PD: Woman followed home from gym and raped

we have a crime alert for you tonight police are searching for a man driving a green Mustang who investigators say followed a woman home from the gym and sexually assaulted her the woman was leaving the fitness connection on Spencer Highway at Burke Road and Pasadena our Jacob Rascon is there live right now with the newest information for us Jacob yeah bill the fitness connection here is up in 24 hours and just after midnight this morning Pasadena Police say the woman left the gym here but was followed home and attacked Pasadena police are looking for this green Ford Mustang and its driver they say he parked at fitness connection for about an hour and then followed a woman leaving the gym to her home that’s where police say the man forced the woman at gunpoint back into her own car and forced her to drive to a nearby neighborhood where he sexually assaulted her put a gun to her head Danny assaulted her and my my chest up a little bit I’m just re not safe at all we reported it to the police Ashley Jimenez was already worried about her safety after she says someone broke into her car here oh yeah I’ve seen that car before Matt Hammond works out here every day I’ve had several cars broken into my buddy’s car has been broken into his wife’s car has been broken into police say after the sexual assault the Mustang driver ran back to his car and drove off they described the drivers a Hispanic man 18 to 22 years old five to two five four thin and clean-shaven police also said at the time the man was wearing gray sweatpants and a dark-colored hoodie and in addition the Ford Mustang appeared to have some sort of dark-colored primer on the front left bumper or fender if you have any information on this case you’re asked to call Pasadena police live in Pasadena Jacob Rascon KPRC Channel 2 News

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  1. I don’t get it so many girls out there and he has to sexually assault one he should have came to 45 and Howard prostitution everywhere around here smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

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