Hello people and welcome to my channel Jon Sheppard Fitness. If
you’re wondering why I am moving so quick it’s because I’m riding a bike I
haven’t rode a bike for years I need to always do biking when I was younger what
I’m actually riding get to the gym which is five miles away and you know what
it’s killing me absolutely this video I’ve been thinking about doing something
really different for I haven’t seen on YouTube and I now you probably have
guessed already I’m going to try and do three Pbs in one session
I know you’re crazy right and I’m not just going to do any normal Pb I’m gonna
be doing the free hardest pb’s you can possibly think of one is bench press
another is squats and the next one is dead lift
if you don’t know what they all are they’re all compound movements and you
usually don’t do them all in one day this is why it’s gonna be really tough
to actually break all three I might be able to do one I might not able to do any
a PB is a pb you know doesn’t mean I can lift more than them
on a good day just doing one of them so what are my pbs my deadlift is 160
my squatting isn’t something I don’t really do which I’m gonna struggle at
the most I think it’s 110 and which is pretty
pathetic I’m not a big squat not a fan of squatting
and my bench press which I broke recently was 107 kg so I’m gonna go to
the gym now comment down below if you think I’m gonna break all three or one
or two or just not do any obviously the first one’s gonna be the best one I’m
gonna probably break maybe if I have a chance but the last one
whatever one I put last its gonna be the hardest one so now I’m going to
carry on to the gym and I will see you in the gym stay tuned because this is
gonna be raw footage so stay tuned and watch it all the way through because
there’s no way you’re gonna find out if I’ve passed my PB or not unless you
watch the whole video anyway enjoy get through it and the only thing I know
is to love what I’m doing never give up never slow till I finally
prove it never listen to the nose I just wanna keep moving keep my head up when I
act head up that’s a fact never looking back rifle are now going to be 10
oh my god London oh my god Oh one speaks I’m gonna try this out yes I speak much be based on that live
yes I’ll be my PV my psych myself up for that idea
Jesus Christ Wow you know what you can you can do as much warehouse as possible
world you know what something better than beating your personal record in
something hundred ten I’m not gonna do any more that’s one that’s one down two
more to go I gotta get through it and the only
thing I know is to love what I’m doing never give up never slow till I finally
prove it never listen to the nose I just wanted to move yeah I put out all the
start it’s my only night Astaire yeah everything I do I’m just being genuine
yeah I’m sick of being on the gentleman yeah let me get me and yeah CPC son one more I’m stable no babe all Oh bitch I’m gonna try it goodnight
no struggle as well no way
let’s see what I’m doing never give up never stop till
I finally prove it never listen to the nose I just wanna keep moving yeah take off good rule 18 yes you see be pretty busy
in one day well there you have it how are you then you think I’d actually be
you know I am so happy you know I think you think I would actually do every
single one I had a feeling I could do the squats because obviously 110 is not
that much probably could I’ve done a lot more than that if I wanted to but I knew
I had deadlifts after the deadlifts I actually thought I would not well past a
hundred and sixteen I didn’t actually think while leading up to it I actually
for how much – well this I’m gonna really really struggle but you just have
that rest between compound movements and that’s the key do not do it like you
normally do it with I say see movements and have a what 30 seconds of minute
rest when you’re lifting heavy weights you need to have at least three maybe
five they have you go even longer five ten minutes you know so you’re back
fresh and I had a big rest for I did the deadlift the last one and I got one
anything you know I’m happy with that I’m not have said well let’s try and get
even more but you know what hundred eighty seeing up not a powerlifter at
all I’m not a deadlift I’m not professional I’m not I’m not I wouldn’t
even say I’m into that so I think I’m do that this but I’m not been doing it for
years and years and years and years and if that’s why I can lift now in what
I’ve probably had about 20 sessions and everything in my lifetime so it just
proves that if you stick at something like I think that the start of this year
I was hitting 120 and then 140 and then I’ve got that 160 and I couldn’t do any
more it’s it’s a lot of focus and yeah swag banking yourself slapping yourself
around the face chest legs whatever don’t get distracted by all the things
as well because as soon as you distracted it makes you think about
things and makes you not to do the movement so my shoulder I can feel it a
little bit a king book you know what I have to do free compound movements in a
row you’re gonna you’re gonna theater anyway I hope you enjoyed this session
and I gotta say I am well choked now that’s it for the week
I have weekends off and I wanna chill because I guarantee tomorrow
my whole body is gonna be aching anyway if you liked this video give me a thumbs
up if you’re watching this and you’re not subscribed please subscribe
almost I’m getting there I’m really getting there’s that fold and I really
want to get to that thousand more before this year is up so I will see you next
time and be safe


  1. Good form for the squat pal, you can do more definitely if you weren’t saving yourself for the deadlifts like you say. Decent deadlifts too, fair play for trying it without the straps…. SO CLOSE! Nice work. 180kg smashed! I love deadlifting, there’s something primal and raw about walking up to a big heavy weight, lifting it up and putting it down. Simple stuff but bloody enjoyable 😀

  2. Been 30 years since I was on a moving bike…..I have a stationary bike I use everyday. Hope you get them but that ride to the gym may take it out of you. Why didn't you uber this one time to the gym just to save energy ? Great job on them Jon. Congrats dude. You got all 3 !

  3. Nothing wrong with a good slap around the face to get those PR's haha it's the road to 1k subs now brother MINT

  4. Great job on the flat beach with a pr of 275lbs……great job squatting I don't know how much that was …deadlift was epic….overall sick video sir…I subscribed also turned on the bell…keep pushing forward ace seriously!!!

  5. That was a dope video Jon! It's been so long since I've rode my bicycle too.. I enjoyed watching and just subscribed. Hope you can come check out my latest upload and show some love, I'd appreciate it so so much thanks 🙂

  6. Great content. Defo getting strong to smash 3 pb’s in one session. Great material to inspire my own YouTube videos

  7. Hi!! Love your channel. I will be doing a giveaway soon and would love for you to be apart of that. I subscribed and would love for you to subscribe and check out my videos as well. 💗

  8. Good stuff man. I'd recommend using a belt, especially with the heavy singles, don't wanna snap your back up. Keep it up!

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