Pre Workout Smoothie | Orange Mango Carrot Banana Smoothie by Shikha Singh

hey guys this is Shikha and welcome back
to my channel so today is day 17 of our 30 T of smoothie challenge and today
I’ll be sharing another one of my favorite fruit smoothie so yeah let’s
just get right into it so first ingredient is orange and I’m using two
of them and this one is rich in vitamin C and also in fiber second up I’m using
banana and this one is rich in phosphorus and also in protein and this
will keep you full and energized next up I’m using mango and this one is rich in
fiber and also good for you and also really really nice for your digestion
and lastly to blend everything together I am using carrot juice which is rich in
beta-carotene this one is really really nice and I
really hope you enjoyed watching this recipe and you are going to recreate
this one and if it is so don’t worry to let me know in the comment section down
below I would love to know that and yeah I will see you guys tomorrow with a new
healthy smoothie recipe till then bye

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