Preconception Care for Men

Hi there and welcome to Tea with The
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couples get their bodies as healthy as possible so that they can get pregnant,
carry the pregnancy to term and have a healthy baby and I’m excited to be with
you here today! We missed last week so it’s great to be back. Today we’re going
to be talking about preconception care for the man so let’s go ahead and get
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time this is gonna be very helpful for them so what is preconception care
preconception care is getting your body as healthy as possible before you can
save so it seems like it should be around three to six months of actually
taking care of yourself it used to be really focused on three months being
really healthy but it seems like now they’re starting to realize that six
months at least six months prior to trying to conceive is really important
so that you’re all your cells have a chance to renew and be as healthy as
possible and it takes around 120 days for your
whole body like your you know your cells are constantly turning over and making
new cells so it’s and it takes about 120 days for all your cells to completely
renew and for all the nutrition to really get in there and enhance enhance
that and that’s going to impact the sperm quality so it’s really important
to take that time and become as healthy as possible and for men it takes 90 days
for your body to create sperm so it takes about 90 days sometimes you can
see things happen faster so if you’re you know if you’ve been doing this for a
while then you know even two weeks a month can make some significant changes
but it for the most part it does take time and so you some real
important that you take some time to get yourself as healthy as possible as well
we’re so focused on the woman being how as healthy as possible because of her
eggs everybody puts a lot of weight on the quality of the eggs and also because
the woman carries the baby so that’s absolutely and important but I find that
oftentimes the the male partner the dad is kind of left on the sidelines and if
they don’t put as much the doctors and I say they don’t put as much emphasis on
the importance of the male partner being healthy and the the problem with that is
as it takes two of you to make a baby right so you both need to become as
healthy as possible and while you’re getting ready to have a baby so taking
three to six months and getting your bodies both of your bodies hey Sarah
good to see you how are you taking time to really get your both your body as
healthy as possible is really vital to having not only getting pregnant
carrying the pregnancy all the way but also having a healthy baby because it
takes the man streams his DNA as well so we go over some of those things that you
can do to help improve that that was important for the man for his
preconception care and again please be sure to go ahead and share this video
because I’d want to make sure that those men feel included so let’s go ahead and
take care of them to was a lot of great guys out there but nobody well I love
you too Sarah thank you I’m so glad you’re doing well um sorry about that
I’m so excited to see her on the board here so some of the things that you guys
can do would be you know one thing that we do in our practice let me say like
one of the first things we do is we like to make sure that you had a physical so
when was the last time you had a physical now a lot of guys don’t like to
go to the doctor so oftentimes I’m sending them back to their doctor or I’m
writing a prescription for them to go do some basic blood work but
it’s important to make sure that you have the nutrition that’s your blood
that your lipids are health they’re in the right range that your thyroid is in
the right range of not hypothyroid you want to make sure that you’re not
struggling with the diabetes or you’re having some sugar issues you also want
to make sure your vitamin D levels are really health are really strong in a
good range all these things can impact the quality of your sperm and of course
your overall health so you want to just have some basic blood work done check
your hormone levels especially if you’ve been trying for a while and it hasn’t
been successful make sure to check your hormone levels as well so that’s some of
the basic things you also want to make sure you get a semen analysis oftentimes
even if you’re going through secondary infertility I know which is when you’ve
already had a child but now all of a sudden it’s become very challenging to
have a child the husband should be checked as well I see a lot of times
though in the fertility clinics they just say oh he produced a child he’s
fine but things change and they can change within a couple of years or even
within a year I’ve seen things change with even a year so it’s really
important to make sure to go ahead and get that semen analysis and get it
checked make sure that everything is looking good and just know that a semen
analysis is really kind of like a superficial overview of the quality of
the sperm because it’s just checking how many you have you know if it’s really
thick and clumpy or if it’s has a good consistency to it are they moving are
they moving forward and the shape because all those things are important
in order to be able to fertilize the egg so you want to make sure that your that
is that his sperm is looking is looking good this and other tests you can do to
really check out the quality of the sperm and they’ll be like a DNA
fragmentation test and what that does is it looks to see if there is any damage
done to the DNA and damage done was usually done from like usually caused by
environmental factors or diet so that’s why I say just eat really healthy you
know and we’ll go through some of those things in a few minutes of some of the
things you can do because that will directly impact the
quality of the DNA that you’re gonna be giving to your your little one your
little baby so I love it when the dads are the future dads come in and they’re
like I want my sperm to be Superman sperm it’s just like yes it’s so
wonderful because I love it when they really get involved and makes it makes
things go so much smoother for both partners I don’t know if you know but
the if your sperm isn’t a good quality you can increase the chance of your
partner having a miscarriage especially in the early stages because it impacts
embryo development and then of course it’s going to impact the health of your
baby as well and it’s exciting that were able to really pinpoint these issues
because you can do something about it and if you don’t know you can’t do
anything about it so without further ado let me tell you some things I want to
make sure I don’t forget anything some things that are important for you as an
as the man as a future dad to do as you’re getting ready to have a
baby and again you want to do it around three to six months before you actually
can see because what happens is you find out a woman finds out she’s pregnant
she’s already two weeks pregnant we want to make sure that you’re doing all these
things way before you actually are trying so one thing that I see a lot of
men are don’t take a lot of supplements so I think there should be and there
there is actually a good prenatal vitamin for men of prenatal health so
you have to be careful with vitamins make sure that in a man’s vitamin you
don’t have any iron in vitamin unless you’re deficient in iron then you might
want to take some but most men aren’t but you have to be very careful of
having too much iron and things you want to look for in a in a multivitamin or
I’m gonna call it a prenatal man’s vitamin or you want to make sure you
have enough folate in there it’s full it’s really important for not only for
the woman we allow women no it’s for it’s important but also
for the development of this firm you want to make sure how zinc selenium
vitamin C vitamin E those are all things that are going to be on the open the B
vitamins are going to be really important to make sure that your to help
give the nutrition to the sperm so that they can be as healthy as possible so
vitamin C and E are our antioxidants are going to protect this firm and then
selenium actually helps with movement and the till and numbers if you’re low
in numbers and drinking enough water is really important because otherwise
everything’s going to be sticky too sticky and clumpy so making sure you’re
hydrated and then the antioxidants are going to help that as well
some things you can get no naturally and from food or like well I like to
recommend our guys to do to eat a lot of Brazil nuts I don’t want to think in
Brazil nuts in selenium almonds nuts seeds all those things are really good
to add into your diet and then some natural folate as well such as a lot of
leafy greens you want to try to eat as many as you can and if you don’t like
vegetables there’s you can either do a smoothie in the morning and throw some
spinach because spinach doesn’t have a lot of taste into it so that you get
some veggies and also you can take a supplement another supplement whether
it’s a power you put in water and drink it or a pill just be careful of extra
herbs in there you want to try to keep it as pure as possible
smoking whether you’re smoking cigarettes or you’re smoking marijuana
it’s going to impact sperm so smoking causes a lot of damage
to the sperm it slows them down it causes a lot of damage to the DNA but
motility the numbers not a good thing so you really want to quit smoking and
hypnotherapy if you can find a good hypnotherapist and I have one if you’re
in the Canal Valley Thousand Oaks LA area where you you know just find a
really great hypnotherapist within one two three times it can help you I can
help recommend one if you need to but smoking is really not good
and marijuana no especially know that it’s legal here in California I’ve seen
whether you’re eating it or smoking it it’s gonna hurt your sperm so it what it
actually does is it shortens the tail of the sperm so that it can’t move forward
and then it also causes any damage as well so if you’re smoking or is doing
there one or other illicit drugs you’re gonna your partner is gonna have an
increase of miscarriage because it’s gonna directly impact your sperm quality
and unfortunately that can happen and I see that a lot that a lot thank God but
I see it often with people with when the partners that are smoking and they don’t
want to give it up the other thing is alcohol you know you
don’t have to give up alcohol completely but you want to kind of keep it limited
to under four drinks maximum and beer actually is one of the worst has one of
the worst impacts on your sperm so beer I think it’s maybe the wheat it’s very
it doesn’t do good with the sperm at all so you can doesn’t mean you can’t have
beer but other drinks could be maybe like a red wine or some clean alcohol
such as a vodka or tequila but you need to keep it limited to no more than four
drinks week cuz that’s gonna impact it’s gonna impact your sperms gonna impact
your baby it’s gonna impact your your partner’s pregnancy so that’s really
important and then like you know there’s other ways to alleviate stress and a lot
of people do this because they’re trying to manage their stress and then create
these habits these habits don’t work very well when you’re trying to create a
new life so you know exercising is really good a great way to stress relief
and get creative find some other ways to stress relief you know watch a comedy do
some exercise just some meditation it doesn’t take a long time a lot of people
have a misconception of meditation meaning being that you have to sit there
quiet without any thoughts for an hour and I think the thought of it is like oh
my gosh there’s no way I can do that that really it’s the breathing and
they’re just kind of detaching for a few minutes anywhere even ten
it can make a huge difference so usually what I recommend is let’s like let’s
start slow set yourself up to win you know set yourself up to do two minutes a
day and then increase it to five minutes only ten minutes and ten minutes is
amazing and you’re going to feel a difference it’s really life changing
when you start implementing consists of those exercises where you’re taking some
time to just detach and breathe and get reconnected into your body so those
things are really important so there’s stuff to be aware of our toxins so
whether the toxins or if you’re working in an environment where you’re exposed
to different chemicals or solvents then you might want to wear a mask if you’re
trying to conceive because those chemicals will come in and get into your
tissue and affect can affect your thyroid and it can affect your whole
endocrine system and it will definitely impact your sperm so make sure to wear a
mask if you’re going to be exposed to toxins or other chemicals or solvents
the other thing is to kind of stay keep it cool down there sometimes will even
right come in this might be a little crazy out there on
sometimes I’ll recommend that you put a little ice back on the testicles for a
couple minutes just to kind of keep things cool if there’s an issue so you
may or you may find that helpful but in general you just want to kind of keep
things cool so watch the laptop guys I know a lot of guys put their cell phones
in the front pocket they put their lap by lap top on top of their lap and
they’ll you know this creates some radiation it creates also a lot of heat
so be careful of that and the saunas you know you don’t want to get into if you
have control of your own sauna and you know you can keep it at a little warm
temperature but not super hot and definitely not for a long periods of
time so the song is you’ve got to really be careful of asanas and jacuzzis did
you want to don’t want to overheat and cook cook those guys okay
so just remember that 20% of challenge is getting pregnant directly are male
issues only so you know and then the other thing is which is really
touches my heart is that if your partner’s sperm aren’t healthy then you
may not get a good embryo so whether you’re trying IVF or you’re trying
naturally it’s really vital that your partner have be as healthy as you
possibly can so that you guys can have a better chance of getting pregnant
staying pregnant and having a healthy baby in fact you might want to see we
did a I did an interview with dr. Paul Turek and Hayley can post a link in
there or you can go to our YouTube page and check that out it’s about a
20-minute video where he’s talking about you know preconception care as well so
you have another another perspective same-same view was on the same page but
just somebody else is kind of telling you the same thing and you know make
sure you don’t ignore any of those health issues guys and be careful
medications I see some patients where their husband’s taking propecia or some
other medications and it really impacts those sperm so really you know talk to a
doctor about that and check that out and make sure that if your are on any
medications that everything is going it’s safe for you and there you go
there’s some of I think some really good tips I shared a lot of information if
you have any questions I forgot to tell you I did it go ahead and type them in
but you can go ahead and type them in and we can also respond to you later as
well so again please be sure to share our video and make sure that you know we
can help as many people people as possible thanks Haley for posting the
link and we’ll see you next week twelve thirty on Tea with The
Fertility Godmother. Make it a great day, here’s to your fertility health!

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