Post Exercise Carbs | Sweet Potato vs. White Potato | Charles R. Poliquin

Hi yesterday we talked about choices of carbs
post exercise now I had a lot of questions about potatoes do we use them post exercise
session or not, yes! But the key point is how they’re prepared. You have what we call the white potato family
and what we call the sweet potato family. In the white potatoe family you’ve got two
choices you’ve got floury potatoes or waxy potatoes. They have different glycemic
index. As a rule of thumb the floury potatoes especially
if they’re baked have a high glycemic index. Waxy potatoes when they’re boiled their glycemic
index is about 82. Some people will argue oh the glycemic index
of sweet potatoes is much lower well depends how they’re cooked. If they’re baked it’s about 92 if they’re
boiled it’s about 42 to 46. So post exercise I don’t think there’s much of a difference
between the two types of potatoes as long as they’re prepared in a form that brings
out the high glycemic index. And that’s very easy to find on the internet
in less than two minutes. But let’s look at nutrients. This provides more nutrients than this type
of potato, okay. But as far as just glycogen replenishment
either choice is good and if you – if you are concerned with replenishing glycogen choose
a floury type of potatoe like the russet or
the baked potato but make sure that both types are baked.

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