PRE AND POST WORKOUT SNACKS! Easy and Yummy! Cooking with Liv Ep. 22

everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new video in today’s video we are making some of pre and post-workout snacks great feel for before and after your workout and this video is sponsored by fabletics so they are partnering and sponsoring a this video and i love the fabletics is because i love workout gear I pretty much live in active wear my friend actually asked me a couple days ago if I go to the gym every day because I’m always wearing activewear because it’s just so comfortable and now it’s like super on trend to be wearing after where as well like even when you’re not working out and this up is so comfy and so cute so this is the outfit that I picked out it’s got these mesh panel leggings then the Lighting’s are not those ones I like and I seek your buck serving with a nice thick leggings as well and they got a mesh paneling and then this hot pink top which has like events and it has mesh so it helps keep you cool especially if you’re running or if you like sweat alot what you’re working out like I do it’s really good plus I feel like wearing cute outfits like this actually helps me to motivate me to work out because you look cute in your outfit working out and so you’re going to want to go to the gym and rock your knees cute gym outfit so right now they have a deal going on when you join it their VIP program and they’re giving you two pairs of leggings for twenty-four dollars which is crazy as a crazy good deal especially for how cute and trendy and like how good quality the leggings are and with their VIP program you do get a fifty percent off their regular price merchandise as well as free shipping exchanges and returns we use so good because I hate paying for shipping so anything with free shipping is automatically a plus plus it you can always skip a month if you don’t want to have it every month which is great too and there’s a bunch of free workers on the site so you’re pretty much good to go you got your clothes you can even do their workouts from the site so you guys can find your favorite fabletics looks like clicking the link below and getting your two leggings for twenty four dollars and drawing their program and if you get like lugging if you have to let me know which ones you get because we can beat winning and if you get the mesh panel ones like I did let me know and a let’s go some a workout net so I’m starting off by making a pre-workout mocha shake so you’re going to need one a cup of coffee or one leg capsule whatever you use it to make your coffee at home and a coffee is great because it’s going to add a little bit of an energy boost of your feeling sluggish this will kind of get you through your workout and then I’m adding in half a banana because bananas are rich in potassium which is going to be great for a workout and it’s going to help prevent muscle cramping and I’m also adding in some dates because they’re rich in glucose and that dose of glucose right before your workout will be great fuel along with a little bit of protein to help add some fuel as well and then I’m going to be adding in a heaping a tablespoon of cacao and cacao is great because it has the Oboro manin in it which actually helps your cells use fuel and use the glucose then I’m adding in some ice and I’m going to blend that up until it’s smooth and then I’m just pouring it into a mason jar and you can add as many ice as you like to make it as cold or if you don’t want it cold you can not add the ice and then I was topping it with some cacao nibs and a straw and you’re going to drink that pre-workout really great fuel of carbs and protein to get you to your workout next up we’re making some avocado cakes which is a great easy digestible carpet you can use to make a little avocado toast type thing but I love them because they’re so easily digestible so they’re not going to be too hard and heavy in your stomach and then i’m using some avocado because avocado actually really helps give you some sustained energy in your workouts which means you’re going to have an energy over a longer period of time versus a spike so I’m just spreading that on to the rice cake and I’m using half an avocado for like two rice cakes just so you guys know like measurements how much you’re going to need and then I’m also going to top that with some nuts and nuts are a great also form of energy boosting and it gives you that long steady state of energy boosting versus a spike as well and then I’m adding assem ago G berries as well and it gives it a nice good color and of course as an energy boost as well and then that’s it that is your little pre-workout snacks you can have both of these but I would advise having them 3060 minutes before your workout next moving on to a post workout we’re starting off with this at green shake because you got to get those greens in so I’m using 2 cups of almond milk and all mental health great because it actually helps with fat loss and it’s a really great because it’s also a little bit of iron in there and then I’m adding in half a banana because it’s actually going to help prevent your muscles get cramping as well as a healthy dose of protein to help repair and rebuild your muscles and some super alena which is rich in amino acids that your muscles also need to rebuild and replenish then I’m adding in some mint because it’s great for pain relief and it’s actually going to help your muscles not get sore and menu to blend that up and pour it into your jar your cups and it has this nice deep rich green color full of protein and amino acids that are going to replenish and rebuild your muscles and be a great post workout fuel and then I’m putting a little bit of chia seeds and hemp seeds on the top partly for decoration but they’re also just really great healthy fats for satisfying that post-workout hunger and a couple mint leaves to make it pretty on the top as well and that is your post-workout min shake I love this it’s so yummy and it’s got lots of great stuff in it and then I’m making a quick bean dip as a post-workout snack so I’m starting off with half a cup of black beans really good complex carbs and a healthy dose of protein and then I’m adding in a spoonful or a clove of garlic which is original me no acids to replenish those muscles and then a few squares or a couple table students of lime juice because it’s going to help to rehydrate your body after you’ve lost all those electrolytes it’s great for helping your body absorb the water that you’re drinking and then I paired that with some carrot sticks and some acute cumbers you can also do crackers or whatever kind of vegetables that you like but I really like this Hardy bean dip it makes the perfect clothes workout snack and you can put them a container bring your veggies and it’s great on the go as well and it’s going to help rebuild and repair your muscles okay guys so thanks for watching if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a good ol thumbs up and don’t forget to check out fabletics it down description box so you can have your snacks your workout gear your workouts and then your post-workout feel you will be good to go with this whole video and yeah I hope you guys are all having a fabulous day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

35 thoughts on “PRE AND POST WORKOUT SNACKS! Easy and Yummy! Cooking with Liv Ep. 22

  1. HEY Guys! THANK YOU for watching 🙂 I seriously love all these smacks, especially the smoothies cause I have been on a smoothie kick recently ? Don't forget to come say hi on Instagram! ?

  2. Ok first off your fabletica outfit is on pointtttt. Love those leggings! And that coffee shake?! So making this tomorrow morning before my workout! XO

  3. I LOVE rice cakes with avo! and these smoothies look amazing can't wait to try them 😉 Happy Friday girl!

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    I'm so proud I won 2 gold medals at my last meet❤️

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  12. Please do a workout video and a video talking about vitamins that your body need, like what to find in the ingredients when you are buying food.

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