Well, apparently, I’ve been told
we’re testing out junk food? I’m a bit nervous, I’m expecting some big monster plate of something… … that’ll make me really fat all of a sudden Oh, no… Okay? Do you know when you die and you go to heaven, you’re probably greeted with one of these (laughs) It looks like…diabetes on a plate!! Don’t judge me, okay So much chocolate (laughs) It’s good, the chocolate is good My mouth is really enjoying it… …but my brain is kinda thinking about all the burpees I need to do to overcome this, I think Can I finish it? Put it… get it away from me I’ve done it. I can’t do it any more.
That is so good Doritos are my weak point, I have to say This I can do It even looks good, like d’you know? Mmhmm, I could eat the whole packet and probably most of that jar Oh my God (laughs)!!! What are you doing’ to me… I hope my clients aren’t watching What is this called? – Whopper It’s a whopper So good!! Tastes good but again, it’s like, is it worth it It depends what kinda training you’re doing but…
it’s worth it to me… How many burpees am I gonna have to do later? You’re talking like…48,500 calories just in this! It’s like all my cheat meals for the whole month…together If you’re trying to be healthy… …forget about it It’s like, everyone thinks personal trainers,
and they eat healthy.. …and you know, they never touch bad things,
but we’re human too. Once you start, you can’t stop I might take this with me I can definitely eat…so much of this That would be worth working off… The whole thing is probably like…
a thousand calories That’s no too easy to be burning off on a treadmill there If you’re gonna have a cheat meal…
do a proper cheat meal Don’t half-ass it (laughs) That’s a killer. That’s just mean Wouldn’t even go near Coke Yeah, I haven’t had real Coke in…
I think, a couple of years. 140 calories…for, like, a few sups of Coke You don’t want to drink…drink them to often
otherwise, yeah, you’ll be in the gym a lot. Carbs and sugar. Calories, carbs and sugar, that’s it. Definitely not worth it, if that’s what you’re about to ask. I feel really full now, kind of bloated. Yeah, I definitely need to add in a little bit of
metabolic conditioning… …to my program for the next few days to make up for it.
It’s not worth it! That’s why people don’t go out,
like, they need to put the work in to… …to then be able to afford to eat that kind of stuff
…now and again I wanna leave with a couple of words of wisdon …so, what are my final thoughts? …Erm… …Coca Cola…don’t bother!


  1. The girl kinda annoying like oh for the next two days imma be working out or sum shit like just stfu she’s acting like she consumed the whole McDonald’s menu or sum

  2. this is unrelated but i got a gordon ramsay ad and his eyes are so blue??? i feel like i need to talk about this theyre so blue

  3. I wonder what happens to the food that they didn’t eat on the show ? Is it thrown away ? Eaten by animals ? Cmon guys enlighten me lmao 😋😅

  4. I am 100%sure all of them have their fridges stacked with snacks. They secretly eating them in the night and watching films till they fall asleep, BECAUSE they are humans too, and fuck life without ,,netflix and chill”😂

  5. if ur a personal trainer u should know that one meal isnt gonna "make you fat all of a sudden" i mean cmon so many fit ppl take cheat meals every few weeks

  6. Y do I get a bit mad of that girl who says “omg I need to do 200 burpees bc I took a bite of a donut” beetch I could eat 200 donuts and do 1 burpee

  7. When you do the plank for 6 seconds and it feels like you got rock hard abs and you look at your belly…
    Me:What this is witchcraft I swear I just felt rock hard abs?

  8. She said everyone like assumes they don’t eat unhealthy foods and that she’s human too but she literally nearly has a breakdown when she nibbles a donut

  9. You won’t understand their pain until you start working out, every time you eat something unhealthy you start questioning your life and how much excercise you have to do to burn off the calories and shit

  10. I honestly agree with the coke opinion the guy had. If I'm gonna waste my calories, I'm gonna waste it on food not a damn beverage that's gonna be washed down instantly. It's not worth all the hard work you might have to do later.

  11. "my mouth is really enjoying it but my brain…" I can relate. Since I started going to the gym and searching about calories, proteins and sodium in the food I eat I can't stop thinking and worrying about it. It's weird because before all of this I could eat anything and I wouldn't see the difference on my body, now I feel like if I eat one junk food my weekly workout will be gone ☹

  12. These people need to fucking chill. If all you’re worried about is your physique, you can pretty much eat whatever you want as long as it’s in moderation.

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