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Hi welcome to the Strength Sensei today I’m going to talk to you about one my favorite pre-workout supplement it is called Ki. It is made by ATP nutrition it consists mainly
of four ingredients and the goal of the product is to increase strength when you train by
boosting neuromodulaters like acethylcholine, dopamine and of course adrenaline. But it’s also designed to increase your mood
so you’re more driven to train, so how does it do it? It does by using four compounds, of course
caffeine being the number one, research backs it up caffeine makes you stronger, spares
glycogen, increases the speed of nerve impulses which is all great for your training. The second ingredients is dl phenylalanine
which is a 50-50 blend of the D and the L form of phenylalanine. The L form boosts right away those neuromodulators
as dopamine, acethylcholine and adrenaline. The D form tends to convert to P PA which
is phenylethylamine which is a compound that increases your training drive and it’s a mood
enhancer. The third ingredient is actually Hordenine
which is a naturally occurring alkaloid which is a source of PA so it’s more PA for your
brain but more in a time release form if you understand. The fourth ingredient is narangenine which
comes from grapefruit which is a natural antioxidant natural anti-inflammatory but it helps with
the liver metabolism of those neuromodulators so it provides you with a more stable form
of energy and mood enhancement so the two biggest advantages of that product is one
it increases strength everybody who has tried it will tell you that, number two and increases
mood so you more apt to train harder and of course it being a great mood while you train
is helpful. So it’s a great product made by ATP lab, I
strongly endorse it, I’m glad you watch this video and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you want more information on training, nutrition
and supplementation, thank you.

5 thoughts on “Pre Workout Supplements | KI from ATP-Lab| More Energy and Focus in Training | Charles R. Poliquin

  1. I just watched your video and went to atp nutritions website and searched the web and cannot find this supplement.  Do you know where I can find this.
    Thank you

  2. If your cortisol levels are high and are suffering from adrenal fatigue maybe not a good supplement to take??

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