Performix SST Suspension Super Thermogenic | Lucky Pick Product Review with Andrew

Hey everyone, Andrew from LuckyVitamin
here. My Lucky Pick for today is Performix SST Thermogenic. What I love about this product
is the energy and the focus that it gives me, right when I start off my day. I take this in the
morning, I take two of them a little bit after I wake up without food. You get a nice clean
focus, its only got about 200 mg. of caffeine, just a little bit more than a cup of coffee.
It’s a really nice, gentle, easy thermogenic. Its got four different phases of release which
as you’re digesting it you don’t get everything at once, and that’s what really helps this
product to work so well. So the fourth phase of this product contains MCT oil, a little
bit of CLA, which is really coming a long way in the industry and kind of revolutionizing
the diet process. So, this product will help you lose an extra couple of pounds. You just
have to make sure you are working out regularly, eating healthy and this is a supplement so
it’s just supposed to supplement your regular routine. So, Performix is revolutionizing
the industry, they’ve got a lot of different products out there for pre-workouts, different
kinds of thermogenics based on your tolerance, different stimulants and they’re really just
developing a nice, full product line. And that’s why I like it, give it a try, if you
like it, tell your friends, tell your family and don’t forget to spread the wellness.

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