Pre-Workout Nutrition

>You mentioned before how important is to
eat before a workout and a lot of people like to go eat workout on an empty
stomach which is a huge no-no and it’s it’s not something a nutritionist would
recommend. So how… what do we need to eat or does everybody need to eat
differently before a workout?>The idea is… In general, the idea is that if you’re
gonna eat right before a workout that you try to do it at least an hour before
so that you’re not so digesting while you’re working out — right — that’s that’s
just the main thing because if it’s soon your stomach and you’re working out it
has to come out some way. What we eat really does depend on the person because
what I tolerate for example I can easily eat a piece of toast with a little bit
of almond butter but it might not sit well with other people, so just a fruit
it’s all they need. What we’re looking at is just for a carb if it’s with an hour
before exercising a carbohydrate — that’s your energy — exactly, that’s the energy
that you’re gonna be using immediately but for example if it’s a race or you’re
really performing and you’re nervous and pressured then your digestive system is
gonna be out of whack so the recommendation there is to just maybe
drink some kind of carbohydrate containing drink like a sports drink.>Now
you often see when runners are told oh it’s a carb up before a big race is that
the norm — Yes the carb loading I mean basically the day before the days
leading up to that race to eat as many carbs as you can to to maximize the
amount of energy that your body has to be able to run faster or longer. This is
true but I’ll say something carb loading doesn’t mean eat all the pizza that you
want.>So we do not go to sur pizza and we do not get a whole pie.>No, especially
because of you eating this a night before race for example it’s gonna
completely slow down your digestive system you’re gonna wake up probably
with the stomach pains still digesting that food while you’re running to or
biking or whatever that race is. So you don’t want to do this — with moderation —
exactly with moderation and it’s not just a night before. If you’re really
carb loading for a race that’s half a marathon or above then you want to start
two to three days before, just increasing your carbohydrate throughout the day a
little bit more than what you normally take, but if you’re running a 5k carb
loading is just going to lead into waking at some point. You know don’t
follow your that because it’s definitely not needed follow the first plate that
we showed you.

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