Pre Workout Real Time Reaction: Round up

So, we’ve gone through all the ingredients,
Ryan, and so just to recap. We’ve got an amazing pump and performance
blend with this Citrulline Malate, you’ve got your beta-alanine, betaine anhydrous,
as well as potassium citrate. We’ve got the mental acuity blend so you’ve
got your tyrosine as well as hordenine, and then your focus which is your green coffee
caffeine, you’ve got your TeaCrine and Dynamine. So, all round, it’s just a perfect all round
pre-workout. It’s not too strong that it’s gonna bug you
out but you’re gonna get awesome pumps, great power, lactic acid strip, focus, energy, mood,
so it just ticks all the boxes. – And just a side note, I think we’re around
the 20 minute mark right now. – I’m pumped, I wanna train. – In the last minute, I just went up about
400 levels. I’m feeling this, insane, right now. – Well, I’ll be honest with you as well, because,
obviously, we’re from Fat Burners Only, we’ve got a lot of pre-workouts, I’m feeling it
too. Like, honestly, as a non, ah what’s the word,
I’m impartial, I’m ready to train. That worked way better than what I expected. – Yeah, yeah, so if it’s any bit of a guide,
if you’re 20 minutes out from a workout, that’d be a perfect time to take it, 20 to 15 minutes
before a workout. – Yeah, so, for me personally, I would take
it either 20 minutes before, or even five minutes before, ’cause I had that focus and
the energy at five minutes and I can get through that workout and by the time I’m ready for
weights, sorry, that warm up, by the time I’m ready for the weights, bang, if I’m feeling
like this, I’m good to go. – Yeah and that’s kind of where you want your
pre-workout kicking in ’cause you don’t need it on the first couple of exercises, you’ve
probably got all your energy, but as you start to fatigue and push yourself and you get to
those limits where you’re at, that’s when you want the pre-workout really taking you
up another level. So, like Paul said, if we had this five minutes
before we trained, we’d be in the middle of our workout right now and I’d be absolutely
killing it. – Riding it, ready to go. – Oh, exactly, I think we need to train. – I think we need to train. Yeah, I feel it, yeah. So, just a bit of a recap, as well, on the
flavour. Flavour, I’d give it a nine out of 10. I would put it as a product I would drink
just for the taste. I just, I loved it, mango passionfruit. – I’m super, super, super biassed, obviously,
’cause it’s obviously our pre, but put it to the test and that product’s flavour is
some of the best I’ve ever had. It tastes like an amino basically. It doesn’t taste like it’s a pre-workout,
it tastes like a lolly. – Yeah, it’s fantastic. – It’s great. – Recap as well, energy levels, I’m feeling
an eight or a nine. If I was giving it a 10, I’d probably crash
out so I’m enjoying the eight or a nine. Pumps, I’m sure I would feel when I started
moving and training ’cause the ingredients are clinical so, honestly, if you haven’t
tried Dragon’s Breath and you want a clinically dosed, amazing tasting, tick all the boxes
pre-workout, I, sitting here right now 20 minutes afterwards, would highly recommend
Red Dragon Nutritional’s Dragon’s Breath. Bring it on.

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