Ponçage fin de 24 cônes

Time-lapse video x5. After having re-poured/double-dipped the orgonites in a second layer of resin to coat them, it is necessary again to sand the edges to make them rounder. Here it is the sanding of 24 small cones. Depending on the orgonite I sometimes start with the grain 80 or 120. When it is good to round off the border a lot it is better to start with 80 to remove more material faster. For these I went from 120 to 180 then 240 and finally 320. The rule to follow is to never pass to a grain more than twice as fine, otherwise the coarser grain will leave visible marks. Starting at 120, the next step can be 240 directly (2×120), but I go through 180 to further round the borders because 240 does not already take away much material. But by making 180 we can thus pass to 2×180=360, which means that we could directly pass from 180 to 320. Just for safety I still like to pass the intermediate grain of 240, but therefore I do not do it very rigorously, it is the grain 320 which must be done well. Thereafter will come sanding with water and by hand, with the grains of 600 then 1200, here again the previous rule applies, from 320, the next possible grain must be at most 2×320=640, therefore 600 is just fine and then 2×600=1200. This fine sanding machine step takes between 6 and 15 minutes per orgonite depending on its size and shape.

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