Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar Review – Best Doorway Pull Up Bar

29 thoughts on “Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar Review – Best Doorway Pull Up Bar

  1. Perfect Pull-Up Bar:

    Here it is! My favorite doorway pull-up bar system to date. Now another one might come out in the future, but since buying this pull-up bar, I have not looked into buying any other. It is the best of the best, and thank you Perfect Fitness for making such a high-end product for home fitness enthusiasts. If anyone has any questions please leave them below. Be fit and game on!

  2. Thanks for posting the video. I own the “pro” version, bought it a few yrs ago and it’s a champ, hope you get many years out of yours. I wanted to know, where you have your legs positioned with your knees bent and legs behind or in front during your pull-ups. Also really cool concept Dude! As a Dad Gamer, you sold me on your passion for fitness and gaming while choosing to keep them separate activities. Sub’d! Cheers! ~Reno

  3. Love the vid it’s funny / not funny how little views workout vids get most of the world doesn’t care for fitness and it’s kind of sad

  4. hey can you please show me how you set up those two metal restrainers on top to secure and prevent the bar from falling off. What did you use?

  5. Thank you for that very informative review! You left out unnecessary BS and went right with the facts and that is often times hard to find on product reviews. Thanks to you I went with the “Sport” version. I’m sure the upgraded versions are worth the extra cash, but for what I need, this is perfect. FYI, at 4:54 in your video you began discussing your CONS and your desire to mount the horizontal bar ABOVE the curve bars. My thoughts exactly! However, the design prohibits that from being done. I know, I tried it. They have a larger diameter hole on one side of each side of EVERY bolt mounting possibility. The product HAS to be assembled as per the instructions. Based on the quality of this pull-up bar, I don’t see that as an issue. Thanks again for a solid product review.

  6. So this bar don't damage the door frame? I have one but never used it because I think it will damage the door frame because of the weight.

  7. Thanks for This Video. I'm a Hardcore Gamer who made a choice to get bigger. Just Liked and Subscribed. MK11 & Last Of Us 2!. God Bless

  8. Do you go to the gym or do you work out only at home? Thanks for the review of this pull up bar, I really want to buy one now, I just worried about the door frame too since I'm renting my place.

  9. I'm planning to get this, when you do pull ups on this does the material feel sturdy? I'm 150lbs, I'm kind of worried if it will feel flimsy.

  10. Just ordered man thnx. I would ordered some random 40 dollar one w/ decent reviews, but this is what i was looking for!

  11. Man I just bought this and disappointed it doesn’t fit thru my small ass door but luckily I can do some pushups and sit-ups on this. Grind never stops 💪🏼

  12. how do you name those grips you screwed on the frame to avoid the bar to fall down, so I can look for them at Home Depot or whatever. Sorry my english.

  13. Do you think it would be as secure on a door that is 34"? With only about an inch on each side, I am a little apprehensive about purchasing. Great product review though.

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