Qin Xuan!!! Today, your mission will be to go to the gym But the twist is that you’ll be going there to pick up some boys So we challenge you to pick up 5 boys If you fail, you’ll receive a punishment at the end What do you mean… 5??? boys??? Ya, let’s go – No no no
– Faster faster! You mean what, that gym??? There’s a bunch of like canoe guys there and then they- I believe in you, you’re the master of pick-up lines Ya, I am the master of pick-up lines But I’m not the master of the gym what! Nevermind, can one – What… damn awkward leh!
– Let’s gooooo Noooooooo No way I can’t hear anything, I can’t hear anything Noooo, I’m not gonna do this Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go – (Continues whining) Noooo X100
– Faster! Fine, let’s get it done and over with – Can I not?
– Cannot – Is there any room for discussion?
– No no no no – Faster faster
– 5 guys is alot eh (Losing patience) FASTER!!! I really think this is not a good idea eh You know like- This is like a no no no no (Had enough of whiny Qin Xuan) Qin Xuan… (Cries) Wish me luck And I’ll get some boys – Bye bye
– You can go in or not Cannot! Goodbye! Are you enjoying your life? Nooooo way – Time for your mission
– I think that’s enough exercise for today (In heaven) Are you a Wi-Fi? Cause I’m feeling a connection with you Which one you want now? (Whispers) The green shirt guy Faster, faster! He’s leaving (Qin Xuan’s mind shuts down) How??? Next one, next one The white shirt one! Hi, can I ask you a question? Sorry? Can I ask you a question? Yes? So next one will be – I thought happiness starts with a H but it starts with U So, which guy? (Mouths) That one! Let’s go Sorry, um can I tell you something? Ya, what? OMG, I’m like one (beep) Who’s next? 2 down, 3 more to go! Haiz, just kill me la So, who’s next? I don’t know What if they drop their weights- like when they get a shock (Nervous laughter) Hello! (Nervous laughter) Guess what I like to drink (hē)? What? I like to take good care of you (hē hù nǐ)! (Laughs in embarrassment) (Searching for the next prey) Do yall speak Chinese? – He from China
– No, we both can speak Chinese I don’t speak Chinese Oh, you don’t speak? Then- You speak also what This one is China one, you can ask him Okay so, um can you help me wash (xǐ) something? Fancy (xǐ huān) you? (Flustered) Shit… – (FOMO) What?
– Hahaha, I got it correct Okay then, what’s the time now (jǐ diǎn)? Um… Um… I don’t know that one It is our starting point now (qǐ pǎo diǎn) (Almost puked) (Laughs shyly) (FOMO pt. 2) I don’t know, something about walking? No, that means I’m asking what time is it now Then I said, now is our starting point (Salty that he didn’t get picked up) Oh that’s sweet, but you could’ve said it in English what (Mouths) Okay? Let’s go! He walked away already (Qin Xuan’s mind shuts down pt. 2) Just go?? Nooo… I got no money No no no, I’m not asking for money! Can we use your video for our project? – Sure
– Thank you No… sorry you’re not getting paid Okay… thanks um I guess? Qin Xuan, how was it? How was it ah… (Angsty mode on) You look at the video, you tell me how was it??? (Cries) Would you do it again? NO, duh??? Hey hey hey (Clears throat) Yesss, I mean it’s wonderful- I’ll do it 100 times more again! So like, I feel like today’s experience right- Normally you think of gym boys, they are like- Then they’ll be very scary But actually, they quite nice la So like, guys or girls- if you want to try to pick out some boys in the gym, you can try it too! So ya, try okay! Yo yo yo So, now here’s the challenge for you So, we’re having this Cre8 Campaign Please do join us Because my grades are on the line So, what’s this challenge about? So what you can do is to pick up anyone, guys or girls It’s really up to you And send us your video on Instagram or Insta Stories Be it whatever you like! There are attractive prizes to be won And also, if you like our video, do comment down below!!! Because your opinions really matters to us And if you like it, please tell us more! Okay, byeeee!!! And remember to, never say no! Send help please Cut!! Pain in the asssss


  1. Hello I’m Hà from Vietnam and Mun kit recommend me your guys chanel and haha it was so fun!!!! I will use some of your ways here thanks

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