Pre Workout Science Behind Xpand 2x – Dymatize

Introducing the next generation in
a pre-workout product only from Dymatize, the trusted leader in
advanced fitness nutrition. XPand 2x muscle igniter,
power and performance formula has been completely re-engineered
to be the most research backed, pre-workout product we have ever
developed, addressing mind and body. Precision nutrients in
fully efficacious doses ignite the performance process by
charging up powerful nerve transmissions. Strong neural impulses light
up mind muscle connections for maximal muscle fiber recruitment. Ground breaking nitrate leveraging
pathways maximize vasodilation and endurance. Simultaneously, arginase inhibitors
help to increase and sustain nitric oxide production for peak nutrient surging
blood flow and roadmap vascularity. Micronized creatine drives ATP power
during high intensity, explosive, muscle-stimulating reps. Creatinol-o-phosphate reduces fatigue in
working muscles by removing lactic acid, enabling hard-training athletes
to drive past fitness plateaus. We selected only the best bio ready
forms of nutrients for XPand 2X. You get the active coenzyme
forms of key B vitamins. You get branded CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, the only branded researched form of
Beta-Alanine in performance nutrition. You get the cutting edge ergogenic
molecule Creatinol-O-Phosphate, a compound that clears
exercise-halting lactic acid. You get the research-backed
2:1:1 Chain-Sol, Dymatize’s super soluble instantized
BCAAs and Sustamine glutamine dipeptide. Chain-Sol is the next generation
in muscle amino technology. You get Vaso-XPand with Nitro2Granit and
Agmatine Sulfate, two highly functional compounds that drive
the nitric oxide-generating machinery. The Focus-XPand blend is an expertly
formulated synergy of compounds that help blunt cortisol, sharpen mental focus,
improve VO2 max, and drive neurotransmitter production. Finally, the QRS-Complex
completes the power of XPand 2x by supporting aerobic endurance and cardiovascular integrity with highly
researched Quercetin and Rutin. XPand 2x is the future of pre-performance,
only from Dymatize Nutrition.

6 thoughts on “Pre Workout Science Behind Xpand 2x – Dymatize

  1. It's a completely new and different, more concentrated formula in XPAND 2x, and much improved over the old XPAND Extreme Pump. Only 1 scoop is required for most people, but you have the 'option' of using 2 or 3 scoops of the more concentrated formula if your experience with these products suggests benefit from higher usage. The list of ingredient benefits in the new formula puts it at the head of the class among other products on the market.

  2. LMFAO at the ad I do like the nutrient profile(for the most part) but seriously this vid is crap and the ingredients are underdosed unless you're taking 3 scoops and I don't just mean the creatine which can actually hinder performance taken preworkout the agmatine and beet root extract, not to mention that 1600mg of bcaa's is just pointless. on top of that the tyrosine and glucoronolactone should be dosed just a little higher maybe with some piperine and or betaine to increase absorbtion.

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