Pizza Hut NEW Mozzarella Poppers Pizza Review!

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food review I am your host it report of the week and welcome to this newest installment of Whatever you want to call what it could be the the review series It could be me sitting here eating lunch, and then just happening to talk about it Terrible intro I don’t know where was going with that But either way, we do have a new item out that I’m excited to try out and it’s interesting how it is we’re right sometimes like when you have these these pizza items you have the place that It’s like there’s a dry spell, you know, like alright You have these burgers that come out you have chicken sandwiches might have different tacos sometimes then you go for almost like a couple months where there’s nothing pizza related and then it then it just hits you then it All just comes out and that’s what we’re in right now. I mean the flood gates are Wide open there is a swarm of pizzas Crawling Flowing out, you know into the market Pizzas are flooding the market here. And you know last time we did Papa John’s this time We’re trying out Pizza Hut so, um, yeah, we’re giving it a shot now Pizza Hut, but they always like to do and this is just you know going by tradition because this Pizza Huts thing. It’s a stuffed crust pizza and this time around This reminds me very much of their um What’s the name of it? It’s it’s my favorite one, so I can’t believe I’m I’m blanking out here The cheesy bites. Sorry about that The cheesy bites pizza reminds me a lot of this. I know this is called the mozzarella poppers pizza very catchy name and Here’s the difference, right the cheesy bites pizza You have the right of pizza and then you have the little bites that have you know the cheese encapsulated in them and you know you rip it all off and then you know I suppose eat them Some people go kind of in your hollow it out and you know put it on their nose like a clown Some people use them as earplugs You know people will do different things with them But you’re supposed to just consume them right and you can dip them in the sauce or whatever you want to do This on the other hand is to have the pizza round Then you have the bites But inside of them is mozzarella cheese, and they have a little bit more seasonings on them, right? It’s very similar but slightly different and I’m a big fan of the cheesy bites pizza So we’re just going to see how this is, you know, you’ll see what it looks like. It looks a little bit different But for the most part, it’s very very similar , what you see how it is and go from there So this is a mozzarella poppers pizza comes in one size a large pie and the price for it is around $15 I would say, you know You might be able to get a little bit of a discount or something and get it for a little bit of a lower price But you know from you know, I I just paid the full price there weren’t really any coupons But uh, we’ll see it does come with complimentary Marinara sauce, so that’s one thing to want to note and we’ll just take a look Sorry, if the lighting is a little bad, but we’ll just undo the reviewing So here’s what it looks like All right. Now you can see the one difference, right? See, here’s the pizza right here. Okay, let’s get that Good enough right, but you can see What just to do something like this? How about that? You can see what it looks like. Now. This actually looks a little different than the picture admittedly and done. You know, you get that These are the bites, but see you it’s just a little bit different it’s very similar to how the cheesy bites are supposed to be but it’s just, you know, not quite I mean The one thing I saw in the ads that this differs a little bit. Is that the Ads made it look like it’s part of the crust, but this not so much It’s just kind of looks like it’s just on top of it That’s what it looks like pepperoni pizza and again mozzarella cheese in those bites. Alright so with that said What I’m gonna do Let’s grab a slice which which slice look some will go with this one. How about that? All right And then it comes with the ever so fresh marinara sauce. I always I envy the people who still get the The fresh stuff that’s packaged in the store I mean here in Florida, you just get the ones that are pre sealed like that and you know I always I always like the fresh ones better. But what can you do I guess all right There’s what it looks like, you know, it’s like a stuffed crust pizza But yeah, this is like it’s like this pocket of the cheese there that system I guess attached to it, which is interesting That’s the one thing the ants gave the impression that this was a little different, but that’s okay You know look you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. It’ll taste like what it tastes like and we’ll just try it out mozzarella cheese regular pizza. Otherwise, we’ll see how good it is So well, I’m gonna do what I did the last time just because my mouth is still recovering I’ll take the first bite I’ll pause it and then we’ll reconvene. So with that it’s the mozzarella poppers Pizza from Pizza Hut going in You know, it’s a little bit of a fun fact when it comes down to this pizza But what we call the popper here, you know, which again is is fried It’s breaded and it’s filled with the mozzarella cheese It actually has a very long lineage to it But goes all the way back to the days of antiquity believe it or not and it was first like that believe it was first traced back to ancient Egypt and it might have even been used as a form of currency, which is just incredible and Yeah, it just it has a lot of history people. Look at this They think like it’s a new item, but really when you really like look it up study the history there’s a lot more to it than that and Maybe I just made all that up on the spot. We’ll see There’s the pizza that you can see just a little bit of a cross-section of the pizza itself This is just that standard kind of thin crust You know, not too dull. We just like what you would get for the other. Um, you know, stuffed crust pizzas We’re just a little thinner. You know, it’s greasy Every stir like that little bit of a boldness that the tomato sauce has but oily but the pizza itself is completely standard completely average And now we’re just gonna try out and be crust Alright so this is actually soft enough where I think I can just eat this last one. I already tried one of the poppers Here’s another one. Okay what it looks like and let me just get that close-up shot for you here All right, so you can see it’s fried. It’s breaded Let me just try this real quick and I don’t dip it in the marinara sauce for you, you know while we’re at it It’s pretty soft I mean, it has a little bit of a crispy shell but you know again soft enough for me to eat without you know Everything just falling out or you know, my brain is gonna come out my nose or something that does look that doesn’t happen. Okay Here’s what we thought I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news and It’s up to you, you know, what do you what do you want me to do? Do you want me to um, you know, ruin your Thursday just give you the the, you know, just the bad news And yeah, what do you want? This is where you just pause the video and you know deliberate throw a little bit All right, I’ll give you the good news first well-well go. We’ll go that way. How about it? We’re just gonna live on the edge and we’ll be very brazen All right the good news is that on their own the Mozzarella poppers are okay. They remind me very much of like a mozzarella stick that’s exactly what it reminds me of you know, where you have the You know the mozzarella cheese the big blob of it then you have how its kind of fried it has this breading, you know where it’s like, um almost a little bit of onion in there and You know garlic mixed into and it’s just fried it’s it’s a little crispy but there’s lots of mozzarella cheese in there and it blends well with the Marinara sauce, you know the the tomato from that does work Well, it it blends well and um, you know on their own you rip it off. You try it. Whatever tastes fine No one no big deal. No huge, you know disastrous issues. No repercussions. No again My brain isn’t falling out my nose or anything, right? Everything’s good. So that’s the good news That’s on their own and maybe you see where I’m kind of getting at the bad news It doesn’t work with the pizza and that’s the thing if you just got these as a side, yeah, you know, I’ll get the pizza and I’ll get the Mozzarella fried squares on the side. All right as a side dish No problem instead. They’re fine on their own Just doesn’t work with the pizza. This is that conflicting flavor If I think the onion that’s in there just the breading not even it’s not even the mozzarella itself The mozzarella is fine you get that in the crust. Anyways, it’s no big deal But I think it’s the breading just the spices The really the spices is the seasonings that they use in that breading it conflicts with the pizza I think just the dough of the pizza Even the cheese, you know, the greases the oils the prevailing flavors that we outlined earlier in the review It just doesn’t work it conflicts and that’s an issue It’s like yeah, this doesn’t really belong here and I notice that clash and the flavors So again, there’s some good news. And now I know we’re just bawling our eyes out because it didn’t be Reviewbrah, it didn’t work with the pizza. Why???? But you know, I’m not the one that designs the item, but you know, this is this that’s my observation You know on their own they’re okay, you know, you pick them off to leave them as is that’s fine. It’s it’s not an issue Mm-hmm well When the pizza it’s off it just yeah, it just doesn’t work sadly and then That’s a little disappointing, you know Because they always like it when the things just work as intended and I think this would again as silly as it is I don’t know. Maybe the masses would like it if it was just you know, its own like side dish or something I don’t know again. They’re fine on their own but on the pizza itself it just doesn’t work and I’m you know, I’m a little disappointed with that because It’s supposed to be all in one. It’s just supposed to be this one thing where it all blends together And you could eat it Uniformly and it’s supposed to go with the pizza because it doesn’t go with the pizza Even if they’re okay on their own the item itself just doesn’t taste good as intended You know, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever had but I’ll give it a four point one out of ten So just beware though that there isn’t that big conflict in flavors there, which I you know, it just is what it is Look when it comes down to items, especially the fast food ones You win some you lose some and on to the next we go Pizza Hut, I have faith in you that um next item will be a good one. So We’ll see what happens. So well, that’s our rating out of 10 again $15 and uh pretty much that’s all that I have for you One thing to keep in mind I do have a new podcast coming out today we could find that at and you could also find it on iTunes Spotify just by searching vorw It’s a talk show. It’s gonna be about some current events, especially with the virus, fears concerns You know just discussion about it something maybe that’ll be interesting to listen to give it a shot and with that That’s all that I have for you and feel free to give this Pizza a shot You know, this is just my observations, but who knows maybe you’ll like it. You know who’s to say, right? Thank you and take care. I’m your host thereportoftheweek.

100 thoughts on “Pizza Hut NEW Mozzarella Poppers Pizza Review!

  1. I didn’t like this crust actually but it was very filling and the pizza part was good at least. They should add some breadstick seasoning to the crust it would save it

  2. I paid 16.99 before taxes and fees with a special online dang Florida is cheap. They also have me two cups of fresh sauce

  3. Glad to see you’ve recovered enough to resume your life’s passion; providing us with invaluable pizza related news and information! Welcome back to the world of the chewing brother.

  4. I wonder if they would have am option to make it a jalapeno popper crust? Sounds better than just a pocket of cheese thrown on the crust.

  5. Pharaoh Reviewbrah – today we're going to review the new McPyramid sandwich. Someone leave the delivery slave a 3 popper tip.

  6. Love how e calls it 'Pizza Hut NEW Mozzarella Poppers Pizza Review!' here in the UK, we would just be like KFC Pizza Hut haha

  7. I'll have to try this the next time I pick up Pizza Hut for the family. (I'm a big fan of both the Cheesy Bites and the Stuffed Crust pizzas, too.)

  8. Pizza Hut had a bunch of leftover, cheap, frozen mini mozzarella bites and this is their method of purging them from the stock. Happy V Day! 🌹

  9. I think it's adorable that reviewbrah is acting like he wasn't around during the invention of the popper in ancient egypt.

  10. RB has such a beautiful riverside home. It took me a while to understand the conservatory; I used to wonder if it was just a frame and didn't realise it had glass in between the black bars. I got there in the end though.

  11. How are the poppers attached to the crust? Do they weld them on, or use nails/screws?

    BTW; bad news first, then sweeten things up with a good news finale.

  12. The fresh sauce at least from papa Johns 20 years ago was canned tomatoes and a plastic bag of spices mixed in a five gallon bucket with a hand drill mixer.

  13. My pizza never looks as good as yours. All jokes aside do they act like the boss man is coming in when you pick up pizza? Prolly act like Jesus is doing store visits.

  14. Funny thing about most of the foods you review is that , at least for me, when I eat food like this I still feel hungry no matter how much I eat , I might feel. Stuffed but 1 or 2 hours later I’m hungry again, but when I eat food my wife makes from wholesome ingredients I can go 7 or 8 hours and still feel satisfied, that’s how I know that what they’re selling at these fast food places just means your hungry again really fast. Not good food man.

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