Pimp my Pre-Workout | SWFT Stims Review [VASO6 & More]

what’s going on everyone TJ fitness
these reviews and together with me today Swift seems and their line of
pre-workout enhancers listen people this is a very different review on a very
different company with a very different concept well I’ll take you through that
concept I’m going to tell you what it’s all about and I’m going to share with
you a personal experience using two of the product 15 products they have done
their line right now then right towards the end of the video I’m gonna give you
my final verdict should you care about swift stings let’s get right into it
okay guys so Swift seems it’s a very interesting company actually I mean
these guys launched I think six or seven months ago something like that don’t I I
can’t remember exactly but the idea was hey you know when you buy a pre-workout
and you say oh shit I don’t like the pump formula on this one
or your buy pre-workout then you say you know what it’s good but I actually
wanted to hit me harder what can I do in order for you to hit me harder actually
want more dynamite in my pre-workout and really you don’t have a lot of options
for some of these ingredients like I Jenna mean dynamite lie sir pump and all
that stuff anyway so that’s exactly where the Swift steams concept comes in
and these guys basically have I think right now product 10 or 15 products on
their product time and they basically sell this thing these baby bottles here
that have an ingredient basically an ingredient in a capsule form so this one
for example is nicer pump right so they have basically two capsules 45 servings
of blaster pump Pricer pump you know like the pump for like the pump
ingredients you like to see on the pre workouts for the Silvo you might think
effect that’s what they have here that base of six that’s an eye I love base of
six I mean usually sometimes you will see like a hundred fifteen milligrams in
a pre-workout sometimes you won’t see it at all right then you won’t get the
benefits of base of six which is one of the best pump ingredients out there so
this thing you have 30 servings of 300 milligrams of basis 6 so basically the
idea with these two for example is let’s say you’re buying areas or you’re buying
some sort of a sting heavy pre-workout and you’re
in the pom formula you’re saying I want to get it so you just pop two capsules
of each and there you go pump formula the same thing they have with steam on
so they have a Jena mean they have dynamite which some of you might get it
up your guy some of you might have a DHAP we’re gonna say hey I wonder what
would happen if I had if I add like 125 grams of dynamite so like I said have a
bunch of stuff and what I really are well again what I like about it is that
most of the time you can get a bottle of the same like you would get three
bottles of ice or pump for like thirty dollars so $10 a bottle basically with
like this in this case 45 sirs that’s that’s not to me that’s cheap it is only
an ingredient you can take this by itself it won’t do anything but if you
want to get vase of six added to every frickin pre-workout you’ll ever have
from this point on then you’ll get like three bottles of this usually if I can
of buy one get two free or buy one get one free depending on the exactly the
ingredient they’re selling but it’s very cost effective actually talked with the
guys decent guys solid guys serious guys so I you can see the packaging the
packaging is cool they’re doing a good job it’s priced accordingly I really dig
this concept so I’ve been using base of 6 and Kleiser pump together with my
steam heavy pre-workout and yeah I can enhance the experience today I actually
used the base of 6 I had the 300 milligrams to one of the pre-workout
some testing right now just because just because I can anyway so this is the idea
like I said you can find them I think today they’re selling only on one side
but anyway I’m gonna link to the product page on fitness thing is below so you
can see where they are and if they come to more sites and you’ll be able to find
them there and find coupons and whatever you know the usual drill of saving money
but generally speaking like I said really did what they do really like the
concept I really if you’re into that type of chemistry know you like this mad
scientist pre-workout type person you wanna enhance your experience this is a
good way to go at it this sandpeople if this video was helpful in
your mad scientist pre-workout decision-making process give it a thumbs
up subscribe to the channel to see more reviews like this because this is
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them out we tell you if it makes sense for you to give a shit to even give a
shit and if you want to save money or swift’s themes or any other product out
there you know where to go

22 thoughts on “Pimp my Pre-Workout | SWFT Stims Review [VASO6 & More]

  1. Very nice info, just Got my Prestacker Extreme just 1 week ago, and its pumpformular is not the heaviest ( this stim-package rocks though), so I actually might jump on some of the pump ingredients. Thanks again for nice review.

  2. Where's the coke at? Might as well take some lines before a workout. This is the drug country at this point. Actually on a serious note, where can I get that good ole DMAA?

  3. I actually own their vaso 6 and glycerol and my next buy will be dynamine, this are good stuff to add to your pre workout

  4. You should try excelsior by imperial nutrition the ingredients look solid and its said to be a very strong pwo for stim junkies.its 50$ for 30 servings.you really should try it

  5. Hey bro I do IF and train fasted what pre workout would you suggest for an explosive burst of energy to lift heavy? I’m using Re1gn right now and it’s more of a steady state of energy
    Thanks bro

  6. All they need now, in my opinion, to come out with an Infinergy caffiene capsule and Im sold. Prefer Infinergy over caffeine anhydrous

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  8. I need help, I'm looking for a pre workout that will give me crazy pumps. I don't care for energy or focus.

  9. Hell yeah, I think I messaged you when I got their crazy deal on A1 back in August. I have three bottles of halostachine just chillin that I dip into every now and then. Solid stack ingredient for a little clean energy and mood elevation. Wasn’t aware they had so many others. Def gonna look into it.

  10. Great video bro. I’m looking to try 1 or 2 of their energy/focus supps as a DMAA replacement. Anyone have experience taking their Hordenine, Higenamine, Halostachine, Dynamine or any others? Based on the reviews I’m thinking about getting the Higenamine or Halostachine…

  11. Vaso 6 is by far the greatest thing ever pre workout. Never cared for Stims for workouts only the pump. And this delivers amazingly well.. Never do I train without it.

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