actually increases your thermogenesis
meaning your body’s ability to burn fat, so that’s one of the reasons that a lot
of people who workout a lot they like to have their caffeine before their
workouts because they want to optimize that fat burning during their workout.
Another thing that it does is it helps to increase your energy so whenever you
increase your energy of course you have a better workout, and one of the reasons
that this happens and actually wakes up your brain cells is that it blocks
adenosine receptors, now adenosine tends to slowing down makes you drowsy, but
by blocking those receptors with the caffeine now the adenosine can’t attach
therefore you have that clarity of mind and that robust amount of energy so
that’s just one of the mechanisms how caffeine is working and can be of great
benefit if you’re taking it before a workout. So what I do recommend is when
you are using caffeine get it in a natural source so whether that’s you
know a good quality coffee it could be you know the kido coffee we have a
previous video on that so make sure that you check out that video, and you can
also take it in supplements so here at vitatree we actually have a fat burning
supplement which contains a small amount of caffeine from green tea and the
reason for that is that studies have shown that helping to you know burn that
fat along with the ingredient of the green tea that bit of caffeine really
does help to get things moving and increases that thermogenesis, So if you
have questions about your health about working out about what to take leave
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